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128th E/S Golden Palms Avenue


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         128 Golden Palms Avenue is a great place to see the beauty of the sea East Los Santos, besides the beauty of this place also has a block houses where the population is quite crowded. On average they are African-american race, but not a few white people who also lived there. Deshane Quintero and Jamal Clayton are two brothers who were born and live there, they are children of the continuing drug, "Eleye" which was shot in Saint Ganton Avenue by police when in pursuit of two years ago. Deshane and Jamal lived with her mother, Rebecca Eleine who do not have a job, because they both had to quit school in order to maintain his mother and make money. The nature of the two of them together as father of all the methods for the sake of money, therefore the age of their newly teens already have to steal something that can be sold, gambling dice in their usual places togethers, dog pit to fight and bet up to fight with betting money, selling drugs and so forth in order to get money to survive. They had been arrested by the police while trying to steal a bike in Las Colinas at the age of 13 years, but they were freed from the shackles of prison because not old enough to be punished. From there they started respected blocked they live, so they have many friends who also live in the area because the incident. His friends also are taught by them both how to make money illegally, ended up at a time Deshane and Jamal talks to create a dark alley in the continuity of their business and maintain their security







We take this group seriously and won't invite players until we know they are suitable for what we are looking for. To join we would recommend you don't "ask" but rather hang around and slowly get to know us. Once we get to know you IG and OOC you will either be asked to leave or invited into the group. TeamSpeak is required.

Rank 1 - Lil homie (Players will start out with and will have this title until they are proven to be a fit to the gang.)

Rank 2 - Black (You are accepted by the gang and are apart of what Black Disciples represents.)

Rank 3 - BD's(Not only are you accepted by the gang but are a CRUCIAL part of the success in the community)

Rank 4 - Big Homie BD's (You put in the time and know what it means to be a Black Disciples A big homie leads the gang and is a honorable title)

Rank 5 - O.G. BD's (Founders and very important leaders of the gang who are responsible for every function the gang requires.)


We consider our RP as High-End which means the following things are expected before entry into the gang.

-A high level of RP (I.E. /me's and /do's when needed, as well as proper spelling and word placement.)

-Must have Team Speak and be willing to use it. (Mic is NOT a requirement)

-Must remain in character at all times.

-Must have common sense (I.E. not picking fights with gangs when online alone)

-Internal complaints are to be directed straight to leader of faction.

-Must maintain a passive level of Role-Play (We don't recruit people who want to DM all day.)

We pride ourselves on in-depth character development and interactive Role-Play. If you are looking for realistic Role-Play and other players who are mature and enjoy RP'ing this is the Faction for you! Anyone interested in joining the gang is recommended to swing through the block and introduce yourself.





Thanks and credits goes to:


Agoes Angga




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