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Piru's 121th

121th Shankwood Piru's Boulevard [Chapter V: " Find the right one "]

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121th Shankwood Piru's Boulevard

       The Shankwood Piru's Boulevard street gang is one of four major active Bloods-affiliated street gangs rooted in the Glen Park district of city Los Santos. Founded in the late 1990s as a local Glen Park satellite drug gang, Shankwood Piru's Boulevard, originally named Shankwood Piru, is one of the youngest Piru subgroups in Los Santos. Formal Piru Street Family sponsorship of the gang came to realization in 2002 as a result of an alliance with now-defunct neighboring Piru-affiliated street gang West Side Baller Piru, Based in the 300 block of Glen Park Street, the gang today controls half of the northwestern divide of Glen Park with further subgroups or “sets” based out of neighboring districts such as Idlewood, East Los Santos, and Jefferson. It is currently the third smallest Piru street gang in the greater Los Santos area.


Shankwood Piru's Boulevard


       Dwayne “YG Shankwood” was one of three founding members of the Shankwood in the late 1990s. The son of a Bloods gang member, Shankwood was one of three children raised in southern Los Santos in the heat of the nation’s crack-cocaine epidemic. Shankwood's father, Tyron Shankwood, a member of the Frank Wood Bloods street gang, was arrested in 1993 for the slaying of an alleged rival gang member in a drive-by shooting which took place two years prior to his arrest¹. Torian and his two sisters were later adopted by their grandmother with whom they shared a home on the western divide on East Glen Street. Joined by classmates Jasmine Bean and Demarco Lyles, Torian bought and sold drugs from gang members in the Frank Wood townhouses of West Idlewood. By age seventeen, the three had recruited a full staff of drug DEALERS from local neighborhoods and schools. Wood's dubbed the drug gang the Shankwood Piru and adopted Bloods gang culture similar to that of the Frank Wood Bloods.


Backlash against Shankwood Piru's activity in the Glen Park neighborhoods during 1997 lead to a year-long gang war between Wood's group and an East Glen Park chapter of the Idlewood-based Rollin’ 20s Neighborhood Bloods. In 1998 however, Wood's drug source, Frank Wood Bloods kingpin Timberly “OG Whoopy” Barnes as well as Rollin’ 20s Neighborhood Bloods gang leader James “OG Viwed” Reece, were two of nine Idlewood and Glen Park gang kingpins indicted as a result of an undercover federal gang probe. The arrests and later convictions of both Barnes and Reece lead to the disorganizations of both the Frank Wood Bloods and the Glen Park chapter of the Rollin’ 20s Neighborhood Bloods. Hill, allied with the West Side Baller Piru group of southern Ganton, lead the gradual elimination of the East Glen Park Rollin’ 20s Neighborhood Bloods. By 2000, the Shankwood Piru's and West Side Baller Piru gangs had assumed total control of East Glen Park Street and sections of Davis Avenue, a high-traffic drug strip once controlled by the Rollin’ 20s Neighborhood Bloods.


New territory lead to the expansion of the Shankwood Piru's and the interest of both law enforcement and prospective drug SUPPLIERS. In 2000, Wood was introduced to Idlewood drug kingpin Rodrick “Slick” Humphreys. Humphreys founded the Money Made Mafia drug gang of the Wank Wood housing community in the mid 1990s in an attempt to unify independent drug dealers in the East Idlewood area. The Shankwood Piru's allied with Humphreys’s gang as a result of a newfound supply relationship. However in the June of 2000, Humphreys was charged for the possession of an unlicensed firearm. Wood continued the allied relationship through Humphreys’s lieutenant Mano “Sumo” Kealoha. Kealoha, cousin to multiple East Idlewood Bloods gang members, adopted a Bloods identity in 2000 as means of strengthening ties with neighboring Bloods and Piru street gangs. Money Made Mafia’s union with the Bloods movement of Idlewood later pressured the Shankwood Piru to do the same with the Piru network of Glen Park. By 2002, the Shankwood Piru had formally adopted the Piru marker and renamed itself Shankwood Piru's Boulevard.




       In 2003, Shankwood Piru gang lieutenant and friend of Torian Wood, Demarco “OG Polo” Lyles, was killed in a shooting in the parking lot of Octopussy, a local downtown district nightclub. The shooters, Mario “Baby Funny” Evans and Eddie “Baby Boy” Ruiz, two members of the then-Willowfield based Ryder Blocc Families Crip gang, were shot in the same night outside of Peach’s Rolls, a popular skating rink on Seville Boulevard. The shootings would later spark a war between Shankwood Piru's Boulevard and Ryder Blocc Family Crips despite peace efforts by neutral gang leaders. Shankwood Piru's Boulevard ally West Side Baller Piru joined the war efforts against the Ryder Blocc Family Crips in early 2004. By the summer of the same year, Palm Tree Piru and West Side Baller Piru gang groups had begun to lose drug territory and gang influence to Sureno 13 and MS-13 gangs as a result of the war with the Ryder Blocc Family Crips. In the August of 2004, local and state police gang and drug enforcement units targeted Shankwood Piru Boulevard, West Side Baller Piru, and Ryder Blocc Family gang leaders and lieutenants in a takedown effort organized to reduce gang violence in Glen Park and Willowfield. Resulting in mass arrests, the takedown effort resulted in fourteen life-sentences and two death penalty sentences. Of the two death penalty sentences, Wood faces one of them. Kealoha, though a peripheral target in the takedown effort, was sentenced to life in prison in 2007 under the conviction ruling of two outstanding attempted murder charges from 2002.


Facing the death penalty in 2004, Woods maintained leadership of Shankwood Piru Boulevard  through Jasmine Bean and Tyrone “YG TT” Thompson, a member of the gang since its early inception. Members of Shankwood Piru Boulevard continued the fight with individual Ryder Blocc Family-affiliated drug gangs in 2005. By 2006, much of the fighting had subsided as a result of migrating Latino gangs and further law enforcement pressure. Scaled down by the fighting, Shankwood Piru Boulevard members maintained the western divide of East Glen Park Street and its corners of Davis Avenue. Frank “OYG Fats” Cleveland, a veteran gang member of the Money Made Mafia Bloods, continued Humphreys’s and Kealoha’s drug supply network on behalf of the two.


However in late 2012, Cleveland, a leader instrumental in maintaining the peace and union among various Bloods and Piru subgroups in south Los Santos, was shot dead on the corner of East Glen Park Street and Carson Avenue. Cleveland’s death sparked a civil war among the Money Made Mafia Bloods which later came to involve both Shankwood Piru Boulevard and West Side Baller Piru street gangs. By March 2013, all five Bloods and Piru gangs under the Humphreys-Kealoha Drug Network had joined the fight. In the April of 2013, 23 of 34 reported Idlewood homicides were documented as a direct result of the Idlewood-Glen Park power struggle. The gang wars resulted in a DEA and FBI drug probe tagged Operation Woodstock². Targeting all five Bloods and Piru gang leaderships and nine other key Idlewood drug figures, the DEA and FBI ended the investigation in early 2014 with the successful arrests of all but five targets. Many of the total seven street gangs targeted in the operation have since become dysfunctional or extinct.


Shankwood Piru's


             Torian Wood, now 36, was sentenced to the death penalty in 2008. However as part of San Andreas death penalty reform including the ban of lethal injection in 2006 as well as a pending reform initiative recently rescheduled for 2016, Wood today serves time at San Anne’s “Condemned Unit,” a housing block which hosts over four hundred death row inmates. Gang lieutenants Jasmine Bean and Tyrone Thompson both await sentencing on a multi-plea bargain on a total of five murders which took place in the years of 2006 to 2014. West Side Baller Piru gang leaders Tyrone Shawn and Eli Mills were shot dead by police in a Willowfield shootout during the 2014 investigations. Over half of the West Side Baller Piru street gang’s active membership was arrested in 2013 and 2014 as a result of the FBI and DEA joint-investigation.


Shankwood Piru's Boulevard membership continues to dwindle as a result of the pressure by law enforcement. Much of the gang’s Davis Avenue presence has been replaced by pockets of Sureno 13 and MS-13 street gangs. Shankwood Piru's Boulevard members today are found in the 300 block of Glen Park Street. Gang members represent their affiliation to the gang by the colors red and green, select sports teamwear like that of the Green Bay Packers, Texas Rangers, and Philadelphia Phillies, gang signs, gang tattoos, and gang graffiti.


Details of the leadership of Shankwood Piru's Boulevard today are limited. Little evidence supports the continued connection between Wood's, the Piru Street Family prison gang of San Anne State Prison, and today’s street-level gang members. Glen Park law enforcement believes that there is little to no connection between Palm Tree Piru and its old subgroups such as the Shankwood Piru Boyz of Jefferson and Wood Top Piru of East Los Santos.


Police today continue to further investigate the Piru network of Glen Park and neighboring districts. In May of 2015, Jerome West, 21, of Shankwood Piru's Boulevard  and Armond “YG Armo” Spearman, 20, of the Turner Avenue Piru Mafia were arrested for the murder of a rival MS-13 gang member which took place in the Glen Park Courts public housing community in 2011. Although its impact and influence on the overall South Los Santos HIDTA negligible, the Shankwood  Piru gang continues to be a focus for local and state police.


Chapter I : " You Are Welcome Friend's "




It was then that a society was built and many people who followed the association were in a critical economy because all the members were sufficient and could live in the same way.







Chapter II : " Loss O.G "





One day the gathering was in crisis suddenly O.G disappeared somewhere, all members looking for it but did not find the result of being abducted by another gangster or how, but Lil-O replaced the position of T-Shawn or O.G.







Chapter III : " The death of Lil-O "




One day there was another gangster attack and at that time a member of Shakwood was not much gathered in the hood, at that time there was a firefight that killed Lil-O, where many of the gangsters came out in fear of no one to replace Lil-O as OG.

Half the gang went out because no one replaces Lil-O as O.G, long after this gangster is deserted and may have no longer members but still many who recognize this gangster is still there.




 Chapter IV: " New Era Fo' Life "




After a few years the gangstar is deserted and there is someone who membangungkanya back Michael "M-Da" Darent, M-Da think about the death of O.G earlier.


After M-Da bounced back enough members to come back to rejoin, M-Da was happy because of the support of everyone nearby and his predecessors.


M-Da rebuilt this gangster somewhere in Los Flores and made life and made this association into a brotherhood.








Monday, 1 August 2017


RCHMJ1v.jpgBlack people do a lot of crime in the area around Willowfield, they attack each other for having a grudge, they ask tax to the people around and they are not reluctant to commit murder to the victim. The unrest with the gang in Willowfield, SAPD is also looking for These people call themselves Piru's Boy or Bloods, they shoot with shotgun, Glock.18 and more. Someone commented "People in this area are accustomed to hearing the sound of guns" they begged for SAPD to immediately arrest them, so no more The victim of the Willowfield area. The first victim of this gang was a schoolboy returning home, but he was forced to pay tax, and the boy did not pay and run, then the boy was shot by one of the gang members, rape was also often done by the gang This victim was named "Keana Westi". Keana Westi said he was raped and exhausted was hit by one of the members of the gang.

They also often attack other gangs, to the point that many victims are falling, they are very unafraid and thirst for blood, one of the gang members named Awfu said "We do not know fear

and pity we will do cruel action to the citizens of los santos, because the government Also do not like us ".




Ini dianjurkan untuk membaca informasi berikut hati-hati jika Anda berencana untuk roleplay dengan Boulevard Shankwood Piru ini:



- Setelah bergabung kubu ini, Anda setuju bahwa kami memiliki hak untuk karakter membunuh Anda atau pemutar membunuh Anda setiap saat. Proses afiliasi dapat mengambil sebanyak yang kita suka, dan itu dimulai setelah kami merasa seperti itu. Anggota yang akan mengambil bagian di dalamnya, yang dihubungi dalam karakter tentang hal itu, dan jika lulus atau tidak, mereka akan menerima status dari karakter juga. Ketika Anda menjadi afiliasi, kita memiliki kontrol penuh atas iman karakter Anda, dan kami dapat karakter membunuh Anda setiap saat kita inginkan. Jika Anda melanggar beberapa dari aturan karakter, tapi istirahat-dalam karakter rules- juga, Anda akan striked atau karakter dibunuh (pemain dibunuh) tergantung pada gravitasi dari situasi.



- Jauhkan Out Of Character chatting untuk minimum. Jangan gunakan / b untuk berkomunikasi dengan ingame eachother, gunakan fungsi / pm. Di sana karena suatu alasan.

- Bahkan jika kita tidak memiliki apapun anggota terafiliasi ingame pada saat Anda sedang online, itu tidak berarti Anda hanya harus berhenti, Anda selalu dapat membuat berbagai roleplay pada Anda sendiri. Bahkan jika tidak hal yang paling menyenangkan, ada baiknya kita membentuk pendapat tentang Anda.

- Peran sebagai seorang anak tidak membenarkan setiap trolling atau tindakan nyata sama sekali. Noone memaksa Anda untuk menghindari roleplay anak, tapi roleplay dia benar. Jangan berharap untuk berkeliaran di sekitar pada usia enam dengan pistol di tangan Anda dan menjual kokain.

- Anda sebagai anggota diharapkan untuk mengembangkan karakter Anda, buat roleplay untuk diri sendiri dan untuk orang-orang di sekitar Anda.

- Mengunjungi forum pribadi setiap hari adalah suatu keharusan. Itu tanggung jawab Anda untuk tetap up to date dengan aturan baru dan update.

- Jika Anda memiliki Out Of keluhan Character tentang orang dalam faksi ini Anda akan perlu mengirim pesan pribadi kepada saya. atau Ndun mengenai insiden itu dan menjelaskannya secara rinci.

- Disarankan untuk tidak menyertakan screenshot dari intercourses atau chatting yang dapat metagamed oleh anggota sof masyarakat. Its terserah Anda dan kehendak Anda, kami tidak membatasi Anda dari melakukannya.

- Ini dianjurkan untuk kabur keluar semua nama dalam screenshot Anda sebelum posting mereka.
Semua karakter harus dikembangkan dari awal dengan emosi dan individualitas. pengembangan karakter adalah suatu keharusan bagi setiap orang roleplaying tunggal dengan kami.

- Roleplaying relatif seseorang tidak meningkatkan peluang Anda untuk menjadi orang dalam. Pastikan Anda percaya orang-orang yang memungkinkan untuk roleplay sebagai kerabat Anda sebelum masa karakter Anda diletakkan pada baris karena kesalahan mereka.
Tetap realistis sepanjang waktu, tidak berjalan sendiri di wilayah saingan, atau hanya memprovokasi mereka karena Anda bosan.
gerbong faksi TIDAK diterima, jika Anda akan tinggal di sini selama satu atau dua bulan dan kemudian meninggalkan, kemudian menemukan diri faksi lain untuk roleplay dengan, ini bukan untuk Anda.




Aduh saya mau gabung tapi saya tidak tau slang nigga sama saya ga bisa bahasa inggris gimana ya :(


Solusi: Suatu keinginan akan tercapay jika mempelajarinya dengan sungguh".......




Pengingat: OOC Komunikasi adalah salah satu tulang punggung utama dari fraksi kami. Kami akan menggunakan LINE/BBM sebagai cara kita berkomunikasi. Berada di LINE/BBM sementara di fraksi adalah wajib. LINE/BBM memungkinkan kita untuk membahas hal-hal yang lebih mudah, menginformasikan orang-orang tentang situasi, meminta orang untuk kepala IG, dan sebagainya.


Credits : @Ndun Bray™

                @Piru's 121th

             @Daniel Fernando


Credits Vidio: 
- Ndun Bray™
- Hidden Piru Village Bloods





Download kilik disamping >> Download!



Private Website : 121th Shakwood Piru's Boulevard









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