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1. Apaan nih ? :

Bisa dibilang ini adalah salah satu website yang memuat bisnis Taxi milik The Irish Nation.


2. Fungsinya apa ? :

Fungsinya sebagai perantara kalian yang ingin join dengan faction kami tapi enggak tau harus mulai dari mana, jadi bisa di mulai dari daftar supir taxi disini.


3. Keuntungannya apa ? :

Keuntungan daftar lewat sini adalah anda akan  dapat kredit pinjaman taxi. dan juga keuntungan lainnya buat kalian yang baru main JGRP dan ingin mendalami ilmu RP lebih dalam, ya disinilah tempatnya.


4. Apakah ada setoran perminggu ? :

Iya tiap minggu $200


5. Ada perjanjiannya gak ? :

Ya ada perjanjian secara IC, yang nantinya anda ketahui sendiri ketika bertemu dengan kami.


7. Jadi ini kaya sub-faction gitu ya ? :

Bisa kubilang ini Bisnis, bisa juga kubilang ini Sub-Faction. jadi ini Sub-Faction yang berisi Bisnis.


8. Aku masih bingung nih,

PM aja kalo masih bingung.








About Us

Jack Rabbit Liquor Store has been selling both genuine import and local wine and spirits since 2020.

We are open 7 days a week & our working hours is from 08.00 until 21.00. As for today we are providing delivery to IRELAND, AMERICA, GERMANY, SPAIN, ITALY, etc further detail please chat with us.

For instant delivery right now we only serving Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, New York, Florida, Dublin and will be using 3rd party local courier services.

Please note we support COD for the moment. Direct chat thru WhatsApp, Line & Telegram only for order taking and tracking order only. We don't entertain basic inquiry such us asking stock which is not in our website or price bargaining.


Happy shopping and drinks responsibly !

Jack Rabbit Liquor








People who've never been in a pawn shop have all kinds of misconceptions . and they may be a little uncomfortable because they don't know what to expect! Well, at Jack Rabbit Pawn Shop, we want to solve that mystery!

First, know this: people from every walk of life use pawn shops --- business people, working people, the gal in front of you at the grocery store, that middle-aged lady sitting in the pew next to you at church. So don't feel funny about needing a little help to get you through that temporary cash crunch. That's why we're here.

Second if you come to Jack Rabbit Pawn Shop and borrow money, we --- you and one of our professionally trained staff members --- decide upfront on the loan value of the item you give as collateral, the length of time in which you will repay the loan, and how much the loan will cost you. If for some reason, you choose to not repay the loan, all we do is put the item out for sale. No surprises there!


Third, here's what we don't do at Jack Rabbit Pawn Shop ..we don't ruin your credit..we don't hassle you at your home or work. we don't sue. Unlike any other form of consumer credit, if you don't repay your loan at Jack Rabbit Pawn Shop, nothing happens to you ---- nothing!


How Reliable Pawn Shop Can help you ?

Have you ever been to a pawnshop? For a lot of people, there seems to be something, well, intimidating about these places. But if you haven't been to Jack Rabbit Pawn Shop, you're missing out on some great bargains. Jack Rabbit Pawn Shop is a lot like a dozen garage sales and a flea market all rolled into one. Jack Rabbit Pawn Shop also plays an important role in Sumter and Manning by providing people with an easy, fast way to borrow money. We also purchase fine jewelry, broken and scrap jewelry and we accept items as trade-ins on our retail merchandise.

There are three things that happen in any pawnshop hundreds of times every day:
People borrow money by putting up something they own as collateral
People sell used merchandise
People buy new and used merchandise


Jack Rabbit Pawn Shop

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This gonna be good, Happy roleplaying mas andri.

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Goodluck Bang Andry - mantan anak didik honda shouji di SASD 😄😄

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