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  1. Employee Name: Dayvon Prince Screenshoot: Mengepel lantai kamar mandi
  2. Employee name: Dayvon Prince Screenshoot: Membersihkan TV yang berdebu
  3. Employee name: Dayvon Prince Screenshoot: Mengagalkan aksi maling
  4. Employee name: Dayvon Prince Screenshoot: Melayani customer
  5. Employee name: Dayvon Prince Screenshoot: Memasukan toko ke advertisement
  6. Employee name: Dayvon Prince Screenshoot: Membuka toko
  7. Employee name: Dayvon Prince Screenshoot: Menerima gaji pertama
  8. Employee Name: Kevin Langston Sreenshoot: Mendaftarkan diri dan mengecek stok toko.
  9. Character: Dayvon Prince Story: Dayvon Luther Prince is a 17-year-old teenager who enjoys jigsaw puzzles, helping old women across the street and sailing. He is merciful and courageous, but can also be very lazy and a little cunning. He is a Muslim in the United States. He is now at school. He has a severe water phobia. Physically, Dayvon was a little overweight but in good condition. He is tall for his age with black skin, blue hair and brown eyes. He lives in an upper class environment. His father left 11 years ago, leaving his mother, a chef sous Jacqueline, to look after him. At school, Dayvon really liked computer lessons, because after every lesson, he and his friends played games together. So, Dayvon has a dream to aspire to become a gamers. Dayvon also asked his parents to buy him a computer, and his parents also granted Dayvon's request on condition that they should not overplay the game. However, Dayvon did not care about the words of his parents. He even often plays late at night and makes him wake up late to go to school. Therefore, Dayvon's parents were very disappointed and confiscated his computer because of the impact of the computer on his child. As a result of his addiction to computers, Dayvon slowly decreased in value and made him lazy. Therefore, Dayvon repeated in grade 8 because he was lazy and rarely even attended school. When graduating from Middle School, Dayvon decided to move to Los Santos, San Andreas. When moving to Los Santos, Dayvon and his family were looking for homes around the Ganton area. Finally, the Dayvon family decided to rent an apartment in Ganton. Every night, Dayvon often saw in front of his apartment a group of teenagers hanging out in the area. He also saw that the young men were same using blue attributes. Out of curiosity, Dayvon tried to socialize and get to know young people. It was known that the young men admitted that they were a gangster named Crips. Because gangsters were accepted by accepting Dayvon very warmly. Finally, Dayvon joined the Crips Saya aidanmeister selaku pemilik account UCP aidann bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Dayvon Prince) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  10. Kevin Langston n his OG, Sean Hampton signing out. We'll back.
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