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311 Saints Glory Boulevard

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Somewhere in Las Colinas, 2014 (Prologue)


Twins Brother who is named Tyshawn Rilley and Fedarius Hudston, at the age of 14, was used by an organization called "Glory Area Boys" to be a double agent with his rival organization called "Saints Boulevard". The two siblings were quite seen in the Saints Boulevard organization and were almost appointed as "Alley Executives". The two sides ordered to attack each other and Tyshawn felt confused to obey whose orders. Finally Fedarius restrained Tyshawn to move and plan ahead. Fedarius sent Tyshawn back to Glory Area to find information and the two of them separated. Two days later, Tyshawn came in a hurry and told them that they were betrayed. During the war, Tyshawn called the police for not being betrayed, while Fedarius tried to rebuild the organization from scratch.


5 Years later (Story)


From what happened 5 years ago, Fedarius and Tyshawn rebuilt the organization under the name "311 Saints Glory Boulevard". What do you mean by 311 ?, 3 is we are a third person, 1 and 1 signify that we are double agents. With the construction of this Gang, they aims to erase all organizations in Los Santos slowly and inconspicuously, and selling drugs in Las Colinas area. And because Saints Glory only has 1 place, Fedarius decided to use a "Point Organization System". Namely the headquarters was made separate into Saints-TR and Saints-FH.


- Saints-TR
Lead by Tyshawn, managing problems outside the aisles and membership.


- Saints-FH
Lead by Fedarius, managing affairs in the aisles and training members.



Chapter I: Slowly to Open the Degrees


The gang they brought has not been recognized by the community and other organizations. But Fedarius assumed that the trivial assumption they could bring destruction, especially Saints Glory has a weapon that is Tyshawn, Saints Glory's "Young Bull". Whereas Fedarius, Saints Glory's "Brain". With the strength of the two of them, Fedarius slowly "analyzed" to pave the way for Tyshawn to walk, like words working together to gain recognition to shake the mentality of other organizations. With a slow and steady struggle, Saints Glory won the degree "Destroyers".



the story will following the plot


OOC Section:


1. Mengikuti Gang secara In-Character (aprroach, dll..)

2. Menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar ( KBBI ), atau Bahasa Inggris ( Jika mampu ) dengan tata bahasa yang benar.

3. Untuk yang baru join, sebelum mengirim post screenshot bisa konfirmasi dengan PM forum ke @azka.grauen atau @Kiki 414

4. Kalau sudah join, kami berhak melakukan Character Kill kepada anda jika diperlukan.

5. Dilarang double faction tanpa perizinan dari @azka.grauen dan @Kiki 414

6. Pertanyaan, kritik, ataupun saran bisa PM forum @azka.grauen dengan bahasa yang sopan.


credits by: @azka.grauen @Kiki 414 dan @Pyschopath







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Yo, let's rolls

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Good luck

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