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  1. Hmmmmm... Sangat menarik boleh dicoba
  2. Joseph_Blakey One day a child Named Joseph Blakey was born in a city of Washington DC, 21 December 1999, United States. His father named Jacob Blakey and his mother named Casandra Tenpenny, Joseph when he was twelve he looked cheerful like a normal child, He grew up wtih many lessons learned when together with his brother named Riddie Blakey about how to live as a race of black descent in the United States known as a highest racist level at the time. Joseph went to school not far from his home, Joseph used his brother's BMX to go to school the bicycle was bought by his parents. Riddie has quarrelsome nature on the street which caused him to quit school and Riddie didn't want his younger brother follow his bad nature. Day by day, until one day something bad happens where Joseph kills someone for brutally attacking his enemy, initially his family didn't know about it. until the next day Joshep's parents were watching the news that a young man was killed close to Joseph school, it was making this Joseph very panicked and frightened then he ran away from his house to hide. Three days passed Joseph returned to his house and told everything to his father and mother at the time also his father's reaction was very angry but it's different from his mother who wanted to protect Joseph, his mother immediately called his son Riddie who happend to be working in the garage as a mechanic in the town of Los Santos to take his younger before being caught the police. Joseph arrived in the city of Los Santos and was picked up by his brother Riddie, when he got there Joseph was invited his brother's apartment to rest there. Joseph lived off his brother's salary as a mechanic that could be said little but sufficient for both of them. Until one day something bad happened to his brothes because he was shot by one of the police for stealing a jewelry store at night, Joseph very angry and looking for people who killed his brother and next day Joseph got worse he began hard to get food and a lot of debt to pay rent for an apartment until the time he had acquaintances and invited him to be a delivery of ilegal goods from there, that he could live his life in Los Santos as a criminal. Questions Tujuan membuat character story: Ingin memperdalam roleplay dari karakter Account UCP yang saya miliki: Connor_Rakhton Account Forum yang saya miliki: Connor_Rakhton Berapa lama saya sudah main di JGRP: 3 - 6 bulan Saya biasa main JGRP di: Hanya di rumah Saya Connor_Rakhton selaku pemilik account UCP Connor_Rakhton bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Joseph_Blakey) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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