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    goodluck buat sasukeeeeeeeee!!!
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    Giving you an early 2000's - 2010's Indonesia's independent music. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1LkgMws0U34lIn54hQbwBz?si=xVNn58A8RMWfsxNPPEtMHg
  3. Nama IRL: Samid Nama IG: Samid_Wicaksono Umur: 18+ No Whatsap: 085692738957
  4. yaelah yak, masih aje kek begini idup lu
  5. pake sobeit aja bro, gapapa kok. nanti bisa kepake night sama thermal visionnya
  6. nah gitu dong brader, apus aja itu samp
  7. Character Name: Javier Jefferson Story: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Javier Jefferson Beginning. Javier Jefferson, every person that knows him are always call Javie (without "r" on it). Javie born in Turin, Italy '75. His childhood life to a school life is really usual as any kids other. When he was stepping his feet in a senior high school circa 90's, right in Turin. He wants to go to another state cuz of its experience, he is a hard work and has a nature discipline from his father. Of course he has it because of his father is a cop in Italy. Getting through in Italy, reaching his dream for something that he doesn't know, he decides to moved out from Italy to Los Santos, San Andreas. 'Coz of his courage, he dared to make tough decisions. By a consent of his parents so he flying to Los Santos circa 00's. Living by himself, living with an Italian accent but surely he knows all about English that most of Los Santos's people often speak. Time by the time he fixes his accent to get a good and excellent accent, so he can get through it. After 2 years stay in Los Santos, now he takes a Master of Law in Los Santos University. Los Santos. Los Santos, a great city but not as always great like they said. Robbery, Multi-Races, Racism, etc adorned Los Santos. Javie knows about everything, Javie knows about what's going on about Los Santos. Sometime peace, sometime ruined, sometime evil. That's the reason why did Javie can get through everything that happens in Los Santos. First of all, Javie is renting an apartment near Las Colinas, it named Jefferson Motel. Yes, he chooses that motel because of that name reminds him about his father because of "Jefferson". His college was running well in a freshman to sophomore year, but everything's ruined because of his passion that he wanted to be a SAPD (San Andreas Police Department). He wanted to be an officer because of his restless about Los Santos night time. Drugs, Gun Shot, Robbery, Gangs, or anything that threatened him and Los Santos civil. So he tried and applying his application to an SAPD Academy circa '10's. Now and Peacekeeper. Accepted as a Police Officer in 2010, reinstating its kindness to be a Police Officer in 2019. "I am an officer now", he said back in December 2010. A priceless happiness, pleasure, and joy. He raising up a motto "To Protect and Serve" for as long as he wants to do. He has a great and friendly partner, his name is George Manuel, one team in their Academy. Joy and sorrow they going through. Everything is going well, but after he heard about his father in Italy is sick, he has a little depressed and anxiety about his job that passionate on him. His decision is making a resignation form to an SAPD for his farewell. So he's going back to Italy and take care of his father. After 9 years, helping his parents, his business in Italy, and getting married in Italy, Javie and his wife has moved back to Los Santos because he knows that everything's well now in Italy, so for living in Los Santos, he reinstates his service of an SAPD back. And now he's back as a Police Officer I #9300 in SAPD. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Saya SAMID selaku pemilik account UCP samid bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Javier Jefferson) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  8. yuk sini main gta world roleplay. text based roleplay rage:multiplayer. http://forum.gta.world
  9. Nick : Boy Pablo Isi pertanyaan : ya gapernah dapet sih uang sih perharinya, belum dapet kerja juga nih masalahnya, toh gua gapernah online hehe. kalo dulu jaman batu sih ya kan belum pake uang, ya jadi gua gatau, bisa tanya sama yg tinggal pas di jaman batu kemaren. tapi kalo sekarang sih gua gatau juga, soalnya lupa ip jgrp. dulu, bukan jaman batu ya hehehe, dulu sih gua cuma jualan pizza sama es krim doang sih, paling sampingan abis pulang kerja ya markir di idlestack 'till drop (anjay). gak sampe 800 sih, 50-100 doang, tapi gapapa deh yg penting halal wehehehe.
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