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Orekhovskaya Bratva


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1980s-1990s, Origin

The Orekhovskaya Bratva are a Russian based criminal organization, which was active between the late of 1980s to 1990s in Moscow. It was made up primarily of former young sportsmen between 18 and 25, led by a Russian gang's leader Sergei Timofeyev. On September 13, 1994, Timofeyev was assassinated by a car bomb and the gang split into around a dozen warring factions. These all gradually faded away over time and what was left of the gang was swallowed up by the Solntsevskaya Bratva, a rival Russian criminal organization in Moscow. After the death of Timofeyev, Sergei Butorin took his place to lead Orekhovskaya Bratva until he was sentenced to jail for life in 2011. However, he already picked 3 of his trusted men to take control of Orekhovskaya. One of them was Dmitri Djorkaeff, his nephew who was also the most trusted man he ever had.




2000s-2010s, A New Successor

In 4th of June 2011, a week before Butorin was sentencted to life, he called 3 of his most trusted men to his prison in Moscow to talk about their next move. Among them, Butorin got attracted by his own nephew, Dmitri Djorkaeff. He knew that Djorkaeff is the most potential among them, aside from his age which was only 28 years old then. But he did believe that Djorkaeff was able to continue their organization in the meantime. 7th of June 2011, Butorin called Djorkaeff again to visit him in prison to talk about an important thing. Butorin said that he could trust Djorkaeff to be his successor as the leader of Orekhovskaya Bratva if he got sentenced to life or other things that could result of his inability to continue on his position. However, he asked Djorkaeff to move to a new place because he knew that Moscow wasn't a safe place back then. 11th June 2011, Butorin was sentenced to jail for life due to his crime. That day, Dmitri Djorkaeff was officialy became the leader of Orekhovskaya Bratva.



June 2011, Our Next Move

A week later, Djorkaeff already got a plan for his next move. He decided to call his acquaintances to help him establish a new colony somewhere in United States of America. He called 3 of his most trusted men. Aleksey Mogilevich, one of his best friend in Moscow, Vasilli Djorkaeff, his own brother, and Evgeni Ionov, Mogilevich's nephew. They made a meeting, and talked about the best place to start a new life for Orekhovskaya. They decided to pick Los Santos as their best option for some reasons, one of them is because they heard life is much easier here than any other place in America. They knew that it wouldn't be easy to move their organization to Los Santos, so they plan to get some money and firepower before they moved there.



December 2014, Moving to Los Santos

28th of December 2014, Djorkaeff decided to make their move to Los Santos because he knew it was their right time to do so. Los Santos is in inflation, making them easier to do some illegal things as their start to make their livings. Drug trafficking, arms dealing, etcetera was their temporary lifestyle as they gain more men, primarily Russian to stabilize their crime organization. In the meantime, they gain more men and power. Currently, they already got approximately of 60 men joining their organization, and still growing both in number and quality.



  • We do recommend you to use your primary character to join
  • We do have the rights to "Force CK" if necessary
  • We do need you to be mature and be able to think reasonably
  • Faction jumper will be blacklisted
  • Being good at roleplay doesn't mean you can easily join with us. Use your common sense and respect us
  • Mind to join? Creatively roleplay with us and we should be happy to accept you


Coming Soon

Credits to: Wikipedia, Jogjagamers

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29th of December 2014 - Welcome to Los Santos

It's Monday in the evening, the sky is cloudy, thunder roars on the sky. Yesterday, Djorkaeff decided to move his family to Los Santos. 10 hours of flight, and now here they are. A big city filled with the dreams of gangster who wants to rule the whole city. Sounds good, but in fact it's not as good as they think it would be.


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