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  2. Added Gangland vidios on first pack ! Happy roleplaying GUYS !
  3. added new video at first page!
  4. Maksudnya buat 2 replies biar enak d liat bang jadi post awal itu IC semua story, chapter dll nah d bawah itu OOC informasinya buat mengenalkan faction ini dan nanti akan ada beberapa tambahan dari rulesnya tersendiri, terimakasih.
  5. OOC Information Rules Faction Memahami rules In-Game jogjagamers roleplay. Kurangi /b untuk komunikasi OOC, usahakan gunakan /pm, jika penting! Memahami rules dari Families & Gangster. Kreatif akan setiap roleplaynya. Kita menggunakan chat group Sosial Media (FB/LINE/WA) untuk komunikasi antar player. Kami ada hak untuk meng-CK anda jika anda sudah menjadi bagian dari kami, dan memiliki masalah IC/OOC besar terhadap Families ini. Anda diperharuskan untuk mengirim screenshot anda sebelum anda mempostingnya di forum Jika anda ingin memposting screenshot anda di perharuskan memPM forum @Azteck dan @Kendrick_Klaywood
  6. Story 415th East Block Avenue is the name for Bloods children in the Iddlewood area, this alley is inspired by United Blood Nation in New York City. 415th East Block Avenue was founded by someone named Jaylen Blackburn and other friends, such as Omar Jenkins commonly known as Big O, and others. 415 is known as a street alley that is quite disturbing to residents around Iddlewood because its illegal activities such as selling drugs, marijuana, drunks, to selling women to the black market, and 415 this has a big rival, the possible Crips from United Blood Nation that Crips has become an enemy disastrous for Bloods. 415 is known to be quite aggressive towards his rivals or people around him and white people who pass by, sometimes they like to squeeze and loot all the possessions carried by the white people. 415 also often get into trouble with the police around because of their actions which are so wild, and not infrequently their members always enter the iron bars due to their own actions. East Block Avenue is commonly known as 415 because their sign street starts with fortune numbers, they use that number because of luck and also the number of road numbers they occupy. Chapter I: 'New Devils from Iddlewood' East Block Avenue was nicknamed as 415, and now they occupy the Iddlewood area, which allows many other alleyways to nest there too, with this they try to control one by one of their headquarters and try to become a king on Iddlewood. But for the past few weeks they have always been targeted by the police as a result of their actions which are so disturbing to the local residents and outsiders, who are very worried about them. And also 415 has a fairly sufficient membership to give a bulge to the alleyways in the area. CHAPTER II: Ballin and rollin with two sides. At the time Jaylen Blackburn met his old friend Carlos Niguel who was from Jamaican Jaylen Blackburn and his members picked Carlos Niguel and Jaylen Blackburn wanted to invite his friend Carlos Niguel to run on two sides, precisely in the Idlewood section, and East Los Santos. At that time Carlos saw the place of Jaylen Blackburn, which was precisely at Idlewood, he admired the place because there were many cannabis barrels and other weapons scattered about. After that Jaylen Blackburn asked his friend that he wanted to run the other side in East Los Santos because Jaylen Blackburn thinks if Idlewood is attacked he can go to East Los Santos and ask for help with Carlos Niguel. Then Carlos Niguel accepted to place himself in East Los Santos and after that Carlos Niguel recruited some members of Idlewood and placed him in East Los Santos and run life there and until now they continue to carry out activities such as selling marijuana and illegal items in East Los Santos . The story will continue according to the faction's running. Credits: @edwinnoviann Wikiped Photoshop My friend
  7. Nah ini nih betul banget, jadi kalau ada cleanshoot MD jadi bisa liat gak harus ngeforce orangnya untuk hidup, intinya sih sesuai character bleedingnya.
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