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    Tolong di dengarkan dan diberikan komentar band tetangga saya. Dari skala sampai 10 berapa nilainya. Mohon di dengarkan, ini murni karya anak indonesia. Telah hadir juga di Spotify! Lyrics : Feeling blue i don't know what to do Just staring at the ocean waves and thinkin' bout the good old days Gather around and starting to write a song I hope they wanna hear this out 2x Read the rules that we don't really care at all We're gonna do it anyways 2x Spent more time for something i want it to do I don't wanna waste my time 2x a new life's waiting Enjoy your life before you die Cause life is getting harder everyday Enjoy your life before you die Cause things will get so dizzy everyday Dizzy everyday Feeling blue i don't know what to do Just staring at the ocean waves and thinkin' bout the good old days Spent more time for something i want it to do I don't wanna waste my time 2x a new life's waiting Enjoy your life before you die Cause life is getting harder everyday Enjoy your life before you die Cause things will get so dizzy everyday Dizzy everyday 4x credits released October 28, 2017 Recorded at High Ground Studio, Bintaro Mixed and Mastered by Casey Leiwakabessy Artwork by Marsya Putri Header Photo by Shyfa Ananda & Albi Setiawan Lyrics by Varian Kashira Big thanks to Imam Qushoyyi for helping us on the drum part and for all that he shares to us! Summr are : Varian Kashira - Vocal & Guitar Fakhri Makhsum - Guitar Deandra Fabian - Bass
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    Oke, kali ini gue bakal nge-share mod Winter ( Support SA:MP ) Untuk tutorial, tinggal cek video di bawah ini: Link Download:
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    Oke guys, Kali ini gua mau ngeshare modpack yang gua pake. Oke langsung aja dah yah biar gak kelamaan, kita liat previewnya dibawah ini : Video: Screenshot: Link (Single Link) : 2dfx: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6tafm7tn7luj73o/2dfx.rar Timecyc: http://www.mediafire.com/file/e8vtlmhjkbnd963/Timecyc.rar Effect: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hv9djdvp8v68f6y/Effects.rar Road Texture: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1fv3wuwd83dwxk8/Textures.rar ENB + GTA IV HUD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1mh8g3nowm2u880/ENB+%2B+GTA+IV+HUD.rar Vegetation: http://www.mediafire.com/file/65c1nr95ar3nj2a/Vegetation.rar Weapons: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d843zv3rgbh0la3/Weapons.rar Sounds: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3dy1ota23u944da/Sound+Mods.rar Skins: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q75mmkwcrnsm6ls/Skins.rar Cars: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7nyhnel9qba5loa/Vehicles.rar CLEO: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6atd5nz67zsc7/CLEO Bullet Holes: http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/42896-bullet-hole-mod/ Link (Package Link): Will be updated soon ! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cara menginstall / Memasang mod : ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cara memperbaiki modloader yang error "This game is not supported" ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    Curhat dikit boleh la ya. Lebih tepatnya hari ini, gua diajak temen gua maen di server ini. gua kaget kalo Jogjagamers punya server DM. (Dulu setau gua ga ada). Yaudah gua maen kan nih ye, gua baru banget kill 3 pake deagle posisi deket banget. eh ada 2 orang namanya G_Ley ama Augustus sok bilang "AIM LO GUA RECORD NIH, FORUM NIH", "HAPUS AIMBOT ANJ*NG" Wah gua baru main aja dah kek gini. Okedah gua buat Video berdurasi 4 Menitan lah gua maen ma temen gua, soalnya gua posisi emosi banget. Gua record ga pake edit, langsung gua upload aje. Oiya sedikit cuplikan dari gua di menit 02:25 pas gua lawan SchoolLBoy, liat gua matinya di tembak sebelah mana kenanya mana. mantap bosque. Maap kalo temen-temen gua brisik wkwk. NOTE: Sedikit cerita dari gua, gua main SA:MP dah dari 2015. gua sering main di Server Freeroam yang ada DMnya. sempet Vakum di akhir taun 2016. balik lagi main diajak temen-temen gua main di server DM Indo. so ya gitu. baru main dikatain "AIM AIM AIM. GUA RECORD NIH". Gua kesel aja gitu ama kelakuan Kids Jaman Now. (Lebih tepatnya nak net jaman now).
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    Yow-yow salam hangat buat Youtuber dimana pun berada kali ini gue bakal memperlihatkan beberapa video-video hasil gue sendiri Dan terimakasih buat admin tianmetal yang udah membuat server dimana hari hari gue ngak bosan lagi wkwkwkw , Yap langsung aja ini dia video nya 96Th Corthland Black Streets Di sini gue bukan promisi, tapi cuman sekedar hiburan. Dan juga ada beberapa video tentang Character saya di JGGW, Video gue bakal update terus kok, selagi gue sehat wal afiat gue bakal update teross!!! Salam JGRP dan JGGW dan salam semua player JGRP dan JGGW semangat terus ! TTD YogaJR
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    Bellview Ching Street is just like an association of Asians and Bellview Ching Street is an association housed on Bellview Street and Ching's own name is a pretty famous gangster in the Vietnamese area of Bhia Ching Town. Bellview Ching Street is founded by a young boy from Vietnamese and one of the former members of Bhia Ching Town is Thuy Khanh, and Bellview Ching Steet itself was formed in 2017 around Bellview Street and is a member of a young boy from Vietnamese or Asian-American. Bellview Ching Street that often gather and conduct illegal activities around the street Bellview or more familiar with the Jefferson, day by day BCS's own often do illegal activities such as selling illegal goods, ask taxes on people, robbing and others. 2013 was the year in which Thuy Khanh joined a gangster member named Bhia Ching Town in the Vietnamese region precisely in the city of Hung, and Thuy Khanh himself joined the members at a very young age of 17 years. Bhia Ching Town itself can be said a club or gangster is strong enough and activities are often done is to sell illegal goods such as selling cocaine and weapons in the cities of the State of Vietnamese. And in 2015 Thuy Khanh became a suspect for killing a young man in the bar and finally Thuy Khanh himself decided to go to the state of American precisely in the city of Los Santos and left his association in Vietnamese and Thuy Khanh finally went from Vietnamese using a freight boat that headed the city of Los Santos and located in the town of Los Santos precisely in the Jefferson area or the road Bellview. Year after year Thuy Khanh often met many people who came from his country of Vietnamese in the city of Los Santos and most of the young children and new friends Thuy very often gathered at his home. Day after day Thuy often meet with many gangsters and associations in the city of Los Santos. And one day Thuy Khanh meets a very famous gangster in Los Santos precisely in Ganton area or known by 716th Kennedy Blocc Avenue and Thuy Khanh is attacked by gangsters from Ganton because Thuy is caught selling illegal goods by 716th Kennedy Blocc Avenue. And on that day Thuy Khanh was motivated to make gangsters and continue his association or gangster in Vietnamese in the city of Los Santos just like Vietnamese Boyz and Asian Boyz. OOC Just find us ICly. We will accept your creativity in our Families. Respect each other. If you are already a member, we have the right to re-CK you. Follow the server rules and In-Game rules. Vietnamese/Asian-American race have the ability to JOIN this faction. Di setiap karangan dan cerita pasti ada kalimat dan kata-kata yang kurang dan mungkin pembaca dapat tersinggung, jika ada yang salah mohon beritahukan ke saya via PM forum.
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    Dear Sergio Franklin, as owner of the,business Sergio Franklin I would like to send my application as (Ads/Cashier) In Your business, the information below is included as: Name: Kennedy Bergelaouz Age: 22 years Phone Number: 9-8-6-9-5-9 Human Experience: 12 Years Hope you will assume I am accepted as one of your employees especially in the "(Ads/Cashier)" position in you business
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    105 Eastside Block are also known as East Gang were spotted around Los Santos in late of 2017. The gang based on African-American within Bloods Nation. They located in a block around East Los Santos. The group started by Jamal 'Mal' Hutton and Tevoris 'Bhisop' Pharrel, they both were prisoned and then they met. As the newly formed group, they got small in members but it don't make they got fearness, they kept recruiting some youngens around their block. Even they got small members, they keep doing their activites such as stealing, robbing, and drug dealing. CHAPTER I: 'Letting the people know' The gang were located at East Los Santos which contain small in members keep making troubles around the block. They do some criminal activities, from a CCTV spotted two youngens broke a car window and stole money in it. And a house got robbed by kids under age through the left opened back door of the house. A kid under 15 spotted do a drug dealing with an unknown stranger and it makes the police eye the gang. The gang kept looking up to make the people know the existence of them in the town. Jamal 'Mal' Hutton as the gang leader taught his youngens very well, sometimes he did a hit on his youngens head by a bat due to his command got rejected. Mal controlled the drug dealing in his youngens and it helped by Tevoris 'Bhisop' Pharrel, they both did their job really well, in this week they got much money easier. The gang don't leave their block, they keep rolling at the block. No police come due to less of evidence they did crimes all the day. OOC INFORMATION Ini adalah faksi yang berbasis African-American dan termasuk faksi baru, sehingga umur karakter kamu sebaiknya tidak lebih dari 16, di sini kita saling belajar dan mengajar, semua bisa jadi guru dan bisa jadi murid. Saling berbagi ilmu agar bisa membawa faksi ini menjadi lebih baik ke depannya. Kita pakai LINE untuk berkomunikasi di luar game. RULES ○ Lakukan roleplay-roleplay kalian tanpa harus melanggar server dan forum rules. ○ Saling hormat satu sama lain, walaupun IC itu anak buah, OOC tetap harus menghormati. ○ Develop karakter kalian dengan baik, jangan jadi karakter robot. ○ Dengan bergabungnya kamu ke dalam faksi berarti kamu siap untuk di-CK ketika memang diharuskan. ○ Karena roleplay kami adalah gang baru, maka umur karakter kalian setidaknya harus di bawah 16. ○ Kurang-kurangi /b (gunakan /pm) ○ Selalu lakukan hal yang realistis (tidak realistis: anak berumur 14 tahun lari-lari sambil ngebawa shotgun) GUIDES Mohon maaf jika ada salah kata atau salah grammar, jika ada suatu masalah yang harus diperbaiki dalam thread ini, silahkan PM forum @Hreesang
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    Goodluck. Support to you brother.
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    Nama pelapor: Jessey Rogers Nama pelanggar: Riguel Shawn Peraturan yang dilanggar: OCC Insult atau bisa di katakan Bad OOC attitude. Apa yang terjadi: Gue lagi ambil uang di atm dia datang ngomong ke gue dengan kasar, ya gue marah ke dia dengan rp slaps kepalanya, dia marah mukul gue pake b-balt, gue udah bilang stop, masih aja di rp ampe habis darah, padahal itu di hood gue, gue rp ngeluarin senjata gue nembak dia memberikan peringatan untuk pergi [No DM] dia pm saya dengan mengatakan saya ritard, saya sudah terlalu sabar menghadapi player seperti ini, saya larpor ke forum aja. Bukti:
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    Maurinco Salvaturca Also know is Papo, born in november 17th 1999, born in Hispanic, Mexico. child of Havanna Miguel & Carlos Rogers, Papo is known as a friendly person in a home environment, but after growing up Papo already has a wild nature. Since it has such properties, Papo is now a grown man and is not set, At the age of Papo stepped 17 years, Papo expelled from school result beat his friend, three days later, his father sent Papo to school in Los Santos, after Papo to Los Santos, he did not want to go to school and finally Papo decided to escape from school protection until papo make money and eat on the streets. this picture was taken with his mother before Papo left.
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    Nama UCP: GheaIcha Nama Character lama: Gabriel_Bettencourt Nama Character baru: Lazzaro_Houtmans Jenis kelamin: Laki-laki (Male) Origin: USA Alasan penggantian nama: Ingin bergabung faction legal Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity': Bukti screenshot CK:
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    Setelah gue baca report itu, mereka datang ke hood b untuk ngajakin rp brawl namun gang b menolak dengan mengeluarkan gun, di sini kalian yang attack kami duluan dengan pisau dan ngebacok satu satu, dan di sana jesse marley lagi memegang sebuah slc, logika saja lu ngebacok pakai pisau terus gue nontonin gitu ? Wkwkwkkek
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    Owner name: Ravenkorft Deandre Employees: Norwerd Alrigo Keyla Alrigo VACANT VACANT Jessica Evelynne Bussines name: N.H.C Workshop ELS Detailed description of your bussiness: This workshop entrusted to his brother Ravenkorft Deandre because zacharius went to go abroad, this workshop provides quality mechanic tool's and guaranteed to spoil the Type WAA car owned by citizen San Andreas
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    wah menarik nih kwkwkwk btw I got gift for you diterima eaaa
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    Nih gan, Ane kasih tau. Hapus file " VHUD_debug.log, V_HUD_by_DK22Pack.asi, modloader.asi, imCam.asi, GTAVHUD_by_DK22Pac_, modloader, ModManagerUninstaller "
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    edited done please bg @Xyzreeth and @Bryan_Suntoso
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    Nama UCP: sanityx Nama Character lama: Diego_Walker Nama Character baru: Rafaela_Schneider Jenis kelamin: Perempuan (Female) Origin: Netherlands Alasan penggantian nama: Menghapus semua active charges dan ingin bergabung ke faction legal yaitu SAGS Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity': Bukti screenshot CK:
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    Okey gue di sini sebagai Jessey Rogers, di sana itu hood kami, selagi kami memegang senjata terserah kami dong mau menembak kalian, kalian nyari gara gara yah harus terima juga dong untuk nerima, coba bayangin dah lu pergi main atau nongkrong di tempat orang yang belum lu kenal terus lu rusuh di sana dan membuat mereka marah, sedangkan mereka memegang senjata, ya mereka bisa saja membunuh kalian. Sekian aja terima kasih
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    Big shotout to NixonWright, Menit video yang lu minta 02:15. dan Thanks buat neuman dah CR gua di menit 02:19 + di menit 00:48 neuman Aimbot? hm (Nembak mana, kena mana). Just a random clip. gua buat video ini ya karna lagi-lagi dikatain AIM. Gua dah bilang kalo gua ga bisa jarak jauh, ga ada M4/AK/Sniper soalnya. Jadi kalo jarak deket kena terus jangan nangis lah . RAMAIKAN JG:GW KAWAN-KAWAN .
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    Nama : Dimas Yonki Wibowo Panggilan : dimas/dim Tempat Tanggal Lahir : Pemalang, 24 Maret 2000 Usia : 17 Tahun. Lokasi : Bogor Rank : Helper Hobi : Main game, jalan jalan. Social Media : Instagram - Here WA : 089690336142 Pendidikan : SDN 05 Pasirangin SMPI Yapin 96 SMK Al Bahri 704 List Character : Roderigo Pancrazio (Main) Aylward Armstrong (ga aktif}
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    LAPORAN PERIKLANAN TOKO 10 Desember 2017 (Pukul 1:31 AM) (Promosi Personal 1:20 AM) (PENGAMATAN HASIL PENJUALAN) Menurut data yang di kumpulkan, Energy Drink adalah salah satu produk yang paling laku, maka butuh Restock yang berskala agar tidak terjadinya 'Out of Stock'. Mencari keuntungan melalui hal ini patut dipertimbangkan karena akan menarik konsumen untuk datang pada toko yang menyediakan Energy Drink dikala produk tersebut mulai kosong dimana-mana.
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    Ngaktifin tekan " Shift + F12 " dan kalo mau nyalah matiin efek nya tekan " Right Shift + \ " (tanpa kutip) File-File ENB taro di directory GTA SA kamu.
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    Added new employees : Radit_Prasetyo **Note By me : Minimum ss per week : 3 SS Salary will be payout at 09-01-2018 Contact Person : 8-8-7-7-9-8-9
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    NAMA : argo ALAMAT : las colinas atas UMUR : 35 NAMA INGAME JG:RP : mikha clarens KENAPA MAU IKUT : gabut
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    Nama UCP: WelcomeTo Nama Character lama: Franziska_Wazoski Nama Character baru: Cheverly_DeGeraldine Jenis kelamin: Perempuan (Female) Origin: United States of America Alasan penggantian nama: Menghapus crimer record Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity': Bukti screenshot CK:
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    * Ken Marvellino posts his own photo.
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    Link SAMP Editor : http://www.mediafire.com/file/v73pwauvy998osa/SampEditor.exe
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    TEAMSPEAK CLIENT Versi Kebanyakan player/member Jogjgamers Roleplay, mungkin Windows nya tidak mensupport TeamSpeak Client 3 yang versi terbaru, kali ini gua akan share ke pada kalian semua TeamSpeak Client 3 versi lama, ini Mensupport semua Windows yang kamu pakai. DOWNLOAD Note : Beri Nilai +1 atau -1 Jangan lupa Reputation di follow sama Komen Thread ini. " Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang "
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    Halo teman teman, disini saya Outlawz atau zili lah, mau ngebagiin sedikit ilmu yang sangat mujarab untuk meng-officialkan suatu faction. apa tuh bang? screenshot! Hah? screenshot? Lewat screenshot, khalayak patriot JGRP akan ngeliat kualitas suatu faction. Orang orang bakal ngeh dan cepet ngerti, kalau kualitas SS suatu faction aja jelek, gimana develop faction tersebut? haduh haduh! Nah untuk mengatasi hal hal yang ga enak diatas gitu, gua disini ingin memberi sedikit ilmu gua nihh, gak banyak cuma SS doang yang gua bagi wkwk. Kebanyakan orang mikir " ahhh screenshot doang pake paint aja udahh asal asal crop, yang penting admin ngeliat kita lagi RP " dan akhirnya dia ngasal2 dan membuat faction nya keliatan jelek di mata publik. Bodoh kan? Edit screenshot disini ada beberapa cara, kamu bisa memakai cara-cara simple kaya pake 3rd party application kaya LSRP+, Doakes Ultimate Guide dll. Bagus emang, tapi saya gak akan membahas tentang beberapa 3rd party application tersebut. Melainkan saya akan memberikan arahan tentang bagaimana mengedit SS di Photoshop ala Outlawz/Zili. 1. APA YANG KAMU BUTUHKAN? Photoshop all Version, disarankan Photoshop CC. Screenshot polosan Niat dan waktu. 2. TATA CARA SCREENSHOT TAKING A SCREENSHOT Caranya yaitu dengan memencet F8 di Keyboard. Sebelumnya jangan lupa pencet F7 untuk menghilangkan Chatbox, hud, dll. Nah terus, didalam pengambilan screenshot ada yang harus di perhatikan seperti Angle, dan kefektifan memasukan chat tersebut ke dalam SS. Biasanya kalo gua sih, angle nya yang antimainstream ada yang dari belakang orang, lowside dari bawah keatas, ataupun menjadikan orang lain objek yang agak nutupin sedikit. Jadi walaupun cuma screenshot SOLO RP pun, kelihatannya lebih menarik dan asik untuk di ikuti. Contohnya seperti ini : EDIT SCREENSHOT Setelah kamu mendapatkan hasil Screenshot kamu, langsung aja kamu buka Photoshop nya. Buka folder direktori Screenshot kamu, biasanya ada di Document -> Grand Theft Auto San Andreas User Files -> SAMP -> Screens. Masukan Screenshot kamu ke photoshop dengan cara ngedrag, atau di klik lama dan di letak kan di Photoshop. Setelah itu pilih Lalu tulis di kolom size Setelah itu Crop gambar kalian, dengan cara di Drag dari atas ke bawah. Pencet ENTER, wah keren sekali sudah jadi. Tapi mana chatlognya pak? Nah, untuk chatlog kamu langsung ke tempat yang sama tadi Document -> Grand Theft Auto San Andreas User Files -> SAMP terus ada file berupa Notepad dengan nama Chatlog. Kamu klik dan isinya akan kaya gini Itu semuanya kamu Copas dan langsung menuju ke Chatlog Magician. Hah? apa tuh Chatlog Magician? jadi kan di chatlog kamu terdapat waktu waktu tuh disebelah kirinya, pasti kamu capek satu satu ngapusin nya bukan? nah di website tersebut otomatis bakal ke cut dan lu gaperlu capek capek ngapusin waktu di depan chat lo. Langsung yang dibawahnya tuh, tulisan berkotak hitam kamu copas dan langsung balik lagi ke Photoshop. Pilih menu ini Samakan option option mu dengan punya gua : FONT : Arial Rounder MT Bold FONT SIZE : 3,5 pt Setelah itu klik asal di gambar, dan kopas hasil chatlog kamu! Setelah itu, pasti di RP kamu ada /me nya kan, tapi itu kok tetep putih pak? ah tolol lu gimana sih. Selow dong, caranya kamu block /me kamu dan kamu ganti warna nya di atas dengan warna ungu kaya gini Jadinya kaya gini Udah nyaris selesai nih! Lalu kamu ke ( STROKE SIZE = 1 ) WALAAA SUDAH JADIII, langsung CTRL + SHIFT + S, save ke tempat kamu nyimpen foto dengan format JPEG. FINAL RESULT : Ganteng bukan? kalo screenshot kamu kaya gini, gua jamin faction lu bakal keliatan keren bekenn uhuhuy. Kamu memerlukan bantuan? aw, kamu kesusahan? ada yang ingin ditanya? langsung aja komen dibawah. Credits : Zili/Outlawzsdasd
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    Hallo semuanya, gua bakalan membagikan tutorial nih, buat yang belum tau cara memodifikasih mappingan kalian agar mappingan lebih bagus dan enak dilihat note: mungkin guide kali ini lumayan ribet, tapi gua akan buat simpel, se simpel simpelnya agar mudah dipahami. Langsung aja simak tutorialnya dibawah ini Aplikasi yang diperlukan : 1. Map Construction ( Download ) 2. Server SA-MP Original ( Download ) 3. Pawno (Udah tertera di Server SA-MP Original) Cara membuat : 1. Baiklah, pertama, kalian install aplikasi Map construction 2. Buka aplikasi Map construction 3. Cari lokasi, lalu kalian mulai mapping 4. Mencoba untuk mengubah texture 5. Mencari Texture Untuk Di Modif 6. Extract SA-MP Server 7.Mulai Memodifikasi Mapping 8. Selamat, untuk mengurus setobjectmaterial sudah selesai. Sekarang kita akan mencoba untuk menambahkan text didalam object tersebut 9. Percobaan Bruakaka, Itu hanya sebagai contoh yang dibuat asal asalan. Kalo mau coba sendiri yang lebih bagus silahkan. Terimakasih, Semoga dapat membantu
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    Tinggal di re-place di GTA kamu gan. Ini akun forum yg ke -3
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