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  1. Bangun bangun nigga, jangan tidur mulu, apa harus gua siram air biar bangun
  2. Darragh Golds came from the city of Los Santos who was in the Idlewood area of this juvenile delinquency called by his friend "DG" who often did criminal things in the City of Los Santos, "DG" also often did business about cocaine and weapons to sell it to teenagers in the city area of Los Santos, Darragh Golds often bought the items to "Jay and Wood", who were called illegal transaction businesses, in 2007 "Jay and Wood" communicated with Darragh Golds who was invited to the place where the owner "Wood" asked the Darragh to hang out at the place The restaurant that was not used and Darragh was at home because of being addicted to the illegal business, on one day Darragh Golds was considered by friends of "Jay and Wood" as members of Glen Park and Darragh was tattooed with a symbol of bloods to believe that Darragh has officially become a relative or 415th Piru's block Avenue family known as a Gangste r Bloods.
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