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  1. East Side Locos 13, also known as ESL 13 is a Mexican-American criminal street gang organized in Los Flores, Los Santos. The ESL 13 has been around since the early 2021s and considered with their sets of Surenos 13. Prologue El Corona residence - 30-year-old Lopez Escobar, better known on the streets as Guerro or El Guerro, is a former member of a famous gang from the El Corona called South Side Aztecas XIII with their representation of Surenos. Guerro is one of the most respected members of the era, and he even served as a shot-caller to the gang. On 18 August 2018
  2. Tidak sama sekali walaupun ada karakter disana yang berlevel besar, saya ikhlas kalau di block.
  3. Saulo_Cardenaz Saulo Cardenaz, often called Saulo, is a young Mexican-American born on March 28, 1998. In Michoacán, Mexico. He grew up in a reasonably wealthy family. Since childhood, he has had hobbies such as playing video games, and the reason he likes this hobby is that his father allows Saulo to use his father's computer. On the other hand, Saulo's father does own a computer store, so he likes playing games with his father. Moving into adulthood, he became increasingly adept at studying computer science, although there may still be much that he ne
  4. Nama UCP: zuqal123 Nama Character lama: Murillo_Candelaria Nama Character baru: Saulo_Cardenaz Jenis kelamin: Laki-laki (Male) Origin: Michoacán, Mexico Alasan penggantian nama: Karena sudah di CK oleh SAPD (Lacra Del Puentes takedown) dan saya ingin menggunakan nama baru Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity': Bukti screenshot CK:
  5. real crips nigg* ! , keep it up man ~
  6. I've deleted an unimportant message from my inbox. Now, you can send me a message.
  7. Coba pakai samp addon versi yang dibawahnya, aku skrg pake yang v2.4 aman jaya link : https://libertycity.net/files/gta-san-andreas/120573-samp-addon-2.4-ispravlenija-dlja-samp-a.html
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