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Hillside Toker 14

Organized Crime Division

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Las Colinas is a resident populating 40% of white race, 20% blacks, and 17% hispanic, and the rest is other race. Las Colinas holds up more than ten buildings, including houses and apartments. Hispanic is holding a low-quality houses. Other hand, Las Colinas is a gangster place, the minority is a hispanic gang. The dirty place makes Las Colinas is a one of location which needs a good sanitation from the government. Many diseases caused by this place, like diarrhea, vomiting, and others. Government is still reviewing Las Colinas.








Hillside Toker 14 is portraying a Norteno gangster. We are aiming to Character Development and Hispanic gang being. Character Development is needed for considering you on the gang. We are welcoming a new roleplayer who wants to learn about RP, and street gang being. If you want to join us, you accept a CK agreement if seems fit. If you have any question about us, send ivannandisatrio a PM.

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