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13 Brick Boys (Chapter 2: We raise our flag!)


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The 13 Brick Boys gang is a teenager-gang who founded by Craig Hensley. 13 Brick Boys gangmember is dominated by high school student who has passed from it and staying around Las Colinas Hills. The 13 Brick Boys gang activity more dominated by selling drugs, robbing, kidnapping, vandalizing,  and many more ruthless action. The 13 Brick Boys gang is affiliated with white colors. Craig Hensley make this gang up growing quick. With only 13 gang-member for the start, now they become 100 gang-member. Someday, Craig Hensley and the gang hangin around their base, selling dope and doing a lot of shit things. A mexican with unknown gangsign drove head around Las Colinas and do some drive-by head 13 Brick Boys. In that accident, Craig Hensley founded died because multiple gun shoot around his body. Since that accident happend, the gang was disbanded due got non-leader to lead them up again. Before Craig Hensley died, he send a message toward Axton Ackerley to make  the 13 Brick Boys gang regroup again. But now, Axton is not on Los Santos.








After Craig Hensley died, Axton Ackerley is moving out from Chicago head to Los Santos. He going to Los Santos with Olivier Reece, Troy Miller, and Simon Emiliano. After all of them arrived at Los Santos City. They head Las Colinas Hills and meet Cadee A.K.A Dee. They're going to Craig Hensley's grave and say good bye for the last time. Then they're going back to Las Colinas Hills. Axton A.K.A Axe talk toward the boys about the new 13 Brick Boys. Now, they're beginning to regroup the gang with the rest of 13 Brick Boys gang member from Dee's member. "You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge" Axton said.




Since Axton Ackerley also known as Axe ruling 13 Brick Boys, the gang was grown up. In the start, the gang only have 5 man with a little business too, then now the gang have 150 gangmember around Las Colinas Hills and also expand their business around that area. Olivier Reece also known as O and also known as Dope O as the second king of 13 Brick Boys is someone who makes the gang business spreaded. They start from vandalizing, beating people, and another little crime around Las Colinas. But now, they start from drugs-dealing, gun-dealing, rackettering, etc.


One day, Axton Ackerley and the other boys walk around Las Colinas. He told to other boys for create some turf sign around Las Colinas to make the gang become famous and ruthless. The cops was do some patrol around Las Colinas, then they found Axton and the boys start doing vandalizing on a house. The cops arrested all of them, and throw them to the jail for 5 months. Since Axton Ackerley got locked up, Olivier Reece starts to expand the business against the another gang. He told to the rest of 13 Brick Boys gang-member for slangin a hook-up (drugs) and etc. Troy Miller also known as Rabbit help Olivier Reece by expanding the stuff around Idlewood and Ganton.


A different from Troy, Emil was ran the business with gun-dealing way. He sell a lot of guns who he got from another gang. Start from 9MM, glock, shotguns, etc. The 13 Brick Boys gang-member is grown up too. After Axton Ackerley was released from San Andreas Correctional Facilities, he bring new guy to come in to the gang. Now the gang run out with new 50 gang-members. The gang base named hide-out is a place for hanging, staying, living for the gang-member. The location is at Las Colinas Hills Complex. "For now, we're really raises our flag around Las Colinas" Axton Ackerley said.




Jika kalian ingin mengikuti faction ini, ada beberapa ketentuan yang harus kalian ikuti agar faction ini bisa berjalan dengan lancar. Yaitu:


1. Jika anda ingin menjadi bagian dari kami, silahkan baca guide yang telah dibuat oleh admin Sinatrio untuk memahami lebih detail tentang "JOINING STREET-GANG"


2. Jika anda sudah bergabung dengan gang ini, kalian sudah terikat dengan semua rules yang ada. Termasuk FORCE CK prior (jika ingin keluar dari gang ini).


3. Kami tidak menerima member yang memiliki watak troller, retarded, dan yang lain yang menghalangi jalan faction kami untuk pergi ke jenjang yang lebih serius (VERIFIED/OFFICIAL)


4. Geng ini berbasis ras orang kulit putih alias white-boy.


5. Dilarang keras menggunakan OOC command seperti /b yang menghalangi jalannya roleplay yang ada.


6. Diwajibkan untuk mematuhi semua rules yang ada maupun rules faction ataupun rules server JGRP.









  - StreetGang (story-maker and the gang creator)

  - DirtyHarry13 (banner etc)

  - Me (adding new era section and the rules)

  - All 13 Brick Boys gang!


nb: sorry for some grammaticals-error. we will fix it soon as we can.

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