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[GUIDE] How to make a Guide.

Guest Culadi

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Guest Culadi

Good evening ladies and gents, I am your guide master, Rishad. Today I will go through with you on how to create an efficient guide so your thread can be full of vital information to help people endure and prosper. I would consider myself a preacher, a healer, a spiritual feeler.

So Rishad, what kind of shit do I include?

A loud title! - What do I mean by a loud title? well, something that is at the top of the thread that is eye grabbing, witty and hopefully, relative to what the thread is going to be about. The title can refer to the thread title or the main title within the thread; go wild and select whatever you prefer!

Clear Sub Headings - with a clear goal of what your guide intends on doing. For example:

'Hey, my guide is about roleplay'.

Subheadings should include that of /me and /do and what they contain, along with animations and how they both interlock between each other to create the perfect harmonious roleplay.

Vibrant Colors - Colors are important to catch the readers attention along with snapshotting the important data within your thread. It allows the viewer along with the reader to skim through and find the important bits without too much effort.

Pictures, pictures! - We have all sorts of learners, of different types. The three that cover them are visual, auditory and practical. To cater for the visual, we include photos that show your data so they can also remember it. Pictures also keep the reader interested and depending on the writer, amused.

Presentation! - Presentation is key. Allowing your thread to have a constant theme throughout, demonstrating clarity and precision in your words and focusing on the core of the thread is what this is about. Do not drift off to an entirely different topic and ensure you have a constant flow of information that makes sense to the average reader. Allow it to be clean and user friendly.

Thank you for reading through my guide. I hope this will be of great benefit to anyone else who intends on creating a guide for the purpose of education.



Guide Rishad McCortez.


NOTE: Saya membuat guide ini dengan bahasa inggris karena saya melihat banyak sekali player yang tidak bisa bahasa inggris/masih hancur,jadi saya mau memberi pelajaran kepada mereka mereka yang tidak bisa berbahasa inggris.


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