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San Andreas Drift Formula | Chapter IX: Final Stage

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San Andreas Drift Formula was created by Fujiwara Ryosuke, He was a professional drifter from Japan and he created this racing organization in Japan. Before this organization moved to America this organization name is Yokohama Hashiriya Drift Formula then Fujiwara Ryosuke bring this organization to America and changed the name to San Andreas Drift Formula. He want make a deal with San Andreas government to making this organization are legally so the people in San Andreas can racing legally with their friends because now in San Andreas there's no racing organization and so Fujiwara Ryosuke bring up this organization to America to making this organization legally.



===The Team===



~History about RedSuns~

RedSuns team leaded by Fujiwara Ryosuke. This team make a greatest history in North Kanto, Japan they were race in a "Touge Battle" which is mean a "Moutain Battle". They have been defeated all team in North Kanto, They are undefeated because have a talented drivers and a team work but they wanted to make this team to be a legendary team of all time so they went to America to learn and defeat all team from America.





~History about Akina Speed Stars~

Akina Speed Stars team leaded by Sakamaki Miyamura. This team is a second team just like RedSuns they making a great history of all time, They have been defeated all drivers in Gunma not like RedSuns defeating all the team around North Kanto, They went to America with RedSuns because they want to try the American Spirit in closed circuit.




~History about Metal Maniacs~

Metal Maniacs formed by Sean Romero he requested to Fujiwara Ryosuke to making a new team. Sean is a muscle car user and he likes a heavy metal music that is why he named this team Metal Maniacs, he's creating this team is for muscle user in America so muscle user can joining SADF from this team, there's no much racing history in this team because this team are new.




~History about TEKU~

TEKU team was leaded by Dylan Foolen he likes dubstep music and technology so he named this team TEKU in Japanese language, TEKU in english language is "TECH" this team have a meaning about high tech cars Dylan as founder of TEKU creating this team for high tech racers in San Andreas. Racing history in this team are great they won in a Rally Championship and Drifting SA but they have a rival it is Metal Maniacs, TEKU and Metal Maniacs fighting each other in a race they dislikes Metal Maniacs because their car are muscle classic combined with a lots of metal.







~FR Layout~


(Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive)

In automotive design, FR or Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive layout is the one where the engine is located at the front of the vehicle and driven wheels are located at the rear. This was the traditional automobile layout for most of the 20th century. Modern design commonly use the Front Engine Front Wheel Drive (FF) this layout are perfect layout for drifting but it's easy to oversteer and need a high technique in rainy weather.



~FF Layout~


(Front Engine Front Wheel Drive)

In automotive design, an FWD or Front Engine Front Wheel Drive layout places both the internal combustion engine and driven roadwheels at the front of the vehicle. This layout not too perfect for drifting it will be needed a high technique for drifting with this layout but this layout can closing the oversteer from FR but this layout have a weakness too it's easy to understeer if you going too fast and it's easy to fight FR layout in rainy weather.



~MR Layout~


(Middle Engine Rear Wheel Drive)

In automotive design, a MR or Middle Engine Rear Wheel Drive layout is one in which the rear wheels are driven by an engine placed just in front of them, behind the passenger comparment. In contrast to the rear engined RR layout, the center of mass of the engine is in front of the rear axle, this layout just like FR perfect for drifting but this layout have a weakness it's a snap oversteer and need a high technique in rainy weather.



~4wd Layout~


(Four Wheel Drive)

Four Wheel Drive (4WD) refers to vehicles with two axles providing to four wheel ends. In the North America market the term generally refers to a system that is optimized for off road driving conditions. The term "4WD" is typically designated for vehicles equipped with transfercase which switches between 2WD and 4WD operating modes, either manually or automatically. This layout perfect for off road racing like Rally because this layout is stable than any layout in the off road racing and you must have a very high technique which is mean you have to control a drift 4WD (No counter steering for this layout)






Chapter 0

-Make a deal with San Andreas government-

Fujiwara Ryosuke has been talk about this organization with SAPD and SAGS and so they accepted this organization is legal now in Los Santos, then Fujiwara Ryosuke finding a place for this organization and recruiting a new member for this organization and so he's gonna buy a new car for being practice in San Andreas.


Chapter I

-Build this organization in San Andreas-

Two months later Fujiwara Ryosuke succeeded building this organization in San Andreas but because this organization finish builded SADF still have a problem about the members. Fujiwara Ryosuke still searching a members for SADF too make SADF more famous in San Andreas so he searching in the entire city of San Andreas he met a few local racers then he invited to SADF, untill now he's still seaching a member too make SADF not a little organization SADF still only have more than 15 members so SADF have a crisis members.


Chapter II

-Crisis Member-

1 Week later Fujiwara Ryosuke making a drift event in San Fierro, Missionary Hill he make that event for making SADF more famous in San Andreas also he's opening a SADF recruitment for make SADF have more member. He met with Dhamselian and Yashiro, they want to join the organization because of they want to make the skill of drifting increased so Fujiwara Ryosuke approved them and a lot of people joining SADF, for now SADF had a 22 members so the problem solved.


Chapter III

-New Team!-

In December 13 Sean requesting for a new team it's called Metal Maniacs, Sean want to making a team for a muscle user he likes heavy metal music and he's a muscle user. 1 week later a man named Shawn Peterson joins SADF he's a muscle user and he become a Co. Lead of Metal Maniacs, Shawn and Romero still develop the Metal Maniacs in Los Santos a lots of muscle user  joining the Metal Maniacs till now. In february 5 SADF earning a sponsorship from The Continental Group, The Foundation, And Hoogenstein's Motors it's because the Metal Maniacs creating a showroom event so James Clark and Mordecai Hoogenstein interested to sponsoring and SADF have a big plan for the next event.


Chapter IV

-World Best Driver's Event-

27 February Fujiwara Ryosuke prepared the biggest event in San Andreas with his members. Shawn participation on that event in 10 March the event was located at Big Ear, Las Venturas more than 30 drivers participate to prove who's the best driver in the world, in the semifinal round 10 drivers was eliminated from the race. Shawn reached the final round he still want to prove he's a good driver that he don't need to cheat to win he raced with 5 drivers left in the final round, before the round started his car had an engine problem so he immedietly went to Mechanic Center to fix his engine problem. 5 minutes later he went back to Big Ear and the race is started, he's in 1st position after race started but sadly he's losing control of his car then he's in the 4th place and Gualdoni leading the race. Shawn was panic and he's step on gas on a high turn curve but sadly his car losing control again and his car up side down a couple times and then the race ended with the winner Gualdoni Palladio in the first place, Shawn still need to learn about driving under the pressure.


Chapter V 

-Rally Season-

RALLY SEASON HAS COME! Fujiwara and his members trying to race in the different terrain, in offroad terrain it's not like a city driving it's all about techniques which is mean you'll need to be patience and professional because this terrain are mostly dangerous in rainy weather, Fujiwara and his members learning to drive under the pressure and it's all about traction in offroad, they practicing everyday in rainy, snowy, and blizzard weather. Fujiwara Ryosuke have an idea to creating an event about rallying so he decide to make this happend, Friday 13th day one of the event located at Tierra Robbada, Bone Country Fujiwara named this route "The Dezert Heat" because the route is in the deadliest dezert in the world, 19 drivers participating after the race done only 8 drivers who passed to the next round. Saturday 14th day two of the event Fujiwara warned the driver to patience and learn about 4WD Drifting, The race was located at North Rock Fujiwara Ryosuke also warned the driver to drive faster after Palomino there's an old rusty bridge the citizen of Palomino warned to drive fast in that bridge or their car will drowning forever, citizen also called that bridge "BRIDGE OF HELL" and so Fujiwara call it in Japanese " JIGOKU NO HASHI", But thankfully none of their cars are drowned they drive fast and faster than Fujiwara though and the winners of the Rally Season in the first place is Yashiro Fujiwara from SADF with a time 3 minutes 31 seconds, the second place is Ignatius Bones from SAGS with a time 3 minutes 36 seconds, the third place is Willie Martin from SAFD with a time 3 minutes 50 seconds. They learn new thing about driving a car in a offroad terrain Fujiwara told to them if they want to be a professional driver they have to got more experience about driving.



-Rivaly Conflict Metal Maniacs VS. TEKU-

On 1st April Dylan making a new team called TEKU he doesn't tell this to Fujiwara but Shawn and Garry knowing what he was doing, Shawn told him to ask for permission to Fujiwara. Then Shawn declare a rivaly conflict to TEKU and Dylan think he need a base for the TEKU and he found it in Palomino Creek, Shawn just stay in SADF main base in BlueBerry. Shawn and Dylan were fighting on a drift race every saturday night, on 15th April Fujiwara asking to Takashi he ask "What happend between Dylan and Shawn?" Takashi confused he doesn't know anything between them so he suggest to Fujiwara to find out, Fujiwara tells all members that he will make a little race in Panopcation also Dylan and Shawn will race on a Circuit mode. 19th April the panopcation race started TEKU and Metal Maniac racing 5v5 Fujiwara sees they are a rival he just let them racing together, and the race end no winners in this race Fujiwara has discovered about the problem the little race on Panopcation then he told them to end this conflict Fujiwara told "You can't race together because of little problem you can end this conflict but your rival thing keep it up just do it with a good way, win together or lose together it doesn't matter". Finally the end the conflict on 20th April.


Chapter VII

-New base New Building for Legal Car Organization-

1 Month later Fujiwara Ryosuke feels he need to find second base and a building for the organization, Ryosuke announce to all members he need a building and a base for the organization then Benedict and Shawn searching all over Country Side, Takashi and Garry searching in Los Santos. 2 days passed they still searching new base for the organization, later then Ryosuke found a abandoned building in Muholland he check the building and met with Cade Witwicky an ex criminal who used that building before. Ryosuke make a deal with Cade they will use the building for racing organization, Ryosuke ask how much for the building then Cade says "$250K for this abandoned building", Ryosuke accepted what he said. 1 day later he came to the abandoned building with other members, the other members asked their builder friend to reconstruct the abandoned building, the builders finally finished reconstruct the building at 15th June and Ryosuke still needs to buy a few things for the next month.


Chapter VIII

-The Speed Of Silence-

It has been 1 year since SADF was born, Fujiwara Ryosuke making a new team again called Silencerz. The Silencerz are for the motorsport racing in San Andreas led by Fujiwara Ryosuke himself, the Silencerz has won 5th times in 24 Hours of Le Mans in San Andreas with 75B Mazda. Fujiwara Ryosuke now are fully leave legal street racing and focusing on motorsports racing and he leave SADF too. SADF now led by Yuichi Hiruma SADF finally become officialy legal racing organization in San Andreas.


Chapter IX

-Final Stage-

~SADF has officialy become a legal Racing Organization in San Andreas~






OOC Rules



-Beroleplay layaknya organisasi legal

-Point dari faction ini adalah "CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT"

-Diperbolehkan meng-install mod yang berhubungan dengan mobil seperti drift smoke speedometer dan lain lain DILARANG KERAS MEMAKAI MOD YANG MERUGIKAN SERVER

-Tidak menerima orang labil keluar masuk faction (FACTION JUMPER)

-Tidak menerima orang yang baru masuk sudah INACTIVE

-Kami menerima newbie yang ingin belajar tentang mobil dan bahasa inggris

-Kami tidak menerima orang yang susah diatur karena faction kami memiliki jadwal untuk kegiatan roleplay

-Jika berminat untuk bergabung silahkan temui secara IC dan kirim applicant kalian lewat PM FORUM

-Perekrutan FULL IC

-SADF bersifat terbuka bagi semua orang yang ingin bergabung

-Ras apapun diperbolehkan karena dimata pembalap ras tidaklah penting


===How To Join===


-Mengerti basic Roleplay sebagai penyuka mobil

-Take it IC






Info: Bagi yang mau masuk faction ini harap kirim applicant ke  (Jika salah satu dari mereka ga dibales krim ke yang lain NO SPAMMING) @Rito213  @Kendorize @KiidZ7 @MyName @Bryan_Suntoso

[Recruit | SADF | Ingame_Name]


Nama In Game :  ANSWER


Nama Forum :   ANSWER

Alasan mengapa kamu ingin masuk di faction ini ? :  ANSWER (Jawaban harus jelas apa tujuan kamu masuk)

Sudah berapa lama kamu bermain Roleplay ? : ANSWER (Minimal 2 bulan lebih)

Bisa berbahasa Inggris ? :  ANSWER (Tidak juga tidak apa apa)

Kapan aja kamu bisa aktif di server ini ? dan berapa lama waktu kamu pada saat Online bermain RP ? :  ANSWER (Minimal IG 2-4 jam lebih)

Kontak Medsos yang bisa dihubungi ? : FB/LINE 

Sudah tau cara beroleplay sebagai Petrolhead ? ANSWER

Kamu siap buat dituntut aktif Setor SS dan Aktif In Game ? : ANSWER (MINIMAL SETOR SS 5 KALI POST DALAM SEHARI)


Note: Applicant ini sengaja kami buat untuk mempermudah kami untuk merekrut member baru dan jika applicant sudah di reply silahkan temui kita secara IC DAN DIWAJIBKAN MENGGUNAKAN LINE KARENA KITA PUNYA GROUP CHAT OOC














-Mengimprove bahasa inggris kalian

-Mengerti mobil mobil di dunia nyata

-Disini kami tidak menuntut kalian untuk menjadi orang yang sempurna, tapi disini kami belajar dan kalian juga belajar bersama kami. Jadi intinya disini kita belajar bersama untuk mendapatkan pengalaman, dan pengetahuan.

P.S : Disarankan memakai mod mobil IRL karena kita biasa nyebut mobilnya dari RL dan sesuaikan dengan mobil yang ada di GTA contoh Sultan = Subaru Impreza WRX STi atau Mitsubishi Lance Evolution I sampai X (Disarankan untuk mobil yang bisa dimodift di Workshop pakai mod yang "TUNABLE").


Our Official Forum




-Google Inc.

@Kendorize for banner

-All SADF members

-Wikipedia for the layout explanation


Note: Thread ini jauh dari kata "Sempurna, Keren, Bagus, Rapih" jadi jika ingin memberi saran untuk fixed post selanjutnya tolong PM @Rito213

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High Professional Driver

10. Legendary SADF Shiro Suisei : Lead of SADF you have a big responsibility for your organization to lead the way of your members till they become a professional driver.

9. Legendary SADF Ierōfaiā : Vice Lead of SADF you're assistant of your leader you have to command your members to become a professional driver.

8. Time Attack Breaker : New record reached (You must break 1 minutes 20 seconds Time Attack in a elegy).
Professional Driver

7. Impact Driver : You are the highest driver rank in this organization (You must reached 6 rank to promoted into this rank).

6. 4WD Emperor : You're the master of no countersteering drifting and you are a rally master (You must drifting all around the corner without countersteering except for elegy you must no counter steering in ZR, etc and rallying you have to driving in a full speed without up side down and crashing the car).
Middle Rookie Driver

5. God Foot = You're drifting with only pedal brakes (You must using pedal brakes to drifting without crashing).

4. God Hand = You're driving with one handed steer and gripping the car (You must driving with gripping and only use 1 hand).

3. Undefeated Racers = You're undefeated in SADF (You must undefeated in 2 months).
Rookie Driver

2. Senior Racers = You're a Senior racers now you can teach the Junior Racers (Beat the fastest racer in SADF).

1. Junior Racers = NEW COMER! Welcome to this organization you'll become a professional racer (New Member).


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So badass, glhf!1!1!1!1!1!

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Kita akan lakukan sebaik dan semaksimal mungkin mohon dukungannya selalu.

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