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  1. Posisi udah format semuanya? Failed rufus nya itu gegara format flashdisk nya bukan? kalo iya berarti problemnya di flashdisk.
  2. Solusi 1 & 2, reinstall sih udah paling gamps wkekeke. Solusi no 3, installan rufus nya yang kena damage, rufus emang biasa begitu sih, coba cari installan lain/pake program serupa lain (contoh: win usb tool).
  3. Dope SS coming up soon!
  4. Character: Piercy_Oneil Story: Piercy Oneil was born on Oklahoma City, from an Afro American dad and Latina mom. She was raised in the seventh day Christian denomination which make her a devoted Christian believer. Growth in Afro American community in Oklahoma, she was bullied by her friends a lot because of her Latina mother, and her dyslexia which make her unable to read correctly on her young age. She learned how to take advantage of her dyslexia which made her able to perform well in her school. After she got graduated from the local high school, she decided to move in to her aunt house in New York City. Piercy Oneil later lived with his aunt in the New York City while she continued her study in local university in Queens, NY. Before she was able to finish her study, she decided to dropout from her university and joins the New York City Police Department. She met Samuel Lockhart a SAPD Commander who at the time she met him, he was a NYPD Deputy Chief, Samuel Lockhart saw a potential on Piercy, he later asked Piercy to become his personal investigator, with a promise that he will make her career shine. Without a further due, she accepts Lockhart’s offer and start working for him as a personal investigator within the NYPD. Piercy Oneil was lead an assault to a gang-based member where she involved in a dramatic shootout that fatally wounded her, make her disabled for a moment, Lockhart thought that she was killed in action since her body was never found. Which she was saved by a “Good Samaritan”, after she got recovered from her disabilities, she decided to leave the darkness and comeback to the spotlight, but she was never able to reach Lockhart since he was already transferred back to the San Andreas Police Department, and she decided to follow his step and got her ass to the state of San Andreas. ((will be continued ICly..)) Saya Evolution selaku pemilik account UCP Evolution bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Piercy_Oneil) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  5. Mantap, jangan mau dihina ama sebelah, yang katanya yang cuma bisa rp hehehe, keep it up bos! ps. ea ada yang butthurt..
  6. who said police can't ride?
  7. Kalo bukan yang diatas berarti ya family yang dibikinin casefile NANGIS QIOKWEOQKWEOQKWEOKQKEOQKEOQKE
  8. kenapa gak ss ngerampok ber 4, tapi backupan nya 4 orang
  9. Dududu Panci oli emang top dha....
  10. Evolution

    CSGO Community

    Vakum dannnnnn wkeokeokeoke
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