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Entrigious Glory Blocc 70Th

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Entrigious Glory Blocc 70th is an alley street name formed in 1998, the place is known as the place for street children in the city of Los Santos, precisely Glen Park, affiliated with bloods, this gangster was founded at the end of January 2002, as a drug gang satellites located in the local Glen Park, Entrigious Glory Blocc 70th commonly mentioned or in short with EGB Piru is one of the youngest EGB groups in the area, and residents of Glen Park who are known as citizens of Piru, EGB is one of the street names located in the area, in the Glen Park area there are four areas in the Glen Park area where the gangsters spread namely, under the Glenpark bridge, the eastern part of the fire house, beside the Sportshop and in front of the restaurant that has been used or lived by the owner. Today's alley controls the separation of Northwest Glen Park with a group of neighboring or based districts such as the Idlewood area, Las Colinas, Jefferson and Skate Park. Later, EGB Piru wants to control the East to make the name EGB Piru known as the famous Bloods gangster in Los Santos, four places that have spread to become citizens of Piru.  

In 2006, EGB Piru made a plan to make money and the four regions discussed at Restaurant Glen Park to plan how to get as much money as possible to process the slaughter of illegal goods in the area. Finally EGB Piru and his alliance made a plan by robbing and seizing Restaurant and Petrol in the Idlewood area, EGB Piru did not hesitate to kill residents who dared to fight.



Tyrell Rivers and Bobbie Corwin is a mischievous man who was very enthusiastic about starting his illegal carrier in Cape Town precisely in Shout Africa and he was once imprisoned by the government because of his actions which often killed many people because he was opposed to many people and he was the one who circulated all illegal results it was to all the capitals of the town so that the chief of the police was very deterred from confronting him and so one day the police chief imprisoned him and passed him to Los Santos in the American country and in his prison Tyrell Rivers for a long time and one day he was released he was abandoned in Jefferson City and he was confused to start life and on one occasion he began the illegal career by robbing and stealing all public money so he bought other cocaine and coco for sale and met him with one of Darragh Golds and Tyrell Rivers and Darragh Golds started all illegal items two so that his name was grounded in Los Santos





Darragh Golds came from the city of Los Santos who was in the Idlewood area of this juvenile delinquency called by his friend "DG" who often did criminal things in the City of Los Santos, "DG" also often did business about cocaine and weapons to sell it to teenagers in the city area of Los Santos, Darragh Golds often bought the items to Tyrell and Bobbie, who were called illegal transaction businesses, in 2007 Tyrell and Bobbie communicated with Darragh Golds who was invited to the place where the owner Tyrell asked the Darragh to hang out at the place The restaurant that was not used and Darragh was at home because of being addicted to the illegal business, on one day Darragh Golds was considered by friends of Tyrell and Bobbie as members of Glen Park and Darragh was tattooed with a symbol of bloods to believe that Darragh has officially become a relative or EGB 70th family known as a Gangste r Bloods.




Chapter One : New Era


At that time Bobbie Corwin and Tyrell Rivers or aka Lee he was both a young man from Gleenpark and he also wanted to dominate the area in their own way and they needed several people to master a form of that area from business or legal matters and Ranz and Lee start it all by looking for people who, according to him, are easy to fall into the gangsta storyline that is determined to master all gangsta ranks from illegal and legal business matters.



  • Maaf kami tidak menerima Faction JUMPER!!!!!. 
  • Menghormati pendapat orang lain dan saling menghargai.
  • Gak terima orang baperan
  • Jangan sering menggunakan /b saat rp, kalau emang penting PM aja.
  • Siap mematuhi rules yang ada di server Jojgagamers.
  • Mempunyai saran komunikasi via OOC yaitu WA (( 081775221194 )).
  • Kurangin kata-kata kasar di IC maupun OOC
  • Utamakan saat ingin join Families ini gunakan akun utama anda.
  • Jika anda ingin bergabung utamakan semua itu lewat IC dan tidak melalui OOC
  • Ketika anda ingin join ke Faction ini, anda harus memahami roleplay menjadi seorang berkulit hitam atau Nigga.


  • Mempunyai roleplay yang kreatif
  • Utamakan anda tinggal di daerah Glen Park, Las Colinas dan Jefferson.
  • Anda harus memiliki ras dari Amerika samoa dan Africa.
  • Anda harus dari broken home dan memiliki perekonomian yang miskin.

Buat kalian para player Jogjagamers saya menerima kritik dan saran anda positif atau negatifnya, jika ada kesalahan yang tidak sengaja saat beroleplay mohon di ingatkan agar kami bisa menasehati atau memperbaiki apa kesalahan tersebut, kalian bisa PM Forum kami @PapahMamah.

Credits By: 
Atas diskusi di grup "WA" dan kerjasama anak warnet coklat yang sudah membantu membuat thread ini sampai kami adu bacot dan paling berisik di antara yang lain sampai kami dimarahin ama operator nett, semoga kedepannya tidak putus di tengah jalan, AMIN. @PapahMamah, @Lil-P, @Darragh121, @Gangstar

Sedikit Guide tentang Roleplay Gangster:




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Happy Roleplay !

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