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20th Saints Boulevard Bloods

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(The resume of 20th Willowfield Bloods)





Willowfield was so crowded with the sirens sound of a bunch of cruisers which parked blocking Playa Corner. There were a bunch of the Gang and Narcotics Division from San Andreas Police Department with their black vest and some modern equipments. 5 black males that residency around that block was currently being moved by SAPD from their houses to the Police Cruiser. They were part of Bloods Gang, a gang that successfully and brutally increasing San Andreas' crime rate within 70 percent. A gang itself has known running Drug and Human Trafficking, and also Weapon Dealing. If people ask, where are they now? No one knows. Except a few of the members that has just escaped from a day of it.


- So, are they hiding?


CHAPTER I: Escaped to Irakwood


               The 20th Willowfield Bloods has successfully reached their glory around the middle of 2016, all of it started on Maria Jenny Wartson, and then Howard Eastwood also at the glory it belongs to Clifford Urrington also always known as Cross (cro$$ / OG Cross / Cliff). Following their glory, as far as they reach it, there is no hapiness coming without sadness (read: trouble). They had a few of enemies, whether it is about Turf Claim, Customers, or as a rival, Crip Gang. The Gang grown up fastly with their troubles on it.


               Time-to-the time had passed by them, it also makes them don't know what should they do over after the next of it. It would be like this for their outsider: A boy, hang out, became a drug dealer, caught by PD, arrested and repeat. They also always had internal problem from their highly respected and ranked member, or usually called as an OG. Cross always had some problems that become because different argument and opinion. Luckily, they never had a time to shoot each other.


               Something went wrong when they did not even know that San Andreas Police Department's Detective was currently aiming at them, searching for their database also making a Case File. On a night, maybe. They were robbing Ganton Bar when money was getting low and also they lost of stock. The robbery was started by Tyrese Clayton as a respected member on the scene, Tylaun Caldo, Thoni Addison and Darkeem Duncan. Sadly, Tyrese was careless, he did not notice an alarm that rings a couple of times. PD arrived on scene and there was a shot fired. But they caught before it ends. There was an interview between them, a few of organization charts have been leaked, except they did not tell Howard Eastwood and Clifford Urrington are their current leader, also PD was just asking from where they got that weapon.


               It is why, when Detective had successfully casing the file of Bloods Gang. They had known all of Bloods Charts, such as their OG, their connections, etcetera. On a night, when all of them was doing an activity as usual, some cruisers arrived with sirens and a Gang and Narcotics division arrived in a Van. Bloods Gang was taken down on that night, no resistance given by any Bloods member last night, except escaping. Rasheed Reed Oakley, known as Clifford Urrington's nephew leading its escape with Kenny Bream, also Arrent Westmass headed to Freddy Stacks' house at Idlewood. But all of them who stays at Playa Corner were taken down, wasted.


               Nowadays, day-by-day were passed by three of them. They stay at Freddy's house at Idlewood. They start a new life as a normal boy, they never hang out together. Rasheed usually visits his friend that located far from Idlewood to produce a song. Arrent has just stay at Freddy's house, playing poker, etcetera. Freddy usually sell a porn DVD in front of Idlestacks. Sometimes, they remember they were a part of Bloods Gang, they remember how are their friends now. Once upon a time, Darkeem Duncan as a former of Bloods Gang came to Freddy's house. They were talking about something that could give them benefit easily. Yes, selling some drugs. It is now started and let's see how far is it going.







               Month by month passed, Kenny "Bush" Bream as the current leader still leading 20th Saints Boulevard Bloods members into their ways. He has recruited so many members around, he teached them how to sell drugs, how to respect each other and much more. Some of 20th Willowfield Bloods members moved to Iraqwood. 20th Saints Boulevard Bloods had some connection about drugs but it is not about gun, they did not play with gun yet, that's under Kenny "Bush" Bream rules to unallow his members strapped, he tried to avoid a gun fight with other groups around the town.


               Kenny "Bush" Bream along with Rasheed Oakley were leading the group pretty well until one day Rasheed Okaley known as Reed was gone, no ones know                where is he, it made Bush lead the group alone. He started an alliance with some groups around the town pretty well but there is a gang who rejected the alliance request, that's 20th Willowfield Bloods' last enemy, one day the group attacked Iraqwood, no ones know what the reason is. They attacked Idlewood everyday and the dangerous one is, they used guns to did that. The attacks ate so many victims were known as 20th Saints Boulevard Bloods' current gang members, the members were still young, it's like around 14s. But until now, 20th Saints Boulevard Bloods still stand around Iraqwood.


               One day a shocking message from Bush just received, he left the town. No ones know the reason unless a boy who got that text from Bush, he's Kent Nowlin known as Snap and he is Bush's trusted man, his secrets about why left the town is on Snap but until now Snap did not share the reason, it's under Bush's command. But, the most shocking text from Bush to Snap is "Snap, lead the group for me, I might be back later,"


               Snap as the new leader of 20th Saints Boulevard Bloods? The members' unanswered question. Snap has changed some rules, it's including with gun rule.




CHAPTER III: What's going on?



               A year standing around Iraqwood, 20th Saints Boulevard Bloods is getting bigger and bigger, it's shown from its member, they become more and more. That's a one of Kent "Snap" Nowlin and Darkeem "Dog" Duncan jobs, they're succeed handled the gang without Kenny "Bush" Bream and Rasheed "Reed" Oakley help. The gang is now fullfilled by youngins who lived around Iraqwood, a place where they hang on.


               Snap and Dog's jobs were shown from how they made an alliance with a gang named as South Side Aztecas 13, how they control their town, how they did some payback at their enemies, how they taught their youngin and anything they done this year. Some of 20th Saints Boulevard Bloods' members are being success which that they were still students, they're like around 13-15, they been success from selling drugs around their school, offering their friends about something new and made them to be interested. The youngins have been taught by Snap and Dog how to done with that all.


               Once upon a time, the gang had an internal accident, they new leader, Snap has shot one of his members and also ducked the 'legend' OG. It made he to be stay in prison for months. Now only Dog who controlled the gang, no ones helped him but as you know, he is cool with it. Dog did his thing like before, he recruited new members without Snap's help, he did that alone, how cool is he?


               Weeks after the accident been passed, the lost one was back, yes, he is Kenny "Bush" Bream, no ones thought about he will back. The old members were shocked with Bush's back, they asked each other where has he been? And no one knows the answer. Dog is still leading the gang but now Bush is back, so he helped with him. Dog told anything to Bush about the new rules, new members, new enemies and also about why Snap has shot his member.


               The gang is now leaded by Darkeem "Dog" Duncan, Kenny "Bush" Bream and also the prisoned leader, Kent "Snap" Nowlin. Nothing has been changed unless the hang on place and also the leaders added some names on the streets.






It is the resume of 20th Willowfield Bloods who had successfully reached Official title in the middle of 2016. Nowadays, we are going to rebuild this faction back. Past members are invited to join this faction! Our goal is to learn how to improve our character as a part of an illegal organization, increase our roleplay skills, and also teach each others. Otherwise, we are aiming Official Title!




○ Ikuti semua rules yang berpengaruh saat kalian bermain, antara forum maupun in-game

○ Saling hormati satu sama lain. Respect is a must

○ Improve-lah karakter kalian se-kreatif mungkin!

○ Kami tidak menerima faction jumper

○ Dengan bergabung di faction ini anda menyetujui persetujuan CK di masa depan

○ Untuk mendapatkan izin mem-posting screenies kalian yaitu dengan cara me-PM forum @Hreesang dengan screenshot kalian yang sudah diedit

○ Kita menggunakan LINE untuk berkomunikasi

○ Faction ini ber-RAS kulit hitam

○ Kami tidak membatasi umur dari karakter kalian, itu sesuai bagaimana kalian membangun (men-develop) karakter kalian

○ Gunakan bahasa yang baik dan benar















For those members who has joined and helped us to reach Official Title, thank you!



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Inspiratif sekali.

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Bruised in the right eye


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