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  1. Lah masih hidup aja lu sat? sini lah mampir buat have fun doang
  2. faction ini terinspirasi dari film series The Wire, jadi yg mau join silahkan PM forum.
  3. "Willowfield, was once a comfortable place to be inhabited by residents of black races. A very simple place and inexpensive living costs make many choose to live in that place." But that was a long time ago. ____________________________________________________________________________ Kyrie Garland, a federal fugitive, turned Willowfield into a place full of heroine, cocaine and marijuana. Willowfield is the place for drug and money exchanges. Even though Kyrie is known as a high-class drug dealer, he was never caught by the police because of his cleanliness in avoiding police tapping. So that until now, the police only managed to arrest Kyrie's subordinates and they did not have the courage to become a snitch. He employs children who are still underage, those who do not go to school will work directly to sell drugs from Kyrie. They sell drugs in every corner of Willowfield, they are not afraid of the police. They all learned discipline from Kyrie so drug sales remained smooth and they also got money. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Most of their customers are teenagers, homeless, laborers, and hobos. When customers get bored with the old products, the drug dealers provide products with the same ingredients but different names. Only by changing names, they can profit a lot. There are many willowfield areas, so drug dealers change the stash once a day so the police can't find it. They produce 60 percent of drugs in Los Santos so that the police and other communities are very anxious about the existence of the narcos. Kyrie is not alone in supervising, he has a representative named Ibrahim Drummond who helps run a business, he understands everything about law in Los Santos, he has a great lawyer friend to deal with captured drug dealers. Everything that Kyrie did had to consult Ibrahim so that their business was very smooth until now. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Story to be continued in characters...
  4. Gua saranin nonton film series narcos gan, bisa jadi ide buat roleplay cartel.
  5. coba cari di youtube gan, ada kok tapi gua lupa. pokoknya ganti limit feature level lu cari aja di youtube keyword nya "DirectX11 feature level 10.00 is required to run the engine"
  6. GPU lu ga support sama direct X 11, coba cek di dxdiag, feature level lu ada yang 10 apa kagak? kalo ga ada ya berarti ga support gpu lu
  7. saya fans berat puthu, content youtube nya sangat bermutu dan lucu. semangat terus untuk puthu. ditunggu lagi video menggunakan anim GTA.
  8. ada film judulnya "Chef" wkwkwk, bagus juga ceritanya seorang chef yang kehilangan pekerjaannya di sebuah restoran, lalu buka bisnis sendiri jual makanan keliling, tapi menurut gw masih bagus "Burnt" sih, soalnya ada michellin nya jadi tambah seru.
  9. dah males liat twd kalo ga ada rick grimes
  10. iya ga fair juga ya kalo gang punya 'greenzone', tapi robbernya itu loh yg bikin gedek wkwk
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