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Leafwood Street Gangeros 13


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Idlewood Street Gangeros 13 is a new group predominantly Hispanic-American and Hispanic immigrants in Idlewood area, Los Santos. The gang have been builded since 2014 and they also called The Flateros Boyz, Krazy Boyz, and often called The Gangeros. They put number thirteen on their gang name to represent the Southside which consists of Surenos itself and declared that they're under Mexican Mafia control. This group has a small amount of members and will increase from time to time because population rate at the area increasing at this 2015. The law enforcements states that there are only dozens of these members. The occupants at there from low class until middle class and most of them are middle class. They're located at the center block of Idlewood housing complex and the gang itself from the housing complex until the brick house around Idlewood area. The gang become famous because homicide case upon their rival gang one year ago. According to the local news, the Law Enforcements arrested seven of them and sentenced in Juvenile Penitentiary for ten months. The motives is retaliation because the rival gang attacked them first. The gang at the time paused for several months because the case that affected the gang presence. At the middle of 2015, the gang raised again that they're still alive. Now, they are running normally and operating illegal substance as most of the gang does at their turfs. 

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  • We are potraying a Mexican street gang life, please show your creativity with the roleplay.
  • Please read some guides about joining street gang, Mexican street gangster, and developing your character with your gangster roleplay.
  • IC and OOC are 180 degrees different, never make it the same at all cost. If you do so, you'll be warned.
  • Give respect both IC and OOC for all the fellow roleplayers inside the faction.
  • Never argue with admin/staff team, they're there for balancing the game. Unless you have a proper arguments to spread off.
  • If you find troubles joining because of your english problem, we are gladly to roleplay with any kind of language, but the proper one like Bahasa of course.
  • We're learning each other, don't be shy to show your magnificent roleplay to others. Give corrections if you find any errors or minor mistake during roleplay.
  • Upon joining the faction, you are AGREE to give your CK agreement to the faction leader.
  • We have the rights to CK you if we find a good and proper reason, and agreed by administrator level 3 or above.
  • HAVE FUN, NO DRAMA, JUST SHOW YOUR MAGNIFICENT ROLEPLAY! We are here to have fun, no OOC drama, backstabber, fakers, or anything related to that stated before.
  • Any concerns about this faction can be sent to Pandas, Rogers, LC', and Masked_Gas.
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Idlewood, Los Santos - Hispanic Gangs


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Idlewood is a city in Los Santos County, just south of the City of Los Santos. It shares borders with Los Santos to the north, and unincorporated Lennox to the southwest. In 2003 the population was 112,580 with 38,648 housing units and by 2006 the population was 129,900. The city is 9.14 sq. miles in size and the downtown area is 4.15 sq. miles. The city lies in the northern most portion of the South Bay. It was estimated that 18 percent of Idlewood families had incomes below the poverty level, about twice that of the country at large (9 percent) and only 39 percent of the units were owned by its residents. According to the US Census, 24.9 percent of the families in Idlewood had a female householder with no husband present. According to the 2000 US Census, blacks made up 47 percent of the city’s residents (53,060 people), and Hispanics made up 46 percent (51,829), but the Census Bureau estimated that in 2007 the percentage of blacks had declined to 41 percent (48,252) and that of Hispanics of any race were at 52.5 percent (61,847). The white population declined from 19 percent (21,505) to 17.7 percent (20,853). 

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