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Jefferson's Sport Car Assosiation (JSCA)


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On a small farm just South-East of Motel Jefferson’s in back Motel a teenager with the nickname HD lived. He was fourteen years back then in 1997, where it all happened.
He had a good friend named John that was living in Jefferson’s, just a few miles east of Jefferson. HD also had car, a gray Sabre that his father bought to him the day he filled fourteen. He already knew how to drive pretty well and this was his opportunity to get even better at it. He spent a lot of time driving around in the gray Sabre with and without his friend John. One day when HD and John was out driving on a dirt road leading from Montgomery to Jefferson’s something happened. The car hit a rock in the road that had fallen down from a stone fence. The suspension on the right side cracked, made the wheel go out of track and made the car turn by itself. This caused the car to hit a tree in the side of the road followed up by a double roll into the grass field landing on its wheels. Both HD and John fell unconscious with serious injuries. A farmer working by the barns saw the crash and quickly ran towards it expecting no good. He checked the boy’s condition and dialed 911 straight away. When the paramedics arrived they quickly removed them from the car and got them transported to the hospital. They were both seriously injured. 
After about two weeks in the hospital HD received the news, his friend John… was dead. HD felt sad and blamed everything on himself. People kept telling him that it was not his fault, of course HD did not believe so. Now he did not have his best friend anymore, nor did he have a car. He spent two years just working on the farm and finishing off school. When he turned 16 he moved to Los Santos to get a job, he turned out as a trucker and at the end he got enough money to buy a new car. He spent months, weeks, days and hours to fix the car up with one single goal in mind. Making a fast street racing car in the honor of John. This built was guaranteed to handle the busy streets of Los Santos as well as the bumpy dirt roads in Red and Bone County to the massive hills in San Fierro. When he was done with the build he took it down to the docks for a test drive, after a few minutes of driving he noticed sirens in his mirrors, he put the pedal to the metal and went for it. Then the cop car was gone. And the car, was a gray savanna.



He practiced a lot during the time being, and he did not get caught once in any police pursuit. Now he wanted someone to race with. One day when he sat in his car drinking coffee and reading the newspaper he saw an advertisement. It said: “Los Santos Racing Association is hosting a Car Show at Mulholland Parking lot Saturday five o’ clock.” HD got excited and started preparing his car for the car show by cleaning the engine bay and polishing the whole car. Saturday came and he was excited, he drove up to the parking lot glancing at all the nice cars standing side by side in sweet harmony. He found a parking spot between a brown Sabre and a white Elegy and he just went around looking at peoples cars with a big smile on his face. The smell of burned rubber and gasoline filled the area and for once HD felt that he was home, where he was supposed to be all along.
The car show went on, people came and left, cars were drifting around the parking lot and people was discussing cars with each other. Then the judging started. The leader of the car show went to each and every car looking over them with caution. After a while he had gone over every car and had his decision ready. He asked for everyone’s attention and said the winner, a black Buffalo. HD opened the door of his car and was just about to get in when the leader said: “If you want to know more about Los Santos Racing Association please stay after the car show.” HD closed the door, went to the front of the car and leaned on the bonnet. After a few minutes when most of the people had left and there was only street racer cars left the leader started talking. He said: “Whoever is up for “eating some seafood” follow us down to the docks.” Everyone got into their cars, turned their engines on and started following the leaders white Jester down the ocean docks. When they arrived everyone parked their cars on the side of the road and stepped out. They raced down there throughout the night just as planned. The next week HD kept contact with the leader and raced with him once in a while, but he was not yet in a racing crew…

One day HD was told to come up to Mulholland parking lot. There he met Angela Wright, the leader of Candy Drift Maniacs. She told him to get in his car and drift around the parking lot. HD got in his car and Angela got in the passenger seat. He put the pedal to the metal and span off into the parking lot. He did the best he could, pushing the car to the limit and doing perfect drifts. When the tires was worn out HD pulled over to the side and looked at Angela. She looked back at him and asked him if he wanted to join Candy Drift Maniacs, a under crew of Los Santos Racing Association. Of course HD said yes and Angela gave him a radio frequency and told him about the rules and how the crew operates. The amount of races was big and it did not take long before HD got known within the street racing culture of Los Santos. 
One day he was told by the other crew members that Angela was missing. After a few days Candy Drift Maniacs needed a new leader, highest ranked member took the position, his name was James. The time went by and the crew kept growing. After a while James stepped off the leader position and gave it to HD. That day HD promised himself that as long as he was the leader of a racing crew it would be the biggest and most active one out there.

Some months passed and an announcement came from the leaders of Los Santos Racing Association. They were going to take away HD’s leader position for someone else. The new leader was Katie that was chosen by the Los Santos Racing Association leaders. She was also a previous member of Candy Drift Maniacs. Since it came from the leaders of Los Santos Racing Association HD did what he was told and stepped off as a leader. 
Later on HD called everyone in the crew except Katie for a meeting. He told them what was happening and what he was going to do next. HD said he was going to leave Candy Drift Maniacs and start a new racing crew that was going to beat the whole Los Santos Racing Association. The whole crew wanted to follow HD and the started a new crew together, called Jefferson's Assotiation Sport…


-This family mixs but follow any rules 
-Respect admin and player
-Follow server rules
-If you need join, use you main character


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