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Speed Demons


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Speed Demons is a community made by 3 bestfriends that came from different places and jobs, but hobby unite them. Andrew "Red" Thompson, Aaron "Ford" Blenford, and Guillaume "Big G" Boutris, Are the known members of the Speed Demons. They met each other at a midnight race that held in Los Santos back then, But the cops came and pursue one of them and they helped each other. And that incident made them knew each other and became a best friend. They spent their night on the road, and came home with a lot of greens.




A few month passed, Big G finally bought a Workshop located next to Los Santos City Hall from his hard work all this time. And now they usually hang around at Big G's new workshop. And because the activities they do every night, some idea came into their mind and they decided to make some racing community named "Speed Demons". Every night they hit the road, earn some money and show everyone who they really are. One day the "Demons" found a talented guy named Quincy Nelson also known as Icy on the road, Icy were a member of another racing community but he quitted and joined the "Demons" because he had a problems with the leader of the community. The "Demons" welcomed Icy because he got the thing the "Demons" wanted.







-Always follow the server's and faction's rules.
-Don't use /b while RP unless it is important or you are speaking to an admin.
-Always roleplaying as good as you can. 
-You must post screenshots on the thread.
-Do not Inactive without notification.
-Respect the other members
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