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Locote Barrio Florencia XIII


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Florencia 13 knows as one of the most dangerous and notorious gangs in Los Angeles. Florencia 13 (F-13 or FX-13) originated in Los Angeles in the early 1960’s and gang membership is estimated to be more than 3,000 individuals. Florencia 13 operates primarily in California and increasingly in Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico and Utah. Florencia 13 is subordinate to the Mexican Mafia (La Eme) prison gang and claims Sureños (Sur 13) affiliation. A primary source of income for Florencia 13 is derived from the trafficking of cocaine and methamphetamine. Florencia 13 gang members also smuggle into the U.S. for distribution multi-kilogram quantities of powdered cocaine and methamphetamine obtained from their sources of supply in Mexico. In addition, Florencia 13 gang members produce large quantities of methamphetamine in Southern California for local distribution. Florencia 13 gang members are further involved in other criminal activities, including assault, drive-by shooting and homicide.



In this city of Los Angeles he was born at 1990 they name is Juan Vasquez  have a bad father and good mother, his father have a bad attitude , because he always drinking, cracking , killing people , robbing like for the criminal recordsarrow-10x10.png and gangster style. He Father have a gangs the gang name is Florencia -13 , Juan know it at 2010 , They mother not life with father because Father of  Juan have a bad attitude and they go leave them all and divorce. Juan is so angry to look Father attiude, And Juan have a friend but the friend Juan is a gangster of Florencia-13  , He's name is Leonardo Moralez he good friend for Juan, but Juan not like this gang.


In the 2011, Moralez and Juan going to Los Santos to to the purpose of each, Moralez want to build the hispanic gang but Juan have a really job like this farmer, Moralez create the gang in El Corona , Los Santos. They gang name is " El Corona Florencia 13" , then gang members is so little not higher, El Corona is fully of gang member from Hispanic from anywhere. They just got mission from Juan Father.


At the 2014, Juan Vasquez have a really really job like "Reporter" from San Andreas Network , he have a big job , he was happy with this job. At the reporter Juan always disciplined in doing his job, and we don't' have a time for meet friend , and he doesn't like lived in El Corona but in Rodeo Apartement, we doesn't like in El Corona  because have  a bad friend and a more gangster. He doesn't like gangster type but he father is a gangster in Los Angeles. Then a few months later, Juan have a big problem with this job, like can't create a newspaper,tv news and the boss of San Andreas Network give Juan a warning, and Juan so angry because the salary to takedown.


And in the 2015, Juan Vasquez has been out from San Andreas Network because he resigned and doesn't like job for reporter, he want join the gang in El Corona , and meet at Moralez, Moralez is the leader from" El Corona Florencia 13" , the duo have a chit-chat and Moralez like Juan action , then Moralez get down from rank leader and give it leader to Juan Vasquez to controll the gang because he father is gangster and his son really like a father action, then the gang name changed to "Locote Barrio Florencia 13" they Florencia 13 in El Corona also hispanic crazy man, Juan really like the gangster and he want landmark El Corona to Florencia 13 Area.















* Must know the rules of Jogjagamers Roleplay

* Hispanic only can join this gang,(Read the guide how to join hispanic gangster

* You can play with our primary or secondary charachter, but i don't accept a double faction character.









Credits goes to :

- LSR*

- Mr Yosie



- Bebek07

- Lil Felix

- Alvin Algadri


NB : Mohon maaf apabila terjadi kesalahan dalam pengetikan bahasa , karena saya juga masih belajar jika ada yang salah mungkin lebih baiknya anda bisa membantu saya untuk membenahi dalam kalimat-kalimat yang saya tulis/ketik. Dan Thread ini setiap hari akan diupdate

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Vasquez Family Gather UP

In  El Corona , 25 May 2015. Juan Vasquez pickup the three brother of Vasquez on airport Los Santos with Blue Sultan they name is Aldrick Vasquez, Jonathan Vasquez , and Felipe Vasquez. Juan call the three brother to controlled the gang of "Florencia Trece". After Juan Pickup the three of brother Vasquez , after he dropped at the  place them directly into a house owned by Juan in El Corona. Then Juan talking about the gang, and brother of Vasquez listen for Juan chit-chat. Juan have a mission for the three brother to make a tagging and recruiting gang member.  After about talkin the gang rules , he going to holiday in Santa Maria Beach to fishing and refreshing, in the Santa Maria Beach Juan meet up a another one mexican people and Juan  introduce he self with his man. They name is Diego Arreguin he have a gang affliation with like this the tatto in he head is "13". Juan interested his tattos and he want get the talkin chit-chat in the Santa Maria Beach Area Parking , Diego is does same the gang in Florencia but he not live at El Corona because he doesn't know about the gang, Diego lived in Las Colinas, in the Las Colinas is full mix of hispanic gangster, Diego has been invited from Juan to join his gang , then he going back with three Vasquez brother to the barrio for accepted Diego for reall gangster Florencia trece. After arrived in El Corona the three Vasquez brother make a circle and with Leonard. Then Juan give a brawl punch with 2 insider of the gang, at the brawl punch the three Vasquez brother counted a number uno(one/1) - trece(thirtheen/13) after punch the  Diego, Diego has been accepted by Juan and , Jonathan give the beer and blue rags to Diego, Diego accept the beer and drinking , after drinking he use the blue rag for real gangster of Florencia trece.





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