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    Persiapkan diri anda, sebentar lagi ajang pembukaan volunteer akan segera dibuka dalam waktu dekat...
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    < Previous Version 3.14.6 Current Version 3.14.7 Next Version > soon(tm) Developer's Notes: Kali ini update besarnya adalah mengubah semua route bus dan juga penambahan route bus baru. Selain itu kita telah memperbarui command '/findtree' agar menapilkan pohon yang siap ditebang. Untuk SAPD, kita telah menyediakan command '/searchhouse' dan '/searchflat' untuk mengeledah barang illegal yang disimpan di dalam rumah dan flat. Mulai sekarang player yang ingin berpartisipasi dalam perlelangan bisnis harus membayar $5,000 saat '/auction join'. Changelog: 1. [ADD] Command '/searchhouse' and '/searchflat' for SAPD to search house/flat for stored items ; 2. [ADD] Alternative radio for SAPD and SAFD using '/ar' and '/setar [1-10]' ; 3. [CHANGE] Changed all bus route for Bus Driver sidejob, added 1 new bus route to Angel Pine ; 4. [CHANGE] You need to pay entrance fee to join a business auction ; 5. [CHANGE] Command '/findtree' only shows nearby available tree ; 6. [CHANGE] Command '/missions' now requires valid Heavy Truck License ; Fully Anticipated Questions: (F.A.Q) Q: Apakah ini artinya SAPD bisa memeriksa isi rumah dan flat kita ? [No 1] A: Iya betul sekali, mereka juga bisa menyita barang illegal yang di dapat dari dalam rumah/flat A: Command ini sementara hanya bisa digunakan rank tinggi untuk mengurangi abuse Q: Apa yang berubah dari route bus ini ? [No 3] A: Perubahan besarnya adalah semua route bus yang ada di server telah diperbarui A: Route A dan B hanya bisa dimulai dengan kendaraaan Coach di Downtown Bus Terminal A: Route C dan D hanya bisa dimulai dengan kendaraaan Bus di Unity Bus Terminal A: Gaji, delay, dan maksimal lap akan disesuaikan sesuai feedback yang ada Q: Ini jadinya kalo kita mau ikut lelang harus bayar uang masuk gitu ? [No 4] A: Tidak, ini hanya berlaku untuk perlelangan bisnis, untuk perlelangan rumah, flat, dan garasi itu tidak ada biaya masuk Q: Apa perbedaan command '/findtree' yang baru dengan yang lama? [No 5] A: Yang baru hanya menampilkan pohon terdekat yang siap untuk dipotong Q: Jadi kalo mau hauling butuh lisensi truck heavy ? [No 6] A: Betul sekali, jika tidak punya atau sudah expired harus buat baru atau perpanjang Footnote: Jika ada sesuatu dari update ini yang masih belum jelas, anda bisa bertanya langsung di thread ini dengan cara mereply
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    Ketika lagi stress ngurus update trus dapet PM seperti ini:
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    Added some HISTORY which tells of the mere entertainment that the Bryant Brotherhood has on Instagram social media. Follow us; @trippinlyrics_
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    Once Lacra, Remains Lacra (A Journal written by Ale) As instructed by El-Milo, I did his command, which was to make a graffiti bearing the attributes of Lacra. Today I just got out of prison. My heart is broken, I am tired, irritated and want to vent my anger. I used to vent my anger by painting, making murals or other works. Because that's my hobby. So today I do it all so I feel calm and my job is complete. That night, I just started a little bit and adapted to the Concept. I intend to continue tomorrow, monty happened to come and willing to help me. The next day, 9 am. I arrived at the location first, I prepared all the equipment to be used. Surely all of this I got from the money that was given by El-Milo. I was in awe of him, among the seniors at Lacra. El-Milo is the one I admire the most because he is friendly and dignified. Then I hurried to call Monty, but I was a little annoyed because he played a little game. I don't wanna have anything to do with the police anymore. I was a little relieved when Monty came, immediately my anger disappeared when Monty came. But .. I got annoyed again because he ate my tacos. What a bitch Monty. That day I was very serious about my job. Monty is always by my side. Even though he is my boss, he treats me like a brother. This is what makes me feel at home and want to be around them. With Lacra. 8 hours passed, finally we almost finished it. Everything went smoothly without any interruption. Monty is always watching me from afar with old friends and my first love Ariela Cassandra. I was a little embarrassed when Ariela saw me making this graffiti. Is this what is called love? Ahahaha. Another case with monty, he looks busy and restless. Many times he went back and forth to the paint shop to buy me paint. Poor Monty. At the end of the work, Monty wanted to take part. He wants to do the things he always liked, yeah .. Vandalism. I let him do it because I'm very tired. I rested and ate with Ariela, I was happy because I was treated by her. When monty came back it was finished and I was surprised because he had cleaned up all my equipment. Monty is indeed Monty. Finally, this long day is over. I was very happy because all my anger was gone, all replaced with happiness. I'm proud of myself, proud of my extended family "Lacra Del Puentes". I can't wait to see El-Milo's reaction. I can't wait to hear what he says about my work. Once again I thank Monty. He is always there to help me. I am very proud to be part of this little family, I hope I can continue with them to live the hardships of Los Santos life. May all of them be given safety wherever they are. Once Lacra, Remains Lacra! Signed, Aleandro Monseratte a.k.a. Lea a.k.a Ale ! 9/25/2020
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    Update 3.14.7u1: Pemakaian route bus harusnya dibuat lebih merata jadi 4 bus tidak bisa dipakai hanya untuk route D saja, harus dipakai 2 untuk route C dan 2 untuk route D. Delay bus untuk route bus A/B telah diubah menjadi 15 menit / lap dan route bus C/D menjadi 25 menit / lap. Kendaraan static SAPD ( Central & East ) dan SAFD ( ASGH ) telah dipindahkan ke dalam parking garage untuk mengurangi lag. Saat login, jika kendaraan kamu ada di dalam Hot Parking Zone, kendaraan tersebut akan despawn langsung tidak harus tunggu 10 menit. FIX: Command '/mv > Unstuck' sekarang harusnya menteleport mobil. FIX: Suara Music berhasil impound harusnya berhenti setelah 7 detik.
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    Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e Kayou Sinopsis: Information: Trailer: Komentar Pribadi: Credit: MyAnimeList.com
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    a small update to our roleplay media rules, Giving your media to the others to post is considering a spam. A roleplay media is now required at least two person in the scheme, a solo / individual roleplay is now considered as junk. This is our new regulation to check your activities, and to prevent your thread from any junks. dipersilahkan yang mau solo rp untuk buat thread sendiri dibagian, https://jogjagamers.org/forum/23-picture-and-video/
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    Baiklah, karena beberapa teman-teman sering banget minta mod yang saya gunakan, maka dari itu saya buat thread nya, namun ini bukan thread final ya, akan di update seiring saya ada waktu luang. Untuk sekarang saya cuman memperlihatkankan beberapa mod yang saya gunakan. Mod yang saya lampirkan kan BUKANLAH MILIK SAYA, namun saya cari sendiri alias milik orang lain, credit nya akan saya lampirkan atau nanti tertera di link youtube nya. Ped.IFP Ped.ifp by Dizz Nicca/ Pub Juice LQ Skin by Dizz Nicca / PUB Juice Beberapa dulu, nantinya akan saya tambahkan, dan satu hal, beberapa mod yang saya gunakan tidak boleh di publish oleh pemiliknya karena suatu hal, seperti sound mod nya, karena di dapatkan dari suatu website, mohon maaf. Sekian dari saya, jika ada yang mau di tanyakan, langsung aja di kolom komentar, tapi GABOLEH SPAM ya, di baca baik baik.
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    HEADQUARTERS CITY OF LOS SANTOS * 225 DOWNTOWN STREET COR. DOWNTOWN AVENUE * LOS SANTOS SA 55164 GENERAL INFORMATION FULL NAME: Nick Harbert Roosevelt, M.D., Ph.D.NICKNAME: Nick / Nicky / Roose.PLACE OF BIRTH: San Francisco, California, United States of America.DATE OF BIRTH: 26 June, 1996.AGE: 24 years old.RACE: Kaukasoid.EMAIL: [email protected] NUMBER: 5-5-7-9.BLOOD TYPE: O.HAIR COLOR: Brown.RELIGION: CatholicHEIGHT: 183 centimeter.WEIGHT: 85 kilograms CURRENT ADRESS: 501st Main Street, Palomino Creeks, San Andreas.RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married with Anna McCartneyEDUCATIONAL BACKROUND: University of San FranciscoHOBBY: Fitness, sport, travelling, technology, and automotive.JOB: Doctor & Instagram Influencer. EDUCATIONAL BACKROUND Sunset Elementary School, San Francisco Portola Junior High School, San Francisco Mission Senior High School, San Francisco Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from San Francisco University Doctor of Philosopy (Ph.D.) from Harvard University EMPLOYEMENT INFORMATION San Andreas Fire Department:District: Montgomery Hospital (MH)Internal Sector:➤ Hospital Staff➤ Non Commisioned Staff➤ Former of Healthcare Insurance StaffRank: FellowBadge number: 23382Date Joined 28 May, 2020 Bureau of Support Services: Junior Recruiter of Recruitment Division Retired Psychologist of Psychology Division Retired Service Staff of Healthcare Insurance Division Retired Second Officer of Fire Support Division
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    Battle of the Gallagher (A Journal written by Loco) That afternoon, I met these boys, hurting badly. I don't know them, but they seems to know us. A man, dragged his comrade toward us, brutally wounded (Jayceon Coleman and Joseph Blakey). I helped him carried his friend on my car, hoping that my brothers in the barrio could've saved his life. His legs were torn apart by the bullets of AKM-47, in seek of El Milo's help I carried him safely back to the barrio. El Milo and me, we carried this poor soul to the emergency room in Al Saint General Hospital, Los Santos. The surgeon were covered in blood, we all were. We both waited in front of the room, hoping the Gods would've mercy on Joseph. El Milo were getting worried that day by day, us Lacra Del Puentes gains more and more rival in the southern park of Los Santos. But i've must make him sure that none of his soldados will leave his side and would fight till the end for our home. We all agrees that this taxi's company deserves to be punished so we gave them warning on their turf. El tagged their logo's off to mocks how shameful their act was. And I was fucking furious for them shooting our brother down. By the barrio, El Gale declared a war on Gallagher's family, we all were gathered, all of us inside of our store. Know that tonight might be the last time we'll share time together to fight as a family. Everyone were there, filled with angers and betrayals that Gallagher family caused. Supporting Jayceon's friend, we all planned to raid those taxis driver off their turf. Jayceon brought more of his men from his hood too, it seems that Dre was their leader, known El Milo long enough to trust us to work with them. All of our men are enough to kick Gallagher out of his nest and bring him down. Seems that the Gallagher came after us first acknowledging our warning on their turf, they came in anger too, fully armed while we were not ready to face them as we were collecting men. But however, Lacra hermanos won't back down an inch, we'll fight with whatever we have. So they shot us, we shot back. However i was unlucky that night, a bullet flew to my body, took me down. I don't even know who it was my vision was taken, i couldn't breath properly. I guess, the journey would end here. Signed, Fernando Iglesias / Loco La Puta Ama! 9/23/2020
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    House of Foundation : Foundation Night Race Rally
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    Paramont Beach Club adalah sebuah bisnis Stripclub dan Bar terletak di Santa Maria Beach yang di miliki oleh Klubmotor Silence of Berserkers. MENU (( Ini RP tentang bisnis Stripclub dan Bar dari fraksi Silence of Berserkers Motorcycle Club, Activity via Screenshoot )) Location:
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    DIJUAL, RUMAH 1 GARASI DI JEFFERSON Type: Rumah 1 Garasi Address: 401st Bellview Street Location: Jefferson (Lebih tepatnya disebelah gereja) Price: $150.000 Nego CP: 1-0-3-0 / (Via PM forum) Owner: Jason Lawrence PICTURE (luar): PICTURE(dalam):
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    Hallo teman teman semua! Disini saya akan berbagi rejeki tiap minggunya di server discord. Ada sejumlah uang dan beberapa kendaraan lainnya! So stay on di discord ini ! mana tau rejeki tidak akan kemana ya! Link : https://discord.gg/3EWpMng ( Cuman di reaction aja buat yang mau bergabung giveaway nya. )
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    Halo semuanya!!!! Pada thread ini saya akan membagikan video-video saya yang saya upload ke Youtube. Saya ingin menghidupkan channel lama saya ini yang dulunya sempat mati. Dimohon support dari kawan-kawan sekalian dengan like dan subscribe channel saya. Jika mungkin kalian ingin mabar atau kolaborasi bersama bisa PM forum saya. Terima kasih https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfy3eAm1ZuUQaCLw-6HKZg
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    thread ini saya lock untuk sementara sampai ada kesadaran diri akan rules tentang sharing ss roleplay.
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    Cuma tukang taksi kenapa sih di rusuhin
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    Hallo semuanya!!. Disini gua membuat thread buat youtube gua. Yoitube gua berisi Gaming. Dan nanti akan gua buat video Tutorial. Jadi kalian stay si youtube gua ya. Hehe.. oke langsung aja Channel link: AbdulReja (Like dan Subscribe ya) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Video Terbaru: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Video Lainnya : Tutorial Video JGRP Video Video Lainnya (Klik) Note: Jika kalian mempunyai saran ataupun kritik pada channel saya, langsung saja beritau saya lewat comment. @Copyright Exomarchers
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    Hallo gaissss, channel akun baru nihh jangan lupa di Subscribe ya!! Konten untuk hiburan semata aja kok. Nanti bakal ada upload video yang menarik lainya! - Salam hangat Jogjagamers Roleplay - Next upload besok ya gais
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    u said we will get the result in a week, it's been past two weeks now where's the result at sir @richkravhenkoz?
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    Crystals Garden, Los Santos, San Andreas, 2019. Idlewood Disciples Nation is a black teenage gangster from Chichago, Illinois, California. They were founded in 1998 precisely in Chichago Illinois or commonly referred to as Chi-raq with another name as Dirty Brick Nation. Dirty Brick Nation itself is led by Clovis "Little Barry" Barrymore, but since the incident several years ago Barry was arrested by the Chichago police on a serial murder charge and sentenced to death. Since the death of Barry Dirty Brick Nation was getting worse and no one can replace Barry's position, one of the shotcallers of Dirty Brick Nation was again targeted by the Chichago police on charges of attempted murder, but that did not make him in prison. Norman "Rockie" Brock, known as the fugitive fugitive in Chichago, staged a robbery at a small bank in the corner of Illinois city of Chichago. Thanks to the action he earned a lot of money and managed to escape from the police pursuit, he also immediately fled to San Andreas, Los Santos. In Los Santos he hid his identity for a while and resides in Idlewood at the home of one of his friends, Gishanie Gray. Two years after the incident he re-established himself in the city of Los Santos, where he met many people who were like him. Gray, who was also a former member of Dirty Brick Nation, suggested to Rockie to re-establish a juvenile crime group in the city of Los Santos. With the support of a number of like-minded friends, Rockie went back to establishing a street criminal group called Idlewood Disciples Nation. A few months since the Idlewood Disciples Nation was established, their names have risen directly to the top because their criminality has reached the top five in the city of Los Santos. Ken-block, Los Santos, San Andreas, January 2020. Day after day has passed, the development of illegal business in the city of Los Santos also boomed. Norman Brock and his friends who went through the business without any strong competition succeeded in making millions of dollars from the illegal goods they sold. Big Nesto also always sends Narcotics and firearms to Norman if he needs the goods to be sold, sometimes Big Nesto has a little problem when shipping to the city of Los Santos from Colombia. A year passed, Norman and friends stepped on the entertainment business which was none other than Rap music. Norman started the business with a man named Jaquan "JQ" Brown who was none other than his own cousin, they managed to produce several songs that were quite hits among the genre. Naz who knew that Norman's business was running smoothly and he was immediately interested in entering into their business, with some experience that Naz had, he also managed to produce several songs and one of his songs won a Platinum record. A few months after they went into the business, they finally established a name for their group, C.R.E.A.M, the ebK Team with the addition of two affiliates from the Pooh Bear Gang, Irvin "$ hmoney Bin Laden" Barrymore and Diondre "Diong Kingz" Cedric. The five of them succeeded in releasing a diss song with full of highly disrespected words addressed to Willowfield Gangster. Some people claim that there are lyrics from Naz which aim to insult Asians, even Brimville Gangster Bloods does not accept that he thinks Naz made the lyrics with the aim of insulting them, and rumors spread ... Kenblock and Brimville's previously good relationship - just fine in an instant immediately collapsed, they were involved in checks and street fights. On the day of making the video clip of the song, Brock and all of his members gathered in front of Crystals Garden, in the midst of the video recording of the kilp, a Cadillac car containing several Asians with firearms directly fired at Brock and his friends so it made a mistake one of Brock's friends was shot by several bullets in his chest which was none other than Ibraheem "Deezy" Clinton. They immediately stopped making the video clip and immediately took Ibraheem to the hospital, but unlucky, when the journey also lost his life and died at the age of 20 years. Brock who did not accept the treatment of the Asian people immediately thought that it was an act of Brimville Gangsters who were predominantly Asian, three days after the incident Brock and his troops immediately carried out a firearm attack on Brimville, they succeeded in bringing down several Brimville members with firearms that they have. Ibraheem who previously held the Shotcaller position at Idlewood Gangster Disciples Nation was replaced by Keith Lamb and Jesus Lamb, many contributions were given by Ibraheem during his lifetime, Brock and his friends always mentioned the name of Ibraheem in every-song he released that was none other than "Deezy". Keith is known as Ibraheem cousin has made a killer-group that many of their family members who called themselves as Deezy Gang Crazy, the name got from the middle name of Ibraheem. They gave the name with the aim to remember the services of Ibraheem during his lifetime to Kenblock, until now their group was called as a murder-group that only contains a few black teenager who banging with Kenblock Gangster Disciples. Pasadena High School, Los Santos, San Andreas, September 2020. Kenblock, also known as Kenoworld, is one part of the Idlewood Disciples Nation that has remained since the raid several months ago in Idlewood by the police. Kenblock addressed Kent "EBK Keno" Bentley because during his lifetime he had contributed to Idlewood Gangster Disciples, so some of the students who attend Pasadena Highschool consider themselves members of the Kenblock Disciples Nation. There had been some disagreements between some of the students because of their gang names, formerly students who were tied to the Idlewood Disciples Nation were considered members of the Pasadena SouthLAnd Crew chaired by Seco Sainz. Seco was the first person of a different race to join Idlewood Disciples Nation because he was very close to Norman "Rookie" Brock, a few years ago Norman entrusted Pasadena to Seco and he expanded the Idlewood Disciples Nation by forming a school gangster group at Pasadena High. School. But after Seco graduated and after Idlewood was raided by the police, Pasadena members became disorganized. Some of them chose to quit school and disappeared from the Pasadena neighborhood for fear of being caught by the police because they knew that Norman Brock and half of the members of the Idlewood Disciples Nation had been caught and sentenced to death, but a few months ago there were some students who considered themselves they are regenerated from Pasadena and Kenblock. At first Pasadena and Kenblock were one side of the same thing, but due to a dispute over the names of the new generation they were involved in teenage fights but did not cause a shootout due to several new regulations that could be said to be strict, namely checking bags when entering the school environment so they were afraid to bring weapons to school. As the days passed, Irvin and Jahmire Barksdale were none other than the 15 year old cousin of Norman Brock. They attend school in Pasadena and they are also known to be quite violent in their school environment so that no one dares to disturb them both at school, they trade drugs in the school environment or can be called class to class. It's been a long time since they did this and they also get a lot of support from their friends at school, Jahmire who still thinks that he is the only person who can replace Norman's position, he continues to talk about the new generation movement in Idlewood to his friends and he intends to create a youth gang group in the Idlewood area as it was Idlewood which was controlled by Norman. A few days after the conversation, Irvin approached Jahmire at the back of the school where Jahmire and his friends hang out, Irvin asked Jahmire's seriousness about what he was talking about and Jahmire answered all of them and Irvin agreed to join Jahmire for the new Idlewood movement. Five months passed so quickly, Jahmire and Irvin have succeeded in mastering Idlewood and Pasadena High School, they are scattered in every corner of Idlewood and Pasadena High School. (( Story akan diupdate seiring berjalannya roleplay kami )) Fraksi ini adalah fraksi gangster jalanan remaja kulit hitam yang berbasis dari Gangster Diciples, semua player Jogjagamers berhak melakukan roleplay bersama kami dengan ketentuan server yang berlaku. Dilarang melakukan kontak secara OOC (Out Of Character) jika anda ingin bergabung bersama kami. MODDING MEDIA Frequently Asked Questions Q: Ini sebenernya faction apa ? A: African-American gangster. Q: Apakah ras harus African-American ataupun America Samoa? A: Iya, terkecuali kamu yang ada kontak RP tertentu dengan salah satu highrank sebelum fraksi ini dibuat. Q: Saya tidak bisa bahasa inggris nih gimana dong? A: Silahkan bertanya jika anda tidak mengetahui apa yang dimaksud, pasti dijawab kok, jangan sungkan untuk selalu bertanya. Q: Tempat ngumpulnya dimana biasa? A: Cari kami saja secara IC. Q: Umur berapa aja yang boleh gabung di faction ini kak? A: Untuk batasan umur karakter tidak ditentukan di faction ini, tetapi faction ini bermayoritas remaja belasan tahun dan beroleplay sebagai anak murid Pasadena High School. Critic and Suggestion Kita tentunya menerima segala saran yang ada, baik itu untuk kepentingan faction tersendiri atau member-member yang melakukan kesalahan baik itu fatal atau ringan, jangan takut untuk memberikan kritik dan saran kepada kami, justru kami akan sangat mengapresiasikan apa yang telah anda berikan kepada kami. Jika ada Kritik atau Saran yang ingin diberikan silahkan hubungi @Vanice @glocky @BATMAN @CyberMRW @dispenser @masaretard @Monkeydonkey. CREDITS: - @Sinatrio - @Vanice
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    (( This thread contains of Vincente's and Miguel's Character Development while on duty or off duty as Police Officer. )) ((Guide Section))
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    In-Game Name: Lucas_Starbuck Type of request: /myduty Description: Baik, selamat pagi / siang / sore / malam para HC, Sebelumnya ini adalah sebuah ide yang ketika saya sedang diskusi dengan beberapa teman saya dari SAPD maupun SAFD. Disini maksud dan tujuan dari saya merequest command '/myduty' ini adalah karena ada beberapa orang dari SAPD ataupun SAFD yang kadang itu tidak bisa melihat jam duty factionnya karena ketimpah sama player yang aktif dan duty dalam satu minggu bisa sampai 900++ jadi yang dutynya dibawah dari menit tersebut terkadang tidak bisa melihat jam duty terakhirnya itu berapa. Meskipun command ini tidak terlalu dibutuhkan untuk player dari faction tersebut yang aktif, mungkin bisa membantu untuk player yang sedang ada kendala untuk melihat jam dutynya. Atau mungkin solusi lainnya adalah pada saat /fc > Activity bisa ditambah slot scrollingnya agar bisa melihat jam dutynya sampai ke yang paling bawah. Reason: Memudahkan player yang masuk faction yang mungkin tidak bisa aktif lama, bisa melihat jam duty terakhirnya.
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    subrek ya uwoeeeeeee yhahayuk
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    Tidak usah terlalu dihiraukan. Kalau memang dia seBR itu, kamu bisa report admin nomor HP ini mixing ((kalau saya)). Setau saya, admin bisa tahu pemilik nomor itu siapa, sehingga bisa di kick/warn. Kalau memang dia ga BR parah banget, gausah terlalu di hiraukan (Mungkin new player, dan tidak tau rules mixing).
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    ((Thread ini hanya berisikan majalah online yg dibuat oleh faction UFR, anggap saja thread ini suatu website di internet mempost tentang artikel otomotif yg dijalankan oleh UFR))
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    Introduction to: Loco The Official Cholo Harap di Klik Spoiler Spoilernya Character Development: Mugshots: Special thanks to: Gilang, Udin Akbar, Bang Zuqal, Bang Luis, Bang Ajes, Bang Igo, Bang Sanco, Bang Ado, Bang Trisna, Bang Alvaro, Bang Zane, Ale, Agung dan semua kawan2 Lacra. Fernando Iglesias Marks In Puto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Gw sih agree, solo RP tuh banyak yang gak masuk akal di faction. RP kagak ada hubungan nya sama faction tsb sama sekali. Makanya gue banyak banyakin media di picture and video. biar rame juga disana ngasih orang media rp, Bahkan beberapa thread bukan thread yang notaben nya ngarah buat solo rp atau development karakter sendiri. Tapi iye... RP yang gak ada hubunganya sama faction sama sekali, Lebih baik gausah di post di thread faction. Example, Sarco punya bengkel. Ada orang yang rpin di bengkel sarco, totally not a member, nothing. Cuma outsider (Hangouts) yang nongkrong dan nyoba rp sama sarko, Jadinya apa? kagak ada hubunganya sama sekali sama faction kan? cuma bengkel. Lagian juga gak semua RP harus lo showoff di forum, Oke-oke gue ngerti orang yang bisa RP emang tujuanya kan showoff "Oh ini rpnya gini, oh ini bisa rp bla bla balb albalblabl" Tapi ini lebih seru dilanjut dibikin thread sih general discussion, Karna boundaries nya juga emang panjaaaaang banget buat dibahas sampe klimax wkwk.
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    bantu doa aja fish, dia abis kena php.
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    Added new forum rules for factions: Giving your media to the others to post is considering a spam. A roleplay media is now required at least two person in the scheme, a solo / individual roleplay is now considered as junk. This is our new regulation to check your activities, and to prevent your thread from any junks.
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    Hello, dear @silvia1 , i was trying to reach out over you via Private Message, unfortunately your messenger was full, please consider deleting messages inside your messenger. Thank you.
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    siappp lek tikooo! yoi selow ae sayang lets goo aw shit's on point
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    The Battle of JEFES 21th September of 2020 El Milo (Murillo Candelaria) took a huge dose on coccaine by the morning, his soldados were hanging right in front of the barrio un noticing what was happening with El Milo, continued their usual chit-chat. By mid day time El Milo were showing sign of being overdosed-high in front of his soldados, that he challanged his own JEFE partner El Gale (Orias Gallardo) on a fistfight. Losing to a fight, El Milo were still in high euphoria from the dosed of crystal that he smoked, gave him the adrenaline to pointed gun at his soldados and El Gale himself. Uncontrollable anger, loosen temper driven him outside of the barrio. His soldado spent almost an hour looking for their JEFE, El Milo was found in a balcony in El Corona. Under the euphoria of crystal meth, hallucination sets El Milo the hallucination of about being killed by their own men and a betrayal from his partner himself (El Gale). Coughing bloods, blurry visions, unable to express the right word made El Milo were a dangerous threat to his own men that he might shot their own men. Montana Mcquinna, Gerardo Alejandro, Me / Fernando Iglesias, Orias Gallardo, were having lots of difficulties on calming our own JEFE's down. Fernando Iglesias shot an idea to surprised tackled his own JEFE from back to prevent him to self-harm, or homicide his own men. El Milo were able to be conducted when Fernando Iglesias & Montana did a surprise tackle and choke hold him down. His energy were twice bigger than his normal due to the crystal's effect. El Milo were taken to his home to be settled down, led by Orias Gale. They talked their way out, put him on his bed, convince him that's he's being on drug and let him have his time to rest up to be sober. The problem were solved after he took a long nap and getting enough rest, while he was resting Montana and his hermanos took the responsibility of the barrio.
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