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    [VERIFIED] El Corona 18th

    Dead-End Records.
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    [VERIFIED] El Corona 18th

    AGE UP, 26. The Modern Era. Israel Perez and his homie circa 2019. Just so you know the vibes... Israel been thru ups and downs ever since he brings back the legacy of Eighteen gang in El Corona. A lot of things happened in the barrio from the endless beef with Trey, Nortenos, Seville, South Mob, and many more. Also a couple of his homies got arrested by the so-fucking-nasty injustice system. Therefore, it makes him becoming the more grown man than he was. Some of his homies also inducted theirselves as his soldados which means bring the significant growth for the barrio from the dark age. The drug crews are established nowadays where they can be found through Unity and the bridge side. With that being said the economy are growing fast due the demands of the narcotic they are selling. After the hard work, those drug money were spent for branded clothes and brand new cars. Nobody's ever wearing ugly clothes at every corners in El Corona that makes the neighborhood looking modernized and not looking 90-ish anymore. The gangbanging is being reduced for now due their enemies lack of motivation caused the presence. So, the barrio is back on it's track like he demands. Now, he branches out his businesses not just from illegal side, but also with legal things like workshop and studio. The most important thing for him is raising the Eighteen legacy like back in the days and stopping the authorities from labelling his barrio just filled with narcs and illegal activities.