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  1. Alba Lupus Corporation™ Ltd. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ABOUT US ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ANNOUNCEMENT We are very proud, telling the residents of Los Santos, that we are ready to be hired as your personal protector from danger, providing services that make you satisfied, assisting in every job of your business, the number of criminal activities in the Los Santos area makes us very eager establishing a company for citizen security, we offer security for your business at a relatively very cheap and affordable price. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ JOB OPPORTUNITIES We also still open vacancies for someone who has martial skills, and a strong commitment, as a bodyguard or security ,we also need someone who can deliver our packages safely, the existence of this company is a legal company, so you are very guaranteed here, for your past criminal problems, we will give you the opportunity to show your legal activities to the public for positive wisdom .You are forbidden to hold illegal weapons in any form, for those of you who have a license to use weapons we allow with a sizable salary as well. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal Bodyguard Duty: The job of a personal bodyguard is to protect the company's superiors from managers to the highest superiors, the many people who consider us to destroy the economic system in Los Santos make us sometimes need a bodyguard in our meetings in several places Requirements: You must have a strong and healthy physique, and be willing to use neat and formal clothes to be responsive to something, protect the leaders in our company from the danger of being willing to keep up until our business affairs are finished, and you should know well about traffic, because this profession also will being driver too. Pay: $150 - 250 it all up to how much important our meeting on somewhere else, and where is the place too. VIP Bodyguard Duty: The task of this profession is only to maintain customers who want to use our services, and provide reports to companies about your activities as a customer bodyguard Requirements : Same as Personal Bodyguard. Pay: $150 per hours Property Security Duty: Keep the business, property or company, have a lot of time to report to the company if you have problems calling the company is are required, so the company can help as soon as possible Requirements : Having much time, to guarding a property have good commited, and of course have a responsibility if something happens that makes the property or business owner feel loss Pay: $150 per hours ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are intrested to being one of our worker, please sign up on our official website down below www.albalupuscorporates.com ((click it)) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CONTACT US For more information, you can contact us, at: Mr.Baltais 253 1005 Mrs. Kate 589 7071 [email protected] ((PM @Vicky Frenov Pattyranie)) ((PM @OsaDamha))
  2. Tambahan untuk admin Dimohon untuk mengecek chatlog Steve Jacob, untuk masalah charity, karena pada waktu tersebut karakternya terkena crash, yang membuat dia tidak sempat menScreenshot penggunaan charity. sekian.Terima Kasih
  3. Families Agreement for FCK Note : Saya disini membantu Jacob yang masih belum pernah melakukan CK'ed, jadi saya memberi tahu alasan apa yang akan saya berikan terhadap karakter dan kenapa bisa di CK'ed Kami sudah setuju di families, bahwa setiap orang yang melanggar aturan families akan diCK'ed jika memang harus dan waktu yang tidak terduga pula Alasan CK'ed : 1.Memberi tahu informasi Families kepada outsider secara ICly, 2.Kurangnya artisipasi dan aktivitas dalam families, yang membuat kami mengharuskan menCK character 3.Kurangnya pengetahuan server, dan kurangnya pengetahuan tentang guide yang ada diJGRP sehingga tidak paham tentang bimbingan kami secara Out Of Character 4.Memiliki pengalaman yang kurang disebuah families/faction sehingga tidak bisa mengikuti roleplaying kami sebagai Crime Organization yang membuat kami terpaksa MenCK'ed karakter 5.Adanya masalah ICly dan kurang tanggap secara ICly, yang membuat leader families mendapatkan Criminal Activity. Kami sebagai high rank di Baltais Crime Family memiliki hak penuh untuk menCK'ed karakter yang mengganggu kami secara IC dan Kemauan yang kurang di dalam OOC. dengan ini, kami memberi tahu admin, bahwa adanya CK'ed ini adalah persetujuan families Semoga, pemain dari karakter Steve Jacob bisa beroleplay lebih baik lagi, tanpa melanggar rules IC ataupun OOC, tulisan yang kami buat mewakili highrank families kami @satepadang @OsaDamha @joko213 dan saya sendiri ( @Vicky Frenov Pattyranie ) Pesan dari kami : Masuklah kesebuah faction, yang lebih mudah roleplaynya daripada organisasi mafia seperti kami, dan berartisipasilah didalam sebuah komunitas agar pengalaman kamu bisa lebih luas lagi, maaf kami sudah MenCK'ed kamu kami harap tidak ada dendam apapun secara OOC ataupun Real Life dimohon untuk Steve Jacob tidak datang lagi ke families dengan kurun waktu tiga bulan, maka akan terkena faction rules tentang CK'ed Families & Gangs Informations Center (JG:RPFGI)
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