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    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marshall DoSantos is a teenager who living his damn life in Idlewood front yard, he lives with his parents that are drug addicted. He has his father named (Lucas DoSantos) and his mother (Kate DoSantos). He had kicked out from his school since he was a thirdteen. He lives in a ghetto environment and he has been surrounded with bad influence. He was born in 2000 at All Saints General Hospital. Marshall in his fifteen age met with two guys who gave him drugs and wanted him to slanging. He began to commit crimes and drug deal to keep his family fed and happy. He used to bang with Estillo Mexicano Rifa 13 since he was a fifteen and sometimes he gets ragged into the gang. He grew up by selling drugs. Marshall as known as Floopy was promoted into Lil Jefe by the Jefe. He runs two of business, barbershop and tattoo art in the same building. Marshall now kicks it with the locals and notorious gang members of EMR 13.
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    Title verified dicabut karena beberapa member dan leader tidak berhenti menanyakan kapan ke title official. Cuma faction ini yang nanya2 terus, yang lain enggak loh. Removing "Verified".
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    ESTILO MEXICANO RIFA XIII is an new small clique of Aztecas 13 the gang from El Corona but this clique have been marked at around of Idlewood Street and leads by two old former of Aztecas 13 gang known as Matias Illesa a.k.a Matty , Oscar Garcia a.k.a El Payaso . They was created the new clique because they want to making a new generation of Aztecas with the new place and growing up new soldados for making biggest Hispanic gangster at Los Santos also making some drug and weapon trafficking for increased some profit as business. ESTILO MEXICANO RIFA XIII (EMR-13) was made at 1 December 2017 and this gang also have mexican culture same as Aztecas 13 before is such like as making some art graffiti, music rap, and all about of old school style. 27 Augustus , 2017 - Matty and El Payaso have survived a major incident at El Corona, as SWAT and police forces wage war with all Aztecas 13. Matty and El Payaso tries to secure themselves because they want to be safe and do not want to die or be jailed by SWAT, but half of member from Aztecas 13 soldiers in El Corona had died during the war. They ran away from the scene and finally settled on Motel Idlewood for a long time. Matty and El Payaso will remember that biggest incident forever. 1 November , 2017 - Matty and EL Payaso have met with another vatos at the Motel of Idlewood, his name is Juliano Lobo a.k.a Lobo have a long-time resident at the Idlewood Motel since 2015 and was once a hispanic gangster member who was living at the Santa Marina Beach at 2015, he was out of the gang because all of their friend at the gang have been killed by a rivals gang is called African gangster. And Lobo want to making giving some payback but he can’t because he doesn’t have any friend for doing that. Matty, El Payaso and Lobo are actually talking about each other's stories, but at the same time they are thinking of making a new gang. Chapter I : The Rise Idlewood is now fullfiled by Mexican gang called EMR-13, leaded by Oscar Garcia or known as El Payaso in the early but when he reaches his Matias Illesa or known as Matty.Matty run the gang very well , new face from new member is a signal that the gang keep raises up their name. The gang is now lacking of money, Matty using his brain to keep the gang alive. He use his holmes named is Marshall '' Floopy '' DoSantos to run some business like making tattoos. Floopy arts is the name of the business that still in the progress. But their illegal business still running as well, Matty tells her homeboy to slanging some good stuffs from cartel. Previous Marshall "Floopy" DoSantos also once joined a small group of surenos named Florencia 13, he has a lot of experience in making crimes such as killing, robbing, stealing and still many crimes committed. or it could be called a criminal brain in the fraction of EMR-13. Payaso believes Floopy to be the second leader or lil jefe of the EMR 13 gang to help Matty. Chapter 2 : Work Hard Play Hard Since they moved to Idlewood from El Corona. They have lot of teenagers, Matias recruited many hispanicans around there.Matias used the teenagers to do a drug dealing. They earned lot of cash from drug dealing that they did around the block.Marshall first began dealing small quantities of Marijuana to fellow neighborhood teenagers. He quickly caught the hang of the drug trade and as time progressed he began dealing larger quantities of Marijuana, eventually stepping up to stronger narcotics such as Cocaine. Marshall managed to avoid attention while dealing narcotics in the area through different methods. At the age of 16, he was now dealing larger quantities of drugs, gaining more income, and at the same time gaining more respect among the teenagers in the area who later turned out to be part of his clique. Matias bought and sold drugs from Kennedy Crips members. They have been dealing with drug trafficking and arms trafficking.Lot of people around Idlewood prisoned because of drug dealing as they known as a member of EMR 13.Drug dealing and arms dealing is the easy way to getting a lot of cash, so they willing to get into jail. In the other way, Reuben ''Casper'' Ordonez helps Matias and the gang to earn more money with their new business. Social Club, Social Club is a place for anybody. Social Club have a place for playing cards, drink, singing, and the bar also provide a VIP from for someone who want having fun with a girl.In the bar, Matias will put some people to keep the place. In this moment, Matias will send some people to find some girls in Los Santos to be his worker. After getting big money from selling drugs, they will pay the girl with that money for main capital. But the bar is not also provide some girls, the bar also provide a way to Matias selling drugs. On January 30, 2018 at 14:30AM A hispanic guy has been arrested due Murdering and Possessing Illegal Firearms __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Los Santos, Idlewood Complex - Where the suspect got caught by police while the suspect was buying something in a general store. The suspect is known as Matias Illesa, a member of Estillo Mexicanos Rifa 13 as his tattoos identified himself. The suspect is around 18-19 years old. Officers recovered the CCTV footage from the 24/7 as evidence of the case. The polices also still finding more evidence about the suspect, where he got the gun. The Gang and Narcotics division is now involved in the investigations agains the suspect and searching for more information, and identification about the suspect. They went to Matias house and they found some illegal firearms hidden in the house. The neighborhoods were telling to the police that Matias is a gun dealer and usually selling the guns at Idlestack. Suspects there were three hispanican individual, two guys of them sprinted off and officers still finding for them. Chapter 3: Out of Luck. There was a big war between police with Sureno members gang happened on Saturday night, 10/03/2018. That was a big war that happened because the gang was doing a payback to their rivals. Matias Illesa gets caught by police with a bad condition and he has bleedings surrounded his whole body. He's dying after gets shot from the plice after he tries to give some ressistances to the police, but unfortunately only him who prisoned and the others were dead. Matty is imprisoned after he got some tratment from All Saints Hospital. It wouldn't stop Matty to earn some cash to living the people in prison and also for the barrio. He does what should he does at there, he runs his bussiness as weel because his right arm helps him. Saul and Floopy, they will help Matty to run his bussiness.Beside the barbershop and tattoo studio, drugs is the biggest way to earn so much money. There is so much people who addicted with drugs at Los Santos. Chapter IV : Amigas y Traidores The return of Juliano Lobo bring an internal conflict in Estilo Mexicano Rifa 13th gangs which the internal conflict about Lobo wants to overthrow Matias alias Matty from his rank as Jefe in Estilo Mexicano Rifa 13th. At the early 2018 Juliano Lobo went into meet Oscar in his apartement to talks about Matty. The provocation of Lobo who made Oscar was influenced to immediately finish off Matias. 3 months elapsed life in an unfinished cold war and hatred they also decided to make a abduction plan which it the way to kill Matty without known by EMR’s members. During they preparing their plan none of EMR’s members and also Matty realize it. In the night – April 9 2018, Oscar sents Lobo to waiting him at Glen Park and told him to preparing their plan. 22:30 pm Oscar asks to Matty to accompanying him to go to somewhere, and a mistrust arising from Matty when he saw Oscar’s suspecions face and Matty also sent one of his homie boy to accompanying him from away. After they arrived at Glan Park Lobo who has ready to finishing off Matty run over to them while his hands carries a Baseball bat and fights can not be avoided at Glan Park. Also the videos included. - Dilarang faction jumper - Ber-Roleplay sekreatif mungkin - Patuhi peraturan server dan family yang ada di server ini - Wajib memakai nama hispanic jika ingin join di family ini - Leader berhak mempunyai wewenang untuk men-CK charachter kamu - Di utamakan menggunakan main charachter jika memang ada niatan untuk join Something new for new cholos <<<<< Read this before posting. Jika masih belum jelas silahkan PM saya @Zuqal123 / @Nehemiadian Credits : @Nehemiadian @Jange @Kickback @khazet146 @NdunCeez
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    Since there's a tons of Private Message asking about the mods i use or my colormod, today i create this thread to give you all a place to request it without spamming my fucking private message, or commented it on my youtube channel. Enjoy. THREAD INI AKAN TERUS DI UPDATE. credits : LSRP Modding, Outlawz, every creator of the mod (its on the Rar)
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    Pembukaan Hallo semuanya kami dari keluarga besar Jogjagamers Roleplay domisili bekasi bermaksud untuk mengundang kalian dalam acara kecil kami. Dalam acara kecil yang kami buat bertujuan untuk menyambung tali silaturahmi antara sesama player JGRP domisili JABODETABEK dan bagi yang pengen ikut di gathering bekasi dan ingin bertemu satu sama lain bersama teman seperjuangan di JGRP bisa tersampaikan. Kalian semua bisa datang di Gathering kita, jangan malu-malu karna kita disini untuk mencari temen bukan untuk mencari musuh. Acara Berkenalan antara player JGRP Quiz dengan hadiah menarik ( Hadiah In Game ) Makan bersama Foto Bareng Waktu Hari : Minggu Tanggal : 22 Bulan : April Pukul : 14.00 - Selesai Fee / Biaya: MINIMAL MEMBAWA UANG 100RB 55rb termasuk makan dan minuman Estimasi : 1 Makanan (Main Course) (24rb - 30rb) 1 Minuman (10rb - 19rb) 1 Ice Cream (6rb) Sharing Dishes untuk 2 -3 orang (17rb - 25rb) 45rb untuk biaya pulang - pergi dan pegangan Venue : Ropisbak Plus Plus, Aren Jaya, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat. Penjelasan kita ganti tempat atau Lokasi : Venue diganti agar tempatnya lebih private dan kelebihannya di bandingkan Sumarecon Mall Bekasi ( SMB ) Luar Bekasi: Bisa naik KRL turun di stasiun Bekasi atau Bekasi Timur, kalo turun di Stasiun Bekasi dan Bekasi Timur bisa menggunakan ojek online dengan biaya kurang dari 10rb. Perumnas 3, Jalan Nusantara Raya Ruko No. 13-14, Aren Jaya, Bekasi Timur, Aren Jaya, Bekasi Timur, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17111 Gath ini untuk kalangan siapa saja, kami tidak mengkhususkan hanya orang bekasi atau keluarga Jogjagamers yang akan hadir, siapa saja boleh di ajak selama dia teman, pacar, ataupun keluarga kamu. Waktu dan tempat bisa saja berubah Silahkan Reply Thread ini dengan Format
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    Hayo siapa yang paling viral di Jogjagamers?
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    Selamat Pagi/Siang/Malam Patriot JGRP, Saya Rizki Pradipta Saputra atau panggil aja Rizki, Tujuan saya membuat Guide ini karena saya melihat Player JGRP yang lebih terfokus RP menggunakan Ganja dengan cara menghisapnya saja, padahal ada beberapa cara menghisap ganja, contohnya menggunakan BONG, yang akan saya jelaskan pada Guide kali ini, sebelumnya mari kita mengenal beberapa Jenis Bong. Straight tube ( Classic ) : Bong Type Straight Tube ( Classic ) Merupakan Bong yang paling sering di gunakan. Angled ( Modern ) : Inverted Neck : Dan saya akan memberikan contoh bagaiman Roleplay menggunakan Bong Straight tube ( Classic ) : Biasanya, Efek ganja akan bertahan 4-6 jam tergantung dari berapa jumlah pemakaian, dan biasanya pemakai akan mengalami gejala seperti : Cemas. Depresi. Gelisah. perubahan pola tidur (Insomnia). Dan Emosional yang berlebihan. Mungkin sekian dari Guide saya kali ini, Saya juga hanya seorang Roleplayer, saya menerima Kritik dan Saran dari kalian untuk memperbaikin Guide ini. Saya berharap dengan guide ini dapat menjadi Refrensi Roleplay bagi Player Jogjagamers kedepannya, agar lebih menjadi Kreatif, Semoga pada guide pertama saya ini bermanfaat bagi kalian Thanks to : - Tuhan karena memberikan saya kelancaran dalam membuat guide saya yang pertama ini. -Google , Sebagai Refrensi Guide ini.
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    Hola, and welcome to my gallery. Sisa SS an ini gue nemu pas lagi ngotak-atik folder, dan rasanya sayang kalo di delete jadi gue post disini kali aja ada yang terinspirasi buat bikin mafia Perlu diingat, SS ini adalah SS "mentah" dan belum di edit. Beberapa ada yang hilang SS nya entah kemana, tapi bakal gua urutin seketemunya. Langsung aja tanpa basa-basi. To be continued..
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    < Previous version (3.11.5) | Current Version (3.11.6) | Next version (Coming soon) > Changelog Change notes 3.11.6: 1. [ADD] Ability to purchase static vehicle for workshop ('/ws' > Vehicle) ; 2. [CHANGE] Amount of medicine needed for curing disease is now constant ; 3. [CHANGE] Improved cure information from '/inspect' command ; 4. [CHANGE] Reduced price increase on '/buypacket' purchase and increased the frequency of packet price drop ; F.A.Q Q: Workshop jadinya bisa beli kendaraan sama seperti farm dan restoran? [No. 1] A: Ya betul dan yang bisa pakai hanya pemilik dan pegawai workshop Q: Perbedaannya apa dengan sistem pengobatan yang lama? [No. 2] A: Sekarang jumlah obat yang dibutuhkan untuk menyembuhkan penyakit mudah diketahui dari dokter yang inspect kamu Q: Apa yang berubah di layar inspect baru ini? [No. 3] A: Penambahan informasi untuk jumlah obat yang dibutuhkan dan berapa lama treatmentnya Q: Apakah sekarang harga packet lebih mudah turunnya? [No. 4] A: Ya harga packet sekarang akan lebih cepat turunnya dibanding sebelumnya Questions? Jika ada sesuatu dari update ini yang masih belum jelas, anda bisa bertanya langsung di thread ini dengan cara mereply
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    NAMA : Triyoga ALAMAT : Kantor Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya. UMUR : 20 NAMA INGAME JG:RP : Colt Perkins KENAPA MAU IKUT : Mencegah agar gath ini terhindar dari tindakan kriminal.
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    Tanpa basa basi, langsung cekidot aja Jangan lupa +rep nya kawan kawan, hihi.
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    baru pertama kali bang bikin ginian wkwkwk
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    i recommended you to listen the youtube while reading the thread In several back days, Drugs product were a big thing to be demanded in any city in Los Santos. More than 2 kilos of narcotics were abused by several gangs member and tight-knit crime group. Many latins and hispanic taking this opportunity to take control and gain their profits around the city. Many kilos and quintals has been imported to the city with several methods. Especially Sinaloan's method, with Sandbuggy, catapult, and anything that may come to San Andreas surface. With that kind of opportunity, the immigrants from the Northern side of America expand their business wings into any holes that can be entered. Some of them already stay in Los Santos, to simplify their business things. In the bigger perspective, the underground business of drugs around San Andreas, will never stop. Its always expand in every surface in San Andreas, especially Los Santos. That city already filled with more than 8 tons of cocaine in this years. Its being supplied by the latins from north. In the other hand, the gangster sells the cocaine to the workers, entrepreneur, or some teenager. FACTION INI MEMILIKI DUA SIDE, YAITU SIDE CARTEL DAN SIDE STREET GANG. KEDUA SIDE SALING BERKONEKSI MENJADI SATU KESATUAN. Norte Lobos 14 LOBOS DEL NORTE (The North Wolves) Lobos del Norte is a street gang based in Las Colinas, comprised of the neighborhood’s like-minded Mexican-American youngsters who tried to escape the hard day-to-day life of a minority in the USA. Through the years, Colinas has been the home for countess local gangs and illegal organizations alike, but the late 2017 saw an “interregnum” on the seat of power in Las Colinas, leaving many individual crews struggling to take the spot. January 2017 marked the prominent rise of power of one crew, headed by the now notorious Gabriel “Cazador” Reyes, with the support of his right-hand man Jesus Aguilar. Reyes consolidated the various crews of Colinas as the result of a series of murder took place in the early January, which the local populace infamously called “La Guerra de Enero” or “The January War.” They started it very rough and very weak. Week untill week they start climbing the high wall of drugs business on Los Santos. They start recruiting more teenager from around Las Colinas. Its been a good progress since its only 5 man on the start. This kind of progress make Norte Lobos more stronger. In the other hand, they found a supplier, leaded by a man called himself Cortez. It was also a good reach for them since they now got stash to sell, and for them. Untill now, its been almost 4 kilos sold by these young gangbanger around the City of Los Santos. Cazador see this as an oppurtunity, big oppurtunity. He wants expand more of the wings of his gangs. Thats why they now start doing some deliver and shipment with big amount of goods. Jesus build reletion with several other gangs on Los Santos, including the Kennedy Crips, Corthland and also the bad cops. With that relation make the gangs more stronger and has much power to fight againts the notorious Surenos. In case, they know, they'll lose a step againts Surenos, thats why this gang would never stop exploring and expanding. There's couples of teenager that wants to be one of the wolves, some of 'em already intitiated. Its, Luco, Oco and Parza. Three of them has a really good dealing skills. Only three them already produce a lots of cash on the gang's funds. Because the heats with the drugs war already sensed by the Surenos, they start acting harmfull. Lifting a gun on Norte Lobos hood, showing they're serious. Jesus convincing Cazador to do the reteliation about that, he wants to show that Norte Lobos isn't a "one shot killed" gang. Because of that, they're on another problem. Jesus think Surenos lose the "talk" game, then switch harmfully into gunfight things. Thats make the wolves a little bit worried about the safety of his youngers. THE STORY DEVELOPMENT WILL FOLLOWS INGAMES ROLEPLAY credits : ivannandisatrio, pandas, alief/damian, zili.
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    Owner Name: Ferruccio Venturella Employees: Kurt Borgstrom [ Manager ] Flavio Clodoveo [ Mechanic ] Raspopov Panteley [ Mechanic ] Evelina Vyacheslavovna [ Mechanic ] Vacant Business Name: THE E.J.E.H Workshop Detailed description of your business: Workshop ini dibeli oleh Ferruccio Venturella dia membeli Workshop ini dengan hasil kerja kerasnya selama di San Andreas News Network, awalnya workshop ini dimiliki oleh teman lamanya yaitu Kurt Borgstrom, tujuan Ferruccio membeli workshop ini untuk mempermudah warga Los Santos modift kendaraan sportnya disini.
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    *Fujiwara Ryosuke logs on advertise website* *Fujiwara Ryosuke wrote something on the website* SADF 3rd event giving a new challenge for racers in San Andreas, it's all about driving in the offroad terrain only the experince driver can survive in this terrain. This terrain are more dangerous than city driving we suggest to modified your vehicle with a higher suspension and off road tires (not velg just modified your tires), you and your team will learn a lesson in this terrain it's all about 4WD Drifting a drifting without counter steering. So what are you waiting for? come join in this race big prize are waiting for you. You can send your application in here: http://sadf-jg-team.forumotion.com/f2-event- registration-section Race Schedule: Race #1 13 April 2018 Time: 13:00 or 14:00 PM Location: From Eastbeach to the start line in North Rock Race #2 14 April 2018 Time: 12:00 or 13:00 PM Location: From Big Ear to the start line in Tierra Robbada List of vehicle that allowed in this event: Sedan: Sultan Flash Jester Sentinel Stratum Bravura Buffalo Premier Club Blista Compact Pickup/SUV: Landstalker Huntley Bobcat Sadler Picador Rancher A Rancher B Beach Car: BF Injection Route of the track Note: Route 1 and 2 can be changed in the different day it's still on disscuss Rules IC: 1.Have a sport or sedan car 2.Must have a valid vehicle and driving licenses 3.Must 16 years old or older 4.N20 IS NOT ALLOWED OOC: 1.No /q while car flipped 2.Tidak boleh pakai mod handling.cfg ketahuan pakai banned ditempat 3.Semua yang melanggar aturan server akan dikenakan sanksi secara IC maupun OOC 4.No rusuh no Trolling ini bukan acara demo For more information http://sadf-jg-team.forumotion.com
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    Accepted, silahkan temui admin level 2+ untuk mengganti nama dan origin kamu. Locked.
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    Wassap sob, ane Arnold Hooper. Disini ane udah RP setakut mungkin sob. Ane smsan dari mana? SG si dodo emang bener surplus, dan gua ngeliatin pas lu perang si Scotz Later di tembak oleh Noah/Dodo armornya susah ngurang, segitu mereka berdua.
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    •Accepted as an employee of the Gourthigern Family Gym•
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    Nama pelapor: Alan White Nama pelanggar: Dryden_Summerville Peraturan yang dilanggar: HT Apa yang terjadi: So dia lagi nyerang base CBS nah disitu saya pengen cek rumah saya yang di asell karena char dia kebanned eh tiba tiba ditembak begitu gua udah /b seblm dia nembak ttep ae nembak Bukti:
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    Kok anda nyampah ya, anjing.
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    Owner Name: Ferruccio VenturellaEmployees: Montesquieu Willougby( Manager ) Gualdoni Palladio ( Wakil Manager ) Flavio Clodoveo Farbrizio Sheffield Boccarusco Venturella Business Name: Express Dealer Detailed description of your business: Bisnis ini dibeli oleh Ferruccio Venturella dia membeli bisnis ini dengan hasil kerja kerasnya selama di San Andreas News Network, tujuan dia membeli dealer ini untuk mempermudah warga San Andreas membeli mobil dan memajukan bisnis ini dari sebelumnya.
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    Pedih mata gua liat polisi barbarnya :v. Ngakak bener.
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    Ngakak waekawekawkewakewa
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    Sabar bro. Maybe staff need something!
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    Setelah didiskusikan oleh team Staff JGRP, terlapor akan di ban berdasarkan rules : L&A.
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    Ada beberapa poin tentang report player ini untuk bukti lebih lanjut, seperti: Deskripsi seputar kedua Maskman tersebut apakah Maskman_750000 yang menjadi penumpang atau Maskman_973233, dan juga skin mereka masing2 sebab jika kita lihat di ketiga video tersebut Maskman_750000 dan Maskman_973233 tidak terlihat nama nya, dan kita disini tidak bisa sembarangan berspekulasi seputar hal tersebut, mohon jelaskan. Dan kedua terlapor tersebut mereka menggunakan senjata apa? Sama seperti kalian yaitu berupa Shotgun, atau semacamnya? Dari saya lihat dan saya telaah tentang ketiga video ini bisa saya ketahui terlapor berada dibelakang tembok, player yang memakai skin Golf baju putih gendut tersebut tidak tertembak *Tidak ada efek tertembak - terpental tangannya*, dan ketika si player ini keluar dari tembok tersebut terlihat bahwa player tersebut tertembak akan tetapi tidak memiliki efek sama sekali (Possible Health Hack) atau memang sebenarnya dia itu sedang tertembak namun sekarat. Dan yang terakhir, ketika kalian diatas dan terlapor menembaki kalian, apakah terkena damage tembakan atau tidak?
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    Di update fix kemarin kita menambahkan pilihan baru di /toggle: Jika pilihan tersebut diubah menjadi Disabled, maka kamu tidak akan mendapatkan notifikasi job lagi. Notifikasi job yang dimaksud contohnya adalah notifikasi smuggler /findpacket, notifikasi player membutuhkan bantuan mechanic dan taxi.
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