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The Montana Gang

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The Montana Gang, also known as the Montana Mob is the newest mobster in Los Santos which runs several legal and illegal businesses including the Montana Taxi Company, one of the taxi companies that still operates in the city. Montana Mob also runs illegal businesses including Murder, Kidnapping, Gambling, Arson, Robbery, Bribery, Loan Sharking, Extortion/Protection, Theft, Fraud and Firearms/Narcotics trafficking.


Montana Mob is led by Clayton Gallagher, he is a former military also former President of Bulls Fierce MC who wants to expand his business to the next level. Bulls Fierce MC is no longer in service and moving to the city to start a new business and new life.

The rise of Montana Mob


During the heat in Bulls Fierce MC's members, because they were caught by the police, Clayton Gallagher decided to stop the operations and activities of Bulls Fierce MC for several months and he thought about a new solution for it. After several months had passed Clayton thought he needs to creating a new business and moving to the city for expansion because there were no connections in the city Clayton made a new connection with a group of people in Las Colinas who according to him was the right







Clayton finally shared his final decision with the remaining members to move to the city and start a new business and life. Most of Clayton’s members is follow Clayton’s decision because they think it’s a good decision and benefits for all of them also for Clayton and his new expansion business. Clayton and friends finally move to the city to survey the location of their new place. Finally, they reached Verona boulevard and decided to stay one of the former Bulls Fierce MC’s business partner that was not used and was under control of Bulls Fierce MC.





North side of Rodeo, Los Santos, San Andreas.




Finally, they arrived at their last destination, an abandoned café and they would be re-decorate the place for their front business to cover up their activity and make it the main place to gather.The name Montana itself is taken from the name where Clayton's mother was born, so the name is dedicated to his mother.





Playa Del Seville, Willowfield, Los Santos, San Andreas.





After a fairly smooth business, Clayton and the mob finally invaded the Willowfield and Idlewood areas and planned to open a Pawn Shop business and a small bar in Playa Del Seville. This will help the Montana Gang maintain a stable business and territory that is already owned and Montana Mob plans to expand the territory.








This thread follows The Montana Gang activities



  • Jika anda memutuskan untuk bergabung bersama Montana Gang, kami memiliki wewenang untuk Character Kill kamu kapan pun jika terasa perlu.
  • Sebelum memposting aktifitas kalian di dalam gang (Khusus yang baru masuk), diharapkan untuk bertanya terlebih dahulu kepada @Japang™ atau @CLAY.
  • Double-Faction tanpa sepengetahuan akan langsung di kick secara OOC.
  • Untuk penggunaan bahasa, bahasa utama kami adalah Bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Penggunaan bahasa Inggris digunakan jika kalian mampu.
  • Untuk pertanyaan lebih lanjut tentang Montana Mob silahkan langsung mengirimkan PM ke @CLAY.


Credit : BloodyMontana aka @CLAY

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Approved, goodluck.

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Let's do this faker.

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Good luck Montana gang!

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