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Brazy Crimeville Boyz


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        Brazy Crimeville Boys (BCB) are a primarily Asian-American street gang based on the East Side of Los Santos, in the neighborhood of Crenshaw. The gang primarily consist of African-American, including Hmong and Vietnamese as well as descendants of Cambodia, Laos. They tend to align themselves with African-American street gangs, who fall under the bloods umbrella. Brazy Crimeville Boys are involved in a wide range of criminal activities which include extortion, robbery, burglary, auto theft and murder, which are some of the more publicized criminal activities.



               STORY OF THE GANG




        Brazy Crimeville Boys are a small street gang built by 3 young men who reside in Jefferson including Jordan Chuong, Zavier Arkwood  and Emmanuel Nguyen who are still in the development stage and are still looking for several connections to enlarge their gang and facilitate various transactions. Besides that, their daily searches are from drug, weapons, and other illegal goods. They continue to carry out these transactions at all times to continue their lives. Jordan Chuong, Zavier Arkwood and Emmanuel Nguyen and other local teenagers are people who live around The Bahamas Hotel. They have all been friends since they were young. They always spend their time together, including at the same school. They all continue to recruit local teenagers around The Bahalmas Hotel to be used as hustlers of their whites. Jordan Chuong is an expert in this matter. These people were assumably identified as Bloods gang members that can seemingly be known from their red rags and other gang signs.



        Brazy Crimeville Boys was formed for several reasons. The beginning of the formation of this gang was Jordan Chuong and Emmanuel Nguyen were the ragged members of a blood gang formed by close friends of Jordan and Emmanuel namely Zavier Arkwood and Darnell Ward. Darnell Ward was the leader or "The 6 Stars" of a gang he made and Zavier Arkwood was a "The 5 Stars" who was highly respected in the gang. At that time Jordan thought to expand their set by creating a sub-set that he would lead. He asked permission from Zavier to realize his idea. Zavier also agreed to that and Jordan began to create a sub-set with the aim of expanding their alley area. Everything went smoothly until the time when the set led by Darnell Ward contained a "snitch". Darnell Ward and all of its members were fucked up, some of them were shot dead and some went to prison including the Darnell Ward or "The Kingpin". Because of this situation, Jordan Chuong and Emmanuel Nguyen who still survived because they had made a new sub-set eventually became "The 5 Stars" or the same as Zavier Arkwood. The three of them (Jordan Chuong, Emmanuel Nguyen and Zavier Arkwood) agreed to form a new set because their old set led by Darnell Ward had been fucked up. The three of them became "The 6 Stars" in the new set they had just made (Brazy Crimeville Boys).


Hasil gambar untuk the bahamas hotel gta


        Brazy Crimeville Boys are now taking over Jefferson with its Asian-based members. This gang is a gang known for its evil and cruelty. Like robbing, killing, torturing, dealing with narcotics and many others. They also carried out major battles in various regions to expand their territory at Jefferson. Winning this war is also important for the leaders of this gang, because with the breadth of a region he can control his finances with transactions without being involved with other gang that try to sell their goods in Brazy Crimeville Boys' territory.



Chapter I: You Hussle, You Collect


               Jordan has so many prohibited items stored somewhere. He tried to process the illegal stuffs in his own way. He also thought to take the items stored in such a place to be resold at a price higher than the previous price. These items are various kinds of drugs, weapons, and others. He tried to put all his young bloods into this job, which was to sell the things he had. He also has several regulations for selling prohibited goods. Among them is, they must not be caught by law-enforcements, this is the first and foremost rule in this work.




               Another rule is that they must be careful in choosing buyers, they must know who they are talking to, this aims to avoid snitches. The next rule is that they are only given one week to sell the items that Jordan has given. If they can't sell it, Jordan will give them a lesson. But despite all that, if they can fulfill the task given by Jordan in a timely manner, they will get an appropriate reward. They will be given some money for their hard work. The day went on, Jordan has made a lot of money for the work of young-bloods. But Jordan is not selfish, he does not enjoy the results of his own money. He has given some part of his money to young-bloods because of the results of their hard work where the money is used by them to make a living.



Chapter II: The Fall


               Jordan finally ran out of items that he usually gives to his young-bloods every weekend. He is out of stock about it. Of course, that made him very confused. He doesn't have any idea about this. Jordan still trying to think how he will get all these prohibited items back. He thinks of "restock". Young Bloods did not have any money coming in for several weeks until Jordan finally decided to look for some connections in Los Santos. But a few days before, there was a mob group offering Jordan a job to be a star in a porn film. Of course this made Jordan feel even more confused, but in the end he didn't take the opportunity because he had thought carefully about the consequences.


               Jordan continues to look for connections from one corner of Los Santos to the other corner along with his old friend The Big Dog Emmanuel. Jordan continues to look for connections from one end of Los Santos to the other end along with The Big Dog Emmanuel. They found a connection that could supply them with some prohibited items, even though the amount was not much at least enough for them for the next few days. Until one day without Jordan realizing his old friend Zavier "Zee" Arkwood appeared at the place of his association Jefferson. He looked very surprised at that, he immediately greeted Zavier Arkwood and told him about what he and his family were experiencing at that time. Zavier also helped with this, they returned to look for connections to various corners. Until finally Zavier proposed to form their association into a small-organized crew for a while in order to get input from other associations. Jordan also agreed to this, and they began to make a plan.


                Jordan and Zavier also ventured to visit their rivals who are in Willowfield. This plan has been carefully prepared by them. Arriving there, initially the conversation went smoothly and improperly. But they both still tried to convince the Kingpin of Willowfield Niggas. Until finally their Kingpin allowed Jordan and Brazy to get a few proposals from them on one condition. They must be cleared by Willowfield Niggas as proof of the loyalty of Jordan and Zavier. Jordan and Zavier accepted the agreement, and they were cut down at Willowfield. Kingpin from Willowfield told them to pick up the package tomorrow at around 8 pm. Jordan and Zavier prepare themselves to come to Willowfield at 8 pm with their young-bloods. But when they got there, they were TRAPPED. They were whooped out that time. This makes the situation worse and worse.



                Not only that, other bad news arrived. Ethan Mao is died from a gun attack. This news was told by his brother named Barry Mao. Jordan, who was unhappy about the rumors, tried to think positively that the news that his brother had delivered was false news. But the truth was finally revealed. Jordan saw with his own eyes that Ethan Mao had died from a gunshot wound he sustained. Jordan was in a precarious situation at the time and didn't know what to do.


Chapter III: Hunting Season

               After all the bad things that have happened, Jordan is thinking so hard about what steps he should do next. Because if Jordan makes a mistake again, then he and all his members will be destroyed and finished. Jordan asked for advice from his trusted friends until they finally found a way to rise from the downturn they were experiencing. Their plan is not merely to do fun, but this is the only way left so that they can get money in a short time. Jordan began to draw up plans for their ideas.




               Their first target is a 24/7 store located at Unity Station. They have prepared each of their steps carefully. So that when they launch attacks on the 24/7 store, they can handle the situation quite calmly. They carried out the robbery by wearing masks so that their identities could not be known. After they entered the 24/7 store, they initially acted like ordinary buyers. They are very reliable in pretending. Until finally the robbery began. Jordan just took out his pistol from his waist and pointed it at the cashier. The cashier was immediately shocked and immediately panicked and did not know what to do until finally he just raised his hand. Owen Xiong and Adam Zhang who were Jordan's partners at that time immediately took all the money that was at the counter without leaving a penny. Not forgetting the CCTV, Jordan immediately fired his gun at the CCTV so that everything was unknown. Jordan Chuong, Owen Xiong and Adam Zhang immediately left the place with a dufflebag filled with huge amounts of money that night and the first robbery was successfully carried out.




               Not stopping at one target, Jordan thought of a place to rob as the second target. Their second target was a residence that was inhabited by very wealthy people located in Mulholland. To launch this second robbery, Jordan trailed and paid attention to every detail the homeowner did during the week. After everything was considered mature enough, Jordan invited back some of his partners to carry out the second robbery. They brought the equipment needed to break into a house and they were all good at using it. When the target left the house, they immediately rushed to come to the target's house. Arriving there, they checked around to avoid eyewitnesses. Once deemed safe enough, they immediately launched a burglary against the target house. The burglary didn't go so smoothly, the door wasn't an ordinary door. They were forced to find another way to enter the house. Finally they also found a window that can be broken into the house. When they finished breaking into the window, they immediately entered the target's house and immediately took all the items that were expensive and also the gems. Their storage was immediately full of these expensive items and they immediately left the house carefully so that their tracks would not be detected.




               Money from the results of two robberies was still not enough. Jordan returned to thinking about the next step in an effort to get money in a short time. Until he finally got an idea that was very good but also risky. But for Jordan there are risks involved in all steps, it is just a matter of whether or not someone is brave enough to take that step. He had made up his mind about the next robbery, trucker robbery. This robbery does not require so many plans, it's just that this is the most risky robbery between the other two. But in order to get money to save his fellas from the economic and supply crisis, he did so at the time. Jordan and some of his partners stopped a trucker vehicle that was taking a few crates. Without much ado, they immediately pointed their guns at the truck driver and robbed him and the goods he was carrying. They also robbed crates that were being carried in the truck. Jordan and some of his partners did not just rob one trucker, but several truckers. That night was the longest night of their lives.


Chapter IV: We ballin!

               Finally, money has been collected in various ways. With this news, Jordan can handle the economic crisis that is being experienced by his hood. Jordan Chuong, Emmanuel Nguyen and Zavier Arkwood continue to make connections between gangs to strengthen their power in Los Santos. They also made a deal with mafia members because the money offered by the mafia was very much. This mafia is known as The Santander Association. The mafia needs Brazy to kidnap members of the Russians located in Richman. As an advantage, the mafia supplies their guns to Brazy so they can do it easily. Jordan accepted the offer in order to get the money to enlarge his empire all over the city. Brazy members were armed with several pistols and rifles for that mission. Jordan and his gang succeeded in killing 1 Russian-mafia at Richman. Jordan and the gang also gained the trust of The Santander Association which made a huge profit for Jordan and his gang. Jordan returned to get some supplies that day and the supplies are expected to be enough for the next few years.


ss549.png          satu.jpg          ss525.png



               After all that shit, they started to be known as the most notorious gang in the city. Everyone knows who the most poweful gang in the city is. This situation is a situation that is coveted by Jordan and his friends from a very long time. Finally after all this time they can relax for the effort they have made. They also began to celebrate their victory with several parties. They have beer parties, barbeque parties and various other parties. But despite all that, there are still a few gangs that are not in line with Brazy. They are rivals of the Brazy, these gangs include Felons Brim Lane, Lacra Del Puentes, and Motorcycle Club.


Mohon maaf apabila terdapat kesalahan kata maupun itu grammar, penempatan kata yang kurang tepat, tidak bagusnya sebuah story/kisah. Menerima segala masukan apapun itu, silahkan PM forum @Nouval 08 dan @aritonang



How to join the faction?

- Bersungguh sungguh dalam melakukan sebuah roleplay

- Saling menghargai satu sama lain

- Dilarang menggunakan cheat / program illegal apapun itu

- Apabila anda sudah join dan sudah terkait dengan gang ini, kami berhak untuk men-CK anda apabila anda melakukan sebuah kesalahan yang serius

- Siap ditegur apabila melakukan sebuah kesalahan


- Karakter anda haruslah bernama Asian-American

- Memakai skin yang sinkron dengan origin karakter kalian yaitu skin Asian-American ( banyak di binco, contohnya skin id 60 dan sejenisnya untuk yang Asian )

- Disarankan untuk beroleplay sebagai anak lokal / anak setempat dan berusia sekitaran 13-16 tahun untuk approachnya


Jika kalian berminat untuk bergabung dengan gang ini, alangkah baiknya untuk PM forum @Nouval 08 ataupun @aritonang terlebih dahulu. 

Dan jika kalian ingin store screenshot kalian ke thread, kalian harus PM forum @aritonangterlebih dahulu untuk di review.







Brazy's Skin Repack:


Preview v0.5:





     Link (v0.5): https://www.mediafire.com/file/hpbqk4ua2tlj9po/Brazy's_Skins_Repack.rar/file



Preview v1:





Link (v1): http://www.mediafire.com/file/4kxqdq33ca0hfea/Brazy%27s_Skins_Repack_V1.rar/file


credit goes to lsrp, pub juice, gucciflipflops, rockstar north, A$I lsrp, me(elmao)



Brazy's GraffiTi Pack:




Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ac75wogp6p5xhnj/Brazy%27s_Graffiti_Pack.rar/file

credit goes to

BlackAngellify - 3Ds Max
Me (elmao) - Graffiti/Artwork



















Credits: Google, @aritonang @aidanmeister @LowLand @Shallow @✯✯✯✯

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