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  1. ReligioN

    Asian Brimz Gang 2202

  2. ReligioN

    Asian Brimz Gang 2202

  3. ReligioN

    Asian Brimz Gang 2202

  4. ReligioN

    Asian Brimz Gang 2202

    Mungkin tanggal 13 ini baru bisa aktif famsnya, soalnya lagi UNBK minggu ini.
  5. ReligioN

    Asian Brimz Gang 2202

    ssssttt, diam diam aja.
  6. ReligioN

    Asian Brimz Gang 2202

    Let's get some shit.
  7. ReligioN

    [YOUTUBE] Reza Fahlevy's videos

    seems legit
  8. ReligioN

    Komunitas Jogjagamers Regional Medan

    ada yang idop disini boi
  9. ReligioN

    Asian Brimz Gang 2202

    The Asian Brimz Gang 2202 is a new clique of Vietnamese Boyz 2202, follie tweny two thousand and ABG220 (for shorts) is one of the main major active Asian Gang-affliated subset sowed in the heart of West Idlewood. The Asian Brimz Gang 2202 were a predominately Asian-American street gang located west side of Idlewood, this gang derived from younger members of other Idlewood place, later expanding their turf to the surrounding area. Day by day, the set was growing bigger, they would have completely took over the city and wanted more. They would involved in armod robberies, drug trafficking and weapon deals. There are still many other street gangs who do not accept the crimes commited by Asian Brimz Gang. They keep fighting each other while attempting to take each other turfs. While all of this happend, multiple law enforcement agencies were after the Brimz gang already. They are trying to take them down and make them dissapear for ever. Many young gang members lost their lives and there was no way Brimz Gang was going to let them do something like that to his set. More than two years Brimz gang fight with other gangs to control the local streets, day by day more and more people are losing their lives and finnaly Brimz alley trying to calm the situation by running their activities as usual without doing criminal activities. Stories from this gang will be updated with developments in IG, soon If you wish to post screenshots please ask through Private Message (PM) @ReligioN or myself first! Follow the servers rules at all times. The factions leaders reserve the right to CK you from the faction. Recruitment is done In-Character. Use your main character to JOIN this faction. We are more open to those who create their own RP and show it to us. If you fail to create your own RP then maybe this isn't for you. Character development is the key. Vietnam/Asian-American race have the ability to JOIN this faction. Credit by: Ananda Austin A @ReligioN @ihza54321 @Ryan Putra Azril @GloryBoys
  10. Oke saya berjanji tidak akan mengulanginya kembali, saya bersedia dibanned permanen jika mengulangi hal ini lagi...
  11. 3 dayswithout respond @Shawn962 @Javanicus66 @Tiko_Sirajagukguk @clover253 @Justin311
  12. Respond @BryanSuntoso @imbot @Franzenska
  13. Nama UCP: Religion Character: Thorick_Backer IP Address: Diban oleh: Volunteers / Bot / Ex-Staffs Tempat bermain: Rumah Alasan ban: tidak mau menghargai keputusan admin Kenapa saya bisa kena banned: Jadi pada hari itu mobil saya meledak dibuat oleh seseorang dengan sengaja, dan saya langsung report orang tersebut dan akhirnya admin krenshaw dtg dan dia bilang suruh report ke forum aja beserta buktinya, tetapi disini saya malah tetap mengotot untuk mendapatkan mobil saya itu kembali secepatnya tetapi admin krenshaw nya bilang ke forum aja dan saya tetap melawan dia, dan akhirnya saya di ban oleh dia. Saya disini sangat bersalah sekali kepada admin tersebut dan saya mengharapkan untuk diunban kembali Permohonan unban: Saya janji tidak akan mengulangi hal konyol tersebut, saya bersedia di ban kembali jika mengulangi hal ini lagi. Bukti Screenshot:
  14. ReligioN

    96Th CorthLand Black Streets.

    rp apaan nih coba? fams kaya gini bisa di officiali, hmmmz
  15. ReligioN

    Hellbourne Motorcycle Club