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  1. Estilo Mexicano Rifa XIII

    Y all sick, gutlak gengs!
  2. Brian Wilkerson

    thanks all, love you. ----- Wilkerson stole about $25,000 over two years while posing as a representative of charities that support cancer patients, wounded veterans and others.
  3. mau RP kriminal ya harus siap nerima resikonya yaitu tercyduck. Kalo takut kalah pas shotot dll ya jangan rp robert dong, rp ngentod misalnya lebih berfaedah. Dan satu lagi, RP rob bukan cuma ngerob orang handsup this is 'robert' doang banyak ko cari aja di gugel. Sama sedikit tambahan, kurang kurangin siklus Rob > Shotout > Jail/Mati. Coba buat siklus yang berfaedah dikit, rob > ke gep pokis > nyerah / no shotot > jail.
  4. Brian Wilkerson

    Thanks pal
  5. The families & gangsters.

    Hellbourne MC
  6. Terry "SNAKE" Parrish

    ular kobra~
  7. The families & gangsters.

    Hellbourne MC
  8. Brian Wilkerson

    thanks bro! appreciate it! ----
  9. Brian Wilkerson

    Brian 'Bird' Wilkerson was born May 18, 1987 in California, United States of America. Wilkerson is retired United States Army and he is known among the law enforcement circle to have a more "old school" approach. Brian Wilkersen is stubborn, bald and tattooed. Wilkerson is credited by the California Police Department's Criminal Intelligence Unit to be "quietly bringing stability back to the troubled California-South Jersey branch of the Supporter Fanatic" during the 2000s(decade). Early Life Wilkerson was one of four children born in the North California to strict "old world" parents. His father was a Pizza Man. He attended South California High School before dropping out his junior year to join the United States Army, where he eventually earned his high school diploma. He stands at 5' 8" and weighs 185 pounds with black-gray hair and brown eyes, before now he shaved all of his hair. Wilkerson got married when he was 26 and had two daughters. The marriage ended in divorce. Wilkerson later remarried and has 3 sons with his current wife Bianca. Criminal Career Unlike many other riot supporters who started their careers in crime as teenagers or young adults, Wilkerson didn't have a criminal record before age 28 when he was arrested for cigarette smuggling. In the 2015, he started to associate himself with a brothers "Sick" and Joe Brikland and worked as a bartender and at a frequent Manchester United Supporter to hangout. Wilkerson would become a protege of Devonte Pavenziano who in turn was close to powerful crime family member The Accardo Crime Family. During this time, Wilkerson started making money helping run illegal book making operations. He earned a reputation as an expert in sports handicapping, particularly for football. In 2016, Wilkerson was arrested alongside Danny and others for the D'Campo murder. On April 5, 2016, an appellate court panel overturned the murder convictions, citing prosecutorial misconduct and trial-court error. At the retrial in 2017, Wilkerson and his fellow defendants were acquitted of the murder. Wilkerson was the only one immediately released since the other defendants still had to serve time for prior racketeering convictions. Wilkerson was convicted of an illegal gambling charge, but was credited for the time served on the murder conviction. Upon his return to Blueberry, Wilkerson was viewed as one of the few crew left from the Youngest era, an era which saw the Supporter Fanatic gain enormous power and wealth, despite its violent tendencies.
  10. Nama UCP: casualmind Nama Character lama: Devonte Pavenziano Nama Character baru: Brian Wilkerson Jenis kelamin: Laki-laki (Male) Origin: Los Santos, USA. Alasan penggantian nama: Karena faction Accardo sudah disband dan bubar. Sekarang, roleplay akan menuju kearah faction biker/MC jadi saya membutuhkan NC untuk kebutuhan RP saya kelak. Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity': Bukti screenshot CK:
  11. laughs in italian.