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Bullet and rose, from the name we should be able to know what is the meaning of the name. that is soft but hard, tough and fast. Bullet n Roses is a name of a group whos fighting for a justice. But the way they have choose that wrong. Some people say that they are a good people but some people say a bad people , no anyone know what the purpose that group. Because , everyday they are making a riot , illegal racing , robbing and killing but every week they set aside their money to the orphans.








Members of B'N'R not only from the American continent, but Asia and Africa as well as Europe was also one of the members B'N'R. they all have their individual skills and not just driving.

In this time, they increased the strength with the inclusion of former ex-con known for the action of killing, stealing, driving and robbing. moreover several former police joined in this network. Los Santos, is the city where the presence of this member. the members has a characteristic in his hand that bullet and a rose tattoo , but not all members have a tattoo. Someone 16 years old makes this group, the first group is usually normal, but has now become extremely out of bounds. The young man was now gradually mature, but now he has handed the leadership to his friend (ex cop). After handing over the leadership, BNR as usual. However, a few months ahead Leaders recently died, as a result of doing something stupid that Kidnapped a cop. Hearing that, the first leader intends to take back the leadership. He promised to look for the person who had killed his friend and he will kill that person who killed his friend.


No anyone know what's in their minds, even if they occasionally been helping the poor, but they always do mischief. One of them said "we just take our property from what you have" "Whoever it is, who dares to us will receive the consequences".


How to join with us ?

  • take it Icly
  • any origin can join with us

If there any question , you can ask to this forum *40thief



  • Respect to all player , all admin/helper
  • Follow the server rules
  • You must understand the basic roleplay
  • If you join this faction , so you have to agree that if you will go out , your character will be killed. (CK)
  • Do not use /b when we roleplaying
  • Understand about families and faction rules

Credits :
  • Goblin
  • 40thief
  • Rama

*we still learn to be a better and better.
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