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  1. Sparkie

    Lethal Projectiles!

    Requesting lock.
  2. Sparkie

    Lethal Projectiles!

    thread says it all xd
  3. Sparkie

    Lethal Projectiles!

    Looks like we got to do it again! Here we go boys!
  4. Sparkie

    Gang and Narcotics Division

    you guys ruined this shit so welll
  5. Sparkie

    Gang and Narcotics Division

    posting to follow!
  6. Sparkie

    Santino Fraga

  7. Sparkie

    [VERIFIED] Cortez Drugs Ring

    Lovely screens and this still going, keep it up, lads.
  8. Sparkie

    Lethal Projectiles!

  9. lets see how it goes far
  10. Sparkie

    Lethal Projectiles!

    PM me or @anxiety after you have filled out the application and do not post it on this thread. Don't apply if your not active or SEMI active.
  11. Sparkie

    Lethal Projectiles!

    Lethal Projectiles is a non-profit organization which helps lumberjackers around San Andreas state. We are fighting for lumberjacker rights and well being. LP's goals include uniting lumberjackers under one name, educating the drivers, providing free time activities and support for lumberjackers and their families. LP is orginally founded by Kace Verbeck. Thanks to lumberjacks like you our membership continues to grow. Not only has the Lethal Projectiles made a name for its members in our industry, but we have also been recognized by the major national media outlets as a reliable source for the views of the independent lumberjackers.LP is proud to be one of the fastest growing independent lumberjacking organizations that represent independent lumberjackers. While other associations have focused on the largest carriers in our industry, it remains our objective to focus on you. We encourage you to become a part of a professional lumberjacking association by joining LP!Our association uses three CB radio channels: 1991 – main channel open to public, used by most lumberjacks. 1992 – encrypted member channel that requires authentication code. 19993 – special purpose channel used in large events like convoys, to redirect radio traffic from the main channel. All of those channels are monitored by Police’s Department. Association is trying to stay as legal as possible, so we ask you not to engage in any illegal activities anywhere linked to our association (includes, but not limited to: radio, headquarters, loading bays.) Since no individual can solve all the problems alone, you must team up with other lumberjackers to achieve all the challenges you may face throughout your lumberjacker career. Only your time, support, participation and teamwork will make it happen. The larger the amount of members, the stronger the Association. Here are few things that you should keep in mind before joining us;We prefer clean criminal records, if you do have a criminal record, be honest. Lethal Projectiles doesn't have any problem with people with criminal records as long as they are not recent and you have commited serious crimes. Your criminal background will be checked. We strongly advice new truckers to get some experience first before requesting an interview. Due to extensive misuse of our public radio channel rules had to be introduced You are not allowed to discuss personal matters. You are not allowed to advertise. You are not allowed to use radio in clubs, parties, etc (( seriously, this is annoying. )) You must respect other people on the frequency. Only use radio for public matters, if you want to chat, meet or call. (( No OOC in /wt - this is JG-RP rule. If someone OOC on the radio, don't reply in OOC, send them a PM. )) (( And finally, no trolling. )) I. Be polite to other lumberjackers in the radio channel.II. Don't talk about illegal things on the radio channel (Such as drugs, illegal weapons and etc.)III. Show respect to all lumberjackers in the radio channel, doesn't matter if that lumberjacker is a new one or old one in our association.IV. Do not try to hijack other lumberjack's pickup car.V. Do not try to rob or threaten other lumberjackers.VI. No advertisements on our radio channel about things that you are selling.VII. No representation of any other groups or unions is to take place in the channel, unless they are approved by our association.VIII. Only lumberjacking related topics on the radio channel.IX. (( No OOC talks on the radio channel. ))X. (( No trolling, messing around or other bursts of immaturity. ))
  12. Thanks banget brooooooooooo! Jadi kagak rusak lagi PP ane.
  13. Sparkie

    Garis Keras Timur!

  14. Sparkie

    [UNBAN][Libratyan] Jukzeh_Rasheed [kludeez]

    @Libratyan J. Ayo sekarang bisa tidak?