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Shark Racing Crews

Babep M

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First Era, Zein Black .(2012)
Zein Black or Black, used to be a poor imigrant until he created his business empire with a few friends. Reggie, Edmund, Gilbert and some of their friends are the ones who helped Black build his empire. After a few years, Edmund betrayed and killed. Make Gilbert and Reggie runs up Edmund died. Black business starting to lose one by one because no one continues it.

Second Era, Roberto Hubbert. (2014)

Roberto Huffbert, a former sheriff, 24, known as the boss, or president. He controls all illegal races in Los Santos. He decided to resign from his old job and become the worst job in the world is illegal, A Street Racer. With his friend David Jacob, who has experience in the mechanics. David and Roberto have a lot of friends, so they want to expand their experience by joining all about cars. ranging from being a mechanic, joined the local race, and the race then illegal. The crew there is known as a mechanical organization, but at the same time turned into a street race. The most respected in the crew is Roberto, builder. They will not remain just a road race and a waste of their money, then Aaron and Green thinking how to extend their lead, without getting jailed or chased by police. so, they decided to smuggle a few weeds, and some car parts. started by Roberto when he was in San Fierro. David and Roberto decided to move to Los Santos, just in case if their business were arrested by the government, until now these efforts are still without police know. Roberto lived in the temple, like David. But moved to Los Santos did not make Roberto and David away from the government, the two of them got imprisoned. ((The story of the thread AEC by Outlawz))

Third Era, The Return of ''NEW'' Bussines.
After Roberto fails to hold Kaze racing empire, Ben Okuri or Oku kept it.
Oku create Shark Racing Enterprise,Enterprise has many branches as few shops and they are the largest branches Sharks Organizer.
Oku accompained by his friends Lucas Robertsky or Sky.They start creating a lot of Legal and Ilegal bussines. One day he met Nicoluas Aristoteles, a member of mechanic in Los Santos. Sky see what can be done so Sky speak to Nico ask for to join.Nico accepted it and now controls the illegals bussines.




Faction ini adalah faction Street Racing, Namun sekarang lebih terorganisir
- Setiap orang bisa join faction ini dengan secara In Character
- Jika anda telah menjadi anggota kami. Kami berhak untuk CK'ed anda.
- Patuhi semua rules yang ada di JGRP.

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