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187th Ryder Blocc'


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Ryder Blocc 1826 (which under Crips banner) are one of the largest and most violent associations of street gangs in the United States, with an estimated 30,000 to 35,000 members. The gang is known to be involved in murders, robberies, and drug dealing, among many other criminal pursuits. The gang is known for its gang members' use of the color blue in their clothing. However this practice has waned due to police crackdowns on gang members.








The Interview


In the start,we just a “group” of niggas selling dope and stuff,but you know what,that make us more knowed around Los Santos and gain more costumer. Since we get famous on Los Santos because sellin’ dopes ect, many people likes to come and be our loyal customer or just chill’ out and talkin’ about something. You know, its just a bunch of young niggas sellin dopes and stuff, and got a big dream to reach the top. Ryder Pollard “ KUSH “


We tryin’ to be the best,we come from the zero. We started the business since we High School,untill now its getting bigger and bigger after years. Its such a big deal for us,because its our main incomes. But,we got another incomes from Killin’,robbin’, taking some tax, and something. Arthur Banks “Lil B”


I'm a man who came from Africa, I'm African-American. Everybody offense us, started the business with "Lil B", years after years, we hope to be better. Amen! - Joey "LoW" Hardner.






New Era


Its getting bigger and bigger everyday,since they start their business by they two. They start named they self,Ryder Block. Because,Arthur is also known as B from the East. he lived on Jeffreson backdays,and he is crippin'. So,they decided to make Ryder Block under crips banner.


The Problem Started


As you know,they expand their business everyday. Thats mean,they sell more often,untill their stock is low. From now,their shop are stopped for a while. they going to take another route to have incomes. We started buying from other seller,robbing them,get their stuff,then run. Thats the shortcut how the Ryder Blocc againts the stock crysis.


Other East?!


On the middle of the crysis,they found themself a new problem. Arthur Banks is living on Jeffreson back then,he already know whats going on around there. He usually hang out on Feltown,he already know the people around there. A month ago,Arthur is move out from Jeffreson and live on Iddlewood Apartement. But,the Feltown that Arthur know is also known as another seller. They have bigger connection than the Ryder Block. The Feltown also keep vandalism-ing our teritory,killing Arthur's friend,robbing etc. Thats make Arthur got no salute no more at Feltown,Arthur just know that Feltown is now his enemy.


Brownies On Idlewood.


Its like good day to have deep converstation,then somebody come up to the hood and tellin' about the brownies around Idlegas. The man telling that the Mexican is stealing their customers,that make Kush and Maliq get mad and wanted to give the brownies some lesson. Its happend,they havin' brawl each other and Maliq get beated so hard,the rest of mexican is beated up,all of them is down.


Whats up now,Partner?


A month later,Crips decided to have an alliance with 626. they also known as the biggest gang on Los Santos right now,they now work againts the asian,and also the brownies.


Crip In Peace

Lil B, Oakboy & Double U was died killed by O.G Kush, "Because something make their lives gone, got no respect, never hang out togheter, snitchin' our gang, three of 'em was changed when East reach their lives" - O.G Kush

Become to real G

Imma crippin', crippin cuz' crippin, yall trippin foo! - DDD

DDD known as Jeff Derrickson was ragged to O.G by O.G Kush , coz he is mature controlly about his attitude much respect no more doubt, he was save Crip gang from Five-O when they were robbed the liquor at Market, DDD shot their ass untill the ammo empty.


Welcome Back O.G Kush!

One month has passed O.G Kush never coming back to Los Santos, He was going back over California Compton due to business

With Santana Blocc Crip Avenue. O.G Kush have a good plan for beind a king around Los Santos

Before he coming back toward Los Santos, he was take some part of straps stuff for selling it around their block it's called "Idlewood"

And now he coming back for bringing a peace like a beach.

If you crip, throw it up.

Now Ryder Block is back with a lot of soldier and outsider but in sudden, Dylan as "DY" crib was getting rammed by SWAT

and Dylan didn't say anything but his gun saying something.




Almighty Ryder is back

Now Ryder Block is back with a lot of soldier and outsider on their shoulder.

OG Kush says; "It ain't enouff homey, let's blast them pussy."














-This is african-american gangster.

-Follow server rules.

-Respect each other.

-Join us mean we allowed to CK you.

-Asslicker, faction jumper is unacceptable here.

-If you want to join, make sure the character you use is main character.







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