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The Willowfield Narcos | CHAPTER I: BLACK COBRA


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"Willowfield, was once a comfortable place to be inhabited by residents of black races. A very simple place and inexpensive living costs make many choose to live in that place."

But that was a long time ago.




Kyrie Garland, a federal fugitive, turned Willowfield into a place full of heroine, cocaine and marijuana. Willowfield is the place for drug and money exchanges. Even though Kyrie is known as a high-class drug dealer, he was never caught by the police because of his cleanliness in avoiding police tapping. So that until now, the police only managed to arrest Kyrie's subordinates and they did not have the courage to become a snitch.

He employs children who are still underage, those who do not go to school will work directly to sell drugs from Kyrie. They sell drugs in every corner of Willowfield, they are not afraid of the police. They all learned discipline from Kyrie so drug sales remained smooth and they also got money.


Most of their customers are teenagers, homeless, laborers, and hobos. When customers get bored with the old products, the drug dealers provide products with the same ingredients but different names. Only by changing names, they can profit a lot. There are many willowfield areas, so drug dealers change the stash once a day so the police can't find it. They produce 60 percent of drugs in Los Santos so that the police and other communities are very anxious about the existence of the narcos. Kyrie is not alone in supervising, he has a representative named Terrence Burnett who helps run a business, he understands everything about law in Los Santos, he has a great lawyer friend to deal with captured drug dealers. Everything that Kyrie did had to consult Terrence so that their business was very smooth until now.





Terrence Burnett, the kingpin of willowfield led all of the niggers to selling all the products. He also known as the hitman, every transaction should pass through Terrence. No one are dare to mess with this one, he is experienced in killing, shooting, and cutting. He also mutilated someone because they messed up the product. However, at that time he had fought with Kyrie because of differing opinions, they fought to the point of causing Terrence's right eye to become farsighted. After that, Terrence always obeyed Kyrie and never disputed his opinion. 


At present, all illegal business is held by Terrence Burnett and remains under the supervision of Kyrie. And Kyrie is focused on the legal business that he currently runs cleanly. They both are very good business man. The money they make is very much and now they are confused about washing the dirty money obtained from drugs.




Hamsterdam, is the name of a place where underage drug dealers who are still in school slanging drug products manufactured by Terrence and Kyrie. This is where junkies and dealers meet, this place is in the greater Willowfield block to the west. This place is specialized in selling Blue tops and Red tops only, and it only has one traphouse. Unlike the East Willowfield block, there is a place where the higher-ups produce and monitor their drugs and ensure all sales are clean and clear.



On May 13, 2009,

Five groups of kids from willowfield neighborhood gathered as the street busy as usual. These kids later embark a journey that will change their way of life, these kids are Kyrie "Irvin" Garland, Jayceon "Glock" Coleman, Terrence "Rance' Burnett, Wesley "Sley" Woodward, Tyrone "T-Rex" Rexton, they coming from high rate criminal activity neighborhood, Gunshot, violence, And substance abuse is everywhere,  also 70% end up on gang violence, these kids meet one of the local crew that runs willowfield at that time called 516 Willowfield Gangsta and apparently one of these five kids had some beef with this known local gang members, later couple of African-American One 1%ers Bikers appears out of nowhere, helping these five kids and starting from that day this five African american teenagers started to look towards Sport Bikes.


On June 19, 2009,

These Five kids later created group of bikers consist of their friend and brother to defend willowfield from the notorious 516 Willowfield gangsta. These Group of bikers called Black cobra MC later becoming more recognize power in the Willowfield block struggle that time Black Cobra MC take a stand in the around old factory (which later known as East los santos Meat factory). in the Willowfield block struggle, there are several faction that holding their own block/set. Till someday it had to be disbanded because of one of the core 5 Member of Black cobra MC put to jail known as Tyrone "T-Rex" Rexton.





On August 21, 2009

These couple of kids beginning to walk their own path of life, because of what just happen. Irvin, Sley and Rance stayed on Los Santos and created small time gang which later be known as The Willowfield Narcos, and T-Rex And Glock had to serve in the Military because of Glock's strong family connection on the military or they had to serve time in Juvenile detention center which make them both very easily pick the former option. Irvin Sley And Rance starts from small time gang slowly became the most powerful Criminal enterprise while both T Rex And Glock had to manage by dealing drug inside the US military. While Glock tour time might end in around 2020 T-Rex was burried six feet deep.




On Febuary 22, 2020,

These "Kids" are now grown man, and the small times gang back then became the most notorious Gang in the whole Los Santos. Irvin, Sley and Rance from small time Drug dealers become Drug Lord and Kingpin for the whole drug enterprise that they run from the ground up. Little did they know their old friend just finished his tour and somehow manage to be dishonorably discharge from the military without a cent to his name he trying to contact his old friend. with his knowledge dealing drugs inside the military, they adapt their own unique ways of dealing drugs, Later on one of Glock's Connection in the Military contacted Glock looking for a ways to selling confiscated Illegal weapon captured by the military and looking to expand his business, with only one requirement it had to be more than your usual Street gang. Four ex-Cobra Member then Decided to Patch over the whole Local Sport MC in Willowfield called "Outlast MC" and re-brand themselves as BLACK COBRA.



OOC Information:

1. Kami menerima semua player yang memiliki keniatan dalam belajar roleplay, kita saling sharing ilmu disini.

2. Jika anda bergabung dengan kami menjadi insider, kami berhak men-force CK character anda jika ada roleplay diperlukan. (Betrayal)

3. Anggota faction ini berpengalaman membawa suatu faction ke jenjang official, jadi merupakan benefit bagi kalian.

4. Kami menggunakan grup line untuk berkomunikasi OOC bersama anggota, biar lebih mengenal satu sama yang lain.

5. Kami ingin anggota dari faction ini dapat memanfaatkan ilmu yang didapat dari game ke in real life. Jadi ga sia sia main game.

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