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  10. Character: Blair_Singleton Story: Blair Singleton was born at Harwood, Liberty City 17 years ago. Harwood is a strong neighborhood with highly criminal activity around. With struggle and hope, Blair parents trying to keep their family survive days by days. When Blair was Five years old, his father died by random drive shooters around Chinatown area after his father coming home from a long work at Portland Docks. At that time, when Blair still 5 years old, he still don’t know anything and can’t understand. After the lost of his father, his mother, Alicia raise his feet to keep survive on the ‘’Jungle’’ of Liberty City street by working hard every day, all day long. Until one day his mother have a long complicated diseas that cuase her to lost her job and begin to bankrupt due to her sickness to buy medicine. At the age of ten, Blair taking care his mother and treat her to keep her healthy stay. With an help by government and assurance company, Blair mother get taken to hospital to cure her sickness, after six month spending time on hospital, his mother suddenly lost her life, before her death, Alicia writes a letter a long eventually. The letter said “My son, Blair. After all these year, your father died and I had a disease that you didn’t want to know about. I just wanna know that I love you, I’m sorry if mother let you down my son, at some times, God will call me too to return to land of the greatness, your sincerely, moms” after reading the letters, Blair start began to drop tears and crying. After that tragedy, Blair was send to a foster home waiting for another family member to pick him up away from the foster home. Living on small room inside the foster home, make Blair depressed but after a long wait and patience, his uncle from Los Santos came to pick him up, he’s doesn’t know his uncle very well because his parents never introduce him to his uncle. At inside of the cab, Blair and his uncle have a quick chat and his uncle sends a condolence from the deep of his heart due to Blair lost. After a long trip from Liberty City to Los Santos, when Blair was 15 years old, he managed to continue his education at Gregory McCaine High School with his uncle help. He tries to socialize at any teenagers on his school as any teenagers do as usual. Sometimes when he came from School, Blair usually lock himself at his room, thinking why his parents died so fast. But somehow his uncle began to easily temperament and paranoid, and his uncle targeted Blair to flow his anger away, his uncle usually launch a slap with his belt towards Blair faces and body, that’s make Blair depressed and began to go to a negative way of his socialization, he start hanging around with some group at his School, they start making some vandalism by tagging the wall and pick pocket a civilian. He keeps doing it after the gruadation. At the age of Seventeen, sometimes he keep doing at his criminal activity while thinking to continue his education on university level or keep doing some shit on the street of Los Santos especially around Jordan Downs Housing Projects. Saya Valsky selaku pemilik account UCP Valsky bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Blair_Singleton) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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