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Vicky Frenov Pattyranie

Associazione Del Lupo Bianco | Chapter III : Port Mafia

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Associazione Del Lupo Bianco or the White Wolves Association, is a criminal organization that works behind the scenes of this organization made by three criminal families in Rome Italy, namely the Baltais family, the Vittore family, and the Carinelli family they made this dark organization with the agreement that this large family was led by the Baltais family because they have the highest shares, and the highest illegal stock than Carinelli and Vittore.




I am a cousin of Moshes Baltais himself, my name is Marcello Carinelli having Italian-American blood, I am the only child of a couple named Antonio DeCarinell and Marisa Alexsandra, my mother is a beautiful woman in America who is alone because my mother was born without a father, and his mother is a drug addict who died of an overdose.


When my mother was 15 years old, my mother met my father who had a mission in New York America to destroy the company's stock products by burning it, at that time my mother worked part time at a cafe that my father visited for a short break and to drink a cup of coffee while my mother worked as waitress, my father stared at my mother's eyes for a moment and my father's gaze in the other direction, in the end my father realized that someone he was looking at also saw him and finally they got acquainted and then as time went by they fell in love.


My father had long worked in an organization called Associazione Del Lupo Bianco when I was 15 years old. My father told me that I was ready for the main family, that I would be a leader in the Carinelli family. My father began training me by giving me weapons to shoot wild boar on family farms near my house, and I was introduced by Moshes Baltais at that time, Moshes was a quiet child, and very deadly for a teenager, who did not hesitate to kill a boar fearlessly, with a machete at the age of 15 I sometimes think, is he human?


Moshes told me, that if you want to live in the forest, you have to be a predator of an organization, at the age of 15 he said "Don't trust anyone even if it's me" is very ironic because he knows that there will be traitors behind traitors, that's was the beginning when I met Moshes, my close cousin who had died of treason.

I came to Los Santos, to meet my cousin who was like my brother because our meeting had not happened for a long time so I decided to meet my brother who was just married. The unexpected thing happened when I was only staying for a day at a Los Santos Hotel






The Carinelli family is a wealthy family with a business background, their family members are prepared to hold a stake in the family, starting from Marcello Carinelli who has intelligence above the average when he was only 15 years old he could master 4 languages with autodidact, and became one of the most talented people in the Carinelli family.


You could say Carinelli is a distant family, from the Baltais family that has existed since the Second World War, they usually hold meetings for their illegal or legal business somewhere, with a high brotherhood, without any competition they control each family, that their family members are strictly forbidden to hurt thoroughly.


The Carinelli family itself is a family that is very happy to do money laundering, corruption, and also a large scale robbery in a company, their most important hobby is to buy lots of shares in a company and then they send someone from the members of the organization to drop the price of these shares, and after that, they sell shares at a very expensive price, usually, they make a lot of money from their hobbies.


They have many members who are not even family but are very loyal, following the Baltais family they are also a family that has a high social life, and also has a commitment that children in Italy are assets of the country, even if the child is not an original Italian still it is an asset of the state that will advance their economy.


Each extended family in Italy usually has a Godfather in their family, randomly chosen who deserves to be a Godfather, not only a criminal family that has a Godfather but a family that does not even intervene in criminal matters usually has the title Godfather


My opinion
A godfather is a person who upholds the family, what is important for him is the family although different from their blood is a creation of God that is very valuable and special in the eyes of God himself, what makes the name of the special Godfather is the Godfather to be a guide between his other children and children biological child or godson, there is no difference between the two, the name Godfather means the loving parent who does not think of any biological problems.





The new power in question is when all the families unite once again to run the illicit business, what Moshes Baltais did, the strength of Italy and the power of Los Santos is the best way to find out who is the killer of Moshes Baltais and who is destroying all the efforts of Marcello's cousin, Marcello asked Moshes' wife Karen Catlye a lot of questions, and their presence now was to work together as a new family, Karen Catlyne said she was afraid of the threats that came in her family business that killed Moshes and she did not want that to happen to her.


Karen Catlyne is protected by a new family that is now, named Associazione Del Lupo Bianco white wolf association, because of moshes that like snowy killers and leadership behavior make Marcello want to have that name to continue what his cousin made.


The new glory of the king, will come once more the family will attack once more, and destruction for someone who betray the families will come once again, the new power of the old kingdom, will make people think twice about destroying the empire from Rome




Increasing new problems in the family, making the Godfather think to stop the conflict that will endanger the family, the father thinks to create many communities to look for people who can be used as employees and also as a seller of crack, and other items but it was not easy , Marcello and Darwin discussed at the right time with the new alliance and the old alliance that was once long organized by Moshes Baltais, the success of several companies such as Taxi Co., and also Wolf's Lair Inn is the result of hard work from the father and also the adviser, but unexpected things happen.


While Marcello was busy taking care of all the family companies, a nephew who was considered the son of the godfater, even more taking care of something fun lust, he left all the work that the godfather Marcello Carinelli made to make the father angry, while the father was waiting for an answer from his nephew madness the father thought to kick his nephew's out from these problems, footprint or eliminate him from the family business, which means to die because he does not respect the family especially the godfather himself.


The father eliminates his nephew, executed directly by the adviser who feels the business will be threatened by him, when he kills on the will of Godfather then the position of the Don, can be replaced at any time if the father wants it.


The end of all disputes between the godfather and his nephew is a new beginning of a clear end rather than a journey with no clear purpose, the godfather begins to create a new community that can lure people with the same hobby as the godfather and the adviser himself that is, the motorcycle club called Nightbleau is led directly by the godfather's trustee as president in the community named James Smith, someone who has contributed to the family, given a higher position than before, James was assisted by Arturo Beneventi to create a motorcycle community that would be under the shade of the Godfather himself.


When members don't have any activities or missions from Godfather, they usually prefer to go around the San Andreas area with their favorite motorbikes. Most of the members use Yamaha, Honda, BMW motorbikes and they all use sportbikes such as YAMAHA YZF-R1, BMW S 1000RR, Kawasaki Ninja H2 1000CC, they like to show action with their motorbike, and do not violate traffic laws, their main hobby is touring to the chiliad mountain and taking pictures there with their favorite motorbike.





They started to do Extortion in some remote areas such as Flint Farm, as well as petrol and pawnshop in the village of San Andreas, nightbleau was guided by James Smith himself, as someone who asked for taxes in these areas, the many protests of local residents made nightbleau made even more interesting by the public, and they try to play lowly under the name Nightbleau itself, Nightbleau Motorcycle Club tries to intimidate people around the place by showing that they will commit violence if their will is not obeyed.


they also send drug stocks with their motor sports, usually they use Boxvile-like cars to send drugs at certain places with the help of Nightbleau The deepest people of The White Wolves can carry out their illegal transactions safely because of help from the Nightbleau community, Nightbleau is equipped with deadly light weapons such as Glock 45 GAP, Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol and heavy weapons such as Remington.88 on their backs only a few people use it, usually members hide the weapon in their jackets.



Weapons, legalized by Godfather, that motorcyclists are allowed to use weapons if something protected is very important they deliver important items and assets of Society Group companies at the will of the Godfather himself, Godfather tries to find a way, so that his children are there in Nightbleau it is always safe to carry out their transactions, Godfather has connections with several local gangs that have access to weapons of the same class as national weapons owned by the state army.




the Godfather helps his children to be able to protect themselves without having to use sharp weapons, Godfather himself is a person trained in Ministero della Difesa italiano (Italian Ministry of Defense), which is one National army in Italy, taught martial arts by the country of birth the Godfather, the godfather told his children how to take someone down at one stroke, and without having to drain a lot of energy


Associazione Del Lupo Bianco, has seen the pinnacle of their achievements, the success of the motorbike that made them have more illegal access and drugs than before, and martial arts are also some things that can be made a business among young people



The Los Santos Crime Syndicate consists of several foreigners and no Italian blood, one of which is Darwin Oxleys, who is an African-American because Marcello Carinelli no longer has a Traditional mindset like La Cosa Nostra. He thinks everyone can join if that person can prove himself capable and loyal, Marcello Carinelli doesn't care about where or offspring of that person. To commit large and more organized crimes they need competent and scattered members throughout the City, Los Santos Crime Syndicate was formed from a band of criminals who had been hiding in Los Santos now showing his identity as a feared man in the city.

They are all bound by oaths of loyalty and honor.


They work together to seek as much profit as possible in any way but are also limited by their loyalty and respect for the Organization and the Godfather.


Some of them have backgrounds like ordinary people, but because there are demands on the economy, or even because they feel bored with their monotonous life and work, they look for sources of joy or wealth in this way.


Back to the nature of people who always feel dissatisfied, the more they often do something, then it will become a habit and that habit can make things change.


Members of different races consist of James Smith as Street Boss, Arturo Beneventi as his assistant, they are given a high position to run a business in the western area of Los Santos.

Their short story
James is a man who worked with Marcello Carinelli five years ago, Marcello saw James who needed a job when he arrived in the city of Los Santos, and Marcello gave him a job as a Taxi Driver in another place, Arthuro also looked for a job and joined an Italian mafia in El Corona, with the purpose of making money but Arthuro did not understand the system and their performance Arthuro who was accustomed to the criminal world saw irregularities in the organization and chose to leave the organization and become a bartender at the Marcello bar because Marcello needed a lot of employees at that time.


The habits of each crew between high and low positions, it is clearly different the soldiers do not care if they have to deal with the law, different from the consultants, they are an important part of the organization, the organization consists of wolves under the alpha, and above alpha, there is a council or supreme leader who assigns alpha and wolf to conquer something their words are absolute, and cannot be disturbed by anyone in the organization.

Daily Activity

While the soldiers are busy, selling illegal goods and making money, the consultants will only enjoy the results of their subordinates, the consultants usually go out of town and enjoy the results of the organization but the consultants are actually more practically lawyers for the organization and are the people who make legal fonts for the organization's soldiers, NightBleau is an example of a crew who owns a bar in Marina, most of the NightBleau members are young people who can't stand emotions, and they usually prefer fighting and dealing with problems with their muscles, NightBleau president has come in 3 generations.


In 2011, led and made by Marcello Carinelli when he was young, he was nicknamed "One Hit Man" because no one could win against him while fighting with his bare hands and very often he hit someone once and immediately fainted, now Marcello has changed professions and now he is called Father, or rather the fonder of this crew.


In 2015-2020, led by James Smith, he has now become an advisor in the organization, which makes him an important person, and that is why he gave his subordinates the opportunity to become President of the club or crew.


Currently, Daniel Fernandez is the person who holds the position of President of NightBleau, the chairman of the motor gang that controls the streets of the marina, no one dares to oppose them in the marina except consultants and top brass of the organization.



Olympic Avenue Crew is one of the crews of the White Wolves Association, NightBleau success in making illegal paths in Los Santos made The Council or the higher-ups of the organization think, to expand the performance of their illicit business, by extending it out of town and abroad they rented a boat and named the ship named Mother Shipping Ocean


This crew was formed in 2020 with permission from the Godfather who gave permission to Arturo Beneventi to form his own Crew, Arturo Beneventi was previously one of the loyal Soldiers of the White Wolves Association. Arturo asked Luigi Giovanna to help him form and establish this new Crew. The name of the Crew is taken from the name of the place they gathered and discussed something that is Olympic Avenue, the crew mainly carries out Contract-Killing, Racketeering, Drug Trafficking, and Weapon Smuggling activities.


Because there are only a few organizations that utilize sea lanes, they use it as an intermediary for their main illegal activities, namely sending goods abroad without being noticed by the government namely the National Army Navy and also Customs, the existence of Olympic Avenue Crew known as the Port Mafia, making associations white wolf get more profit than before, they start to get cheap goods but with a large scale, and sell it to other places at a soaring price, here is seen an illegal money laundering behind illegal makes the association feared among other criminal organizations.

(will be added to the story of our roleplay)







When Eliza Lipta gave birth at age of 37 they are twins brother and sister named Clarie Elizabeth Baltais and Alexsander Baltais Richard they are the real bloodline of Baltais families, and they are very protected with all of Baltais raised children many of their children go out for war and protect their country at that time. Their families have raised and they had tradition they are not an aristocratic family but should take the oath if baptism children should protect families bloodline, and every time woman with real families bloodline already seventeen will be arranged by baptism children and if the woman refused, she should use the surname for his child later, if her children do not use Baltais name they don’t have own right to have families heirloom in any form. In 1945 Alexsander Baltais Richard joined the world war army when Italian fighting against German he was a talented soldier at the camp and also knew everything about guns and he was very smart and gifted in pharmacy at a very young age.


The war is already over, he has been selected to be next Godfather, And his father told him on his last breath if he should take care of families, whatever it costs he is a good man and every family member is supporting him for being next Godfather he is leadership person and wise man, but one time Alba Lupus almost bankrupt because of big robbery and employee corruption, and Alexsander just remember something when his young, are one talented soldier on the war and just thinking to make a Criminal Organization and training every baptism children for being soldier for the family and they are able to protect the Bloodline as they should not just being a useless person and leaving families as their own, very rare Baltais member leave the family. Every family's real blood, acting like a Boss because they are important and unblooded it just like a servant.


He ruined everything the first Godfather make and training every seventeen baptism children to be soldier, he teach them all to create gun and told them about drug recipe, the first Godfather sees family but Alexsander Baltais Richard sees an empire and restores the state of the company due to its success in Criminal Organizations. He is able to take care of the family business but he can't do all of this alone, all his brother and sister help him out with Corporation business, and he takes over the Organizations.


At the time of 1997 Alexsander Baltais Richard is dead but his Criminal Empire still exists until now, when Alexsander being Godfather he fulling all families member head with Money, Drug and Criminal activity, before he dies, Alexsander selected his grandson named Moshes Baltais, to taking control the family after he has gone, but his grandson is taken to Los Santos with his father, to run the business there.



  • Leaders allowed to Character Kill(CK) you anytime we want
    of course we don't just CK you with no reason, if we having IC
    problem with you, we will CK you if very necessary!
  • In general we use two languages, English and Bahasa 
    but we use English as the main language if our interlocutor
    is a faction with full English language.
  • Obey and Respect server is the most important thing for us
    we don't tolerance with server rule breaker, and unrespected
    member will be kicked immediatly from this faction
  • Members with EMPLOYEES rank are not allowed
    to offer illegal goods to INSIDERS without exception
    very unrealistic without a clear RP, there must be agreement
    from INSIDERS, so that they can become ASSOCIATE, and still will
    in the question of eligibility please be patient if you want to join us

For everyone who want to Join us, you can click text down below


White Taxi Co (Out of stock!)


Wolf's Lair Inn

PigPen Club (Luxury Entertaiment)


Alba Lupus Corporation



We have many companies that you can use as intermediaries to join our faction
Or you can just sign form down below as a Nightbleau member, and then find us

as ICly, we basically having many business for you to visit




1. We don't care about your character level if you are interested to joining our faction we really hope you serious with this faction, please use the main character instead of the alternative character!


2. We have a structure that is very difficult to understand ICly but we will explain it OOC, simplify you are not allowed to say arbitrarily with the superiors or The Council only lead to PK'ed / CK'ed your character, be careful when you talk to superiors!


3. If you want to be rich in this faction, you are truly mistaken that we are not a faction that can provide wealth ICly, here we learn roleplay and ensure that we as insider also get experience here.


4. We really expect a screenshot from you, we don't require photoshop using LSRP + or Photoshop to be the same for us, but it happens that the average member uses Photoshop


5. We require associates to understand the basic of mafia and also understand the rules if you are too often jailed by the admin, sorry if we kick you immediatly from this faction.


6. OOC politeness is very important to us, if you say that you are not polite to our members OOC, you will be kicked out disrespectfully with OOC, we really hope that our members can get along together with another member even another player.


Before you want to go further, you should read the guide below



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Frequency Questions and Answers


Q: Faksi ini faksi apa bang

A: Mafia, tapi bisa lebih resmi di bilang Criminal Syndicate karena ras dari faction ini berbeda-beda walaupun nama faction meggunakan bahasa italia.
A: Arti dari Associazione Del Lupo Bianco sendiri adalah The White Wolves Association

Q: Kalau Begitu kenapa namanya ga dibuat The White Wolves Association aja di Thread?

A: Sebenarnya, dulu kita mau buat faction ras khusus italia, dikarenakan mayoritas faction ini adalah ras italy, tapi mengingat kita beroleplay di Los Santos(Los Angels) USA di tahun 2020 seperti ini, jadi kami berfikir untuk membuat saja crime syndicate dan menjauhin roleplay adat yang terlalu mirip dengan La Cosa Nostra

Q: Mafianya kok ada gang motornya?
A: Gang motor ini komunitas bawahan mafianya gannn, atau sub-faction.
Q: Berati kita mau masuk mafia lewat gang motor bisa?
A: Of course!

Q: Nightbleau Motornya motor apa bang, biar bisa masuk?
A: Sejenis motor sport, semacem kayak PCJ,FCR,NRG,BFF

Q: Cara approach gimana bang ke NightBleau?

A: Ga beda jauh sama MC lain, bisa kalian baca guide-guide tentang MC untuk basic cara approach, link diatas!

Q: Wolf Lair Inn, dan Taxi White Co, itu apa ?
A: Salah satu bisnis legal kami, yang kalian bisa masuki sebagai karyawan, dan juga salah satu cara pengenalan ke anggota kami agar bisa menjadi associate

Q: Saya gabisa inggris

A: Gue juga ga jago-jago amat

Q: Pake bahasa indonesia boleh?

A: Boleh,tapi bahasa utama kita itu bakalan jadi inggris apalagi kalo berbicara dengan faksi lain,-

-yang menggunakan bahasa inggris sepenuhnya


Q: Nama untuk join faksi harus italy?

A: Engga, apa aja boleh terkecuali nama indonesia.

Q: Kok nama indonesia gaboleh bang?

A: Agar kita bisa lebih mengenal budaya AS.

Q: Aku pake karakter kulit hitam bisa masuk ga ?

A: Bisa dong, underbossnya aja ras kulit hitam kok karakternya@DARe2WIN


Q: Company digaji?

A: Digaji tapi dikit semampu kita saja buat modal karakter kamu seperti hunger dan lain-lain.

Q: Terus keuntungan ada di faction ini apa?
A: Kamu bisa berada dalam roleplay yang berbeda disetiap chapter yang kami buat, tergantung suara dari para member faction itu sendiri
A: Plus jika kamu tertarik dengan bahasa inggris, kamu bisa bertanya kepada orang-orang yang sudah fasih di faction kami


Q:  Bang kok faction ini banyak tipenya ada MC ada juga Legalnya, mafia juga ada yang bener kita berfokus kemana bang?

A: Agar kita bisa mendapatkan banyak komunikasi dengan faction-faction lain, kita membuat masing-masing crew dengan keunikannya salah satunya adalah Nightbleau, yang diketahui faction-faction MC sebagai sebuah motorcycle club dan White Wolves dikalangan Crime Syndicate lain sebagai Mafia masih banyak lagi yang ingin kami buat di berjalannya chapter kami.

A Fokusnya kita secara ICly tetap merunjuk ke ilegal, karena kita menggunakan basic mafia berati, berati kita melakukan banyak bisnis-bisnis besar antar faction seperti mafia yang diketahui masyarakat pada umumnya.


Q: Apakah saya akan jadi kaya jika masuk faction ini




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GuDLaK !!!

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btw ayok RP an kwkwkw

btw selamat ya 

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GL GL!! 

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Goodluck, bre.

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take it far!

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