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  1. JG:RP Donation [OPEN] - Announcement - Jogjagamers Community
  2. Reinstated and promoted back to helper.
  3. JG:RP Donation [OPEN] - Announcement - Jogjagamers Community
  4. Halo, saya sarankan jika mau transfer dari luar negeri bisa pakai TransferWise.
  5. Removed ilham347 from the roster.
  6. Updated on May 17, 2020: Promoted: @lucheese @Jakaaaaaaaaaa @yogapramudya @abeltras777 @DanqiYTB @dsnip88 @octsmc @Kyusukey from Volunteer to Junior Helper rank. Promoted: @ahmadavid @malphonzo1 @Pakuwo @usernotfound from Junior Helper to Senior Helper. Updated on May 18, 2020: Promoted: @NotAdmin @denrio-157 @Nezactra18 from Senior Helper to Admin Level 1. Promoted: @ShevaTujuh @Jarvis from Admin Level 1 to Admin Level 2. Promoted: @OroJack @pelni1998 from Admin Level 2 to Admin Level 3. Promoted: @mafarid @Shawn962 @richkravhenkoz @rollback from Admin Level 3 to Admin Level 4. Congratulations!
  7. Moving this to General Discussion so people may easily notice. And learn.
  8. Buka page 2 ada post gue yang SS untuk /usegold.
  9. Bisa beli gold aja tanpa harus donatur atau donatur sudah abis. @Bexsley_Harlyn
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