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  1. jaeyrodriguezt

    Johanes_Tannn/ Minami Matsui & Maximiliano Leandro

  2. jaeyrodriguezt

    Pedro Sanchez

    You should've done better than this.
  3. jaeyrodriguezt

    Galliano and Friends

    L&A permission is granted to anyone who sees this.
  4. jaeyrodriguezt

    [VERIFIED] Cortez Drugs Ring

    Dont be late with my tribute guys. I'm relying on you @Felix Limbong @vyant @Kenan Birkan @LowLand @winstono. to live out every dream I ever had but never fulfilled myself. Trust me, creativity comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't. Love y'all from the deepest part of my heart. *Plontos Gallerano leaps into your arms and gives you a tight hug before he dissipates into the bright lights of the cold, urban night.
  5. jaeyrodriguezt

    Galliano and Friends

  6. nigga answer me.

  7. jaeyrodriguezt

    [Discussion] Mempertimbangkan masalah server JGRP soal Robbery.

    Gatau kenapa, mau ketawa gue bacanya.
  8. jaeyrodriguezt

    Galliano and Friends

  9. jaeyrodriguezt

    Orojuela & Associates

    Looking good my man.
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    [SHW/REL] the finest grande

    Skinnya boss money oriented. +1
  11. jaeyrodriguezt

    [VERIFIED] Cortez Drugs Ring

    Last but not least, I shouldn't have to tell you that we never bring our personal feelings into play.