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  1. To @ShadowI am writing to you in regards of your recently submitted character story, we have reviewed your character story and, as a result, have come to the decision to APPROVE your request. Please read the following guide to activate your link your store to your In-Game account: Sincerely,@usernotfoundJG:RP Staff Team.
  2. Accepted, please waiting Admin level 2++ for next step so locked.
  3. Locked due inactive, contact me if u want unlock this thread.
  4. Coba rapihin dan buat jadi 3 paragraf. EYD dan pengunaan tanda titik dan koma mohon dicheck ulang.
  5. locked due inactive, u can contact me on Private Message if u want unlock this thread.
  6. Support biar roleplay makin cakep dan jelas, biar g tabrakan sm yg lain juga kalo kocok dadunya.
  7. Level berapa? Pengunaan tanda titik dan koma mohon dicheck kembali.
  8. akhirnya, welcome back and congrats ma bro @Kimpalan
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