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  6. America Connection was founded in 1931, initially the power was led by a big boss who only had the initials "R". They set up illegal and legal businesses in the Vinewood area, the company runs in several locations, namely; Ocean Docks, Dillimore and Fish Factory. America Connection was reborn in the early 1990s, they made a new regulation and established several companies in various places in the city of Los Santos. In 2000 in April some legal companies began to run and were accompanied by the production of illegal goods such as heroin and other sharp weapons. America Connection in the 1990-2018 era, now held by Alex Hubbard and Salas Pasqual, who he recruited from his own old relatives, could be said to be like his siblings. Geoffrey's "Sanks" work was carried out on the ground. Collier was tasked with operating an oil company located on Ocean Docks, Geoffrey agreed to Hubbard and Hubbard fulfilled the agreement. In 2006 the company experienced a crisis which declined very dramatically and was required to sell some of its shares in rural areas, namely oil companies in Dillimore right across the rural center there. The increase began to increase in early 2008 and they retook the shares in central Dillimore. In the mafia organization there are four killers who were paid in full by Alex Hubbard to supervise at each location of his company. Alex Hubbard kept the place where he used to do illegal things, he had several private facilities that he could use to oversee the Alex Hubbard project. GUIDES OOC RULES Story akan berjalan seirignya Chapter...
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