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  1. [SHARE] GTA Shrink

    preview ada direply sebelumnya, kl masih kurang puas bisa dicari di google images. km reply mulu ah buat apa sih.
  2. [SHARE] Weapon Sounds Mod (FPS increase)

    mampir ke google translate bro kalo gangerti, jgn asal reply ah. increase artinya menaikan.
  3. [OPEN RECRUITMENT] PUB | Pull Up Boys

    huhu peace out gang
  4. [RQT] CamHunt

  5. [RQT] CamHunt

    mowfucka u high? its a cam shit
  6. Music Rapper/hiphop

  7. General Talk #6

    coba aja wkwk
  8. [REQ]Film Bergenre horror

    lights out
  9. Top 3 Deathmatchers in JG:GW [VOTE]

    jggw were a skinhit not lagshot
  10. [Guide] Robbing

    iya batas rob $100.
  11. General Talk

    biar napa tuh
  12. [SHARE] Weapon Sounds Mod (FPS increase)

    You are welcome!
  13. [SHARE] Weapon Sounds Mod (FPS increase)

  14. [RQT] CamHunt

  15. What Are You Currently Listening To?

    had a dream i was a king, i woke up still a king