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  1. Capek ye main jam 4 subuh terus disana. Sama saya juga.
  2. Rogers

    irpan pler

    pler oo orale aa
  3. Kenapa mereka pakai 18th sebagai identitas bukan 13? Well, seperti yang bro Imran sampaikan gak semua Surenos pakai angka 13 sebagai identitasnya. Mereka pakai angka 18 karena gang tersebut pertama kali dibentuk di dekat 18th street dan Union Avenue di Los Angeles, California. Terus kenapa angkanya 13 bang? Karena itu merupakan penghormatan kepada Mexican Mafia dan mereka siap melakukan apapun atas dasar perintah mereka. Identitas Mexican Mafia itu sendiri disebut La eMe dengan huruf "M" di urutan alphabet ke-13 makanya ada angka 13 di setiap nama clique.
  4. Character: Israel Perez Story: Israel Perez Diaz was born on February 18th 1991 in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas. He is a son to Oscar Perez & Maria Diaz. Israel is the first child of the family and he got a brother named Adam Perez. The family been living in poverty in the sub-urban area of Los Santos called El Corona which is filled with Mexican immigrants for years. His father is a former gang member and his mother sometimes working in the laundry, most of the time taking care of the household. When he was a teenager, he used to hang out with other gang members in El Corona. It’s called Eighteen Street Gang which is one of most notorious gang ever existed in Los Santos. He wasn’t that big back in the days and often got bullied by other big rankers. Julio Rojas, one of his friend helped him out most of the time during his teen age. They used to put on the streets together like selling cocaine at the corner, bombing the enemy’s wall, get drunk at the alleyway, and many other things. At the day the big ranker called him and Rojo to the hood and the time they waited for had come. They were inducted by fellow gang members and officially one of their family. Israel and Rojo couldn’t hide their excitement about their step up then the are often called by the big rankers to do the big plans like assaulting towards enemies. The time they called had already come, the big rankers told them to assault one of the black neighborhood in the east side. They accepted that and invaded the enemy along with the big rankers. When, they were doing the assault, many of them got murdered by them. Israel and Rojo got one and the big rankers were proud what I they did earlier. In meantime, the authorities ambushed them at the incident from nowhere and all of his friends got locked up. He was charged for first degree murder and made him sentenced over ten years. His friends also got the same sentences then they locked up in SACF. They gained a reputation towards the La Eme which is the prison gang that gather up the southsider. In the early of 2019, Israel and his friends were released after completing their sentences. They came back to the neighborhood that they called “Barrio”. The neighborhood for them is more than home. There is nothing beautiful than their hood. At the same time, his big rankers became a veteran and appointed Israel as the new El Jefe because he put a lot of dedication to the gang for years. Israel accepted that and very excited about the appointment. For now, Israel and his friends from day one got big responsibilities that they have to recover what they have lost in the past and gain the street name as big as like it’s supposed to be. This is not an easy task for him and he promises to his friends to not letting the gang down. Saya Rogers selaku pemilik account UCP Rogers bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Israel Perez) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  5. Gila sih ini lebih rame dari gta v
  6. This thread follows the development of the neigborhood into bigger chapter.
  7. thanks yang buat thread ini makin berkembang. Gak nyangka udah lama buatnya ? good night!
  8. eh sori guys tadi aku keliatan mhehhammem 

  9. yuk bikin sesuatu, apa kek gitu.
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