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  1. justice96

    El Corona 18th

    Game kok k0T4K-kOt4K. - berinisial I [ OFFICIAL ] SOON. VERY VERY FUCKING SOON
  2. justice96

    Pindah Region

    Moved to JG:RP Technical Support
  3. justice96

    JG:Deathmatch Staff List

    Removed mahesapndu staff role, promoted salva_max to Vice Head Admin
  4. justice96

    Expired [Axel1] Cheater Terbang.

    Player have been banned from the server
  5. justice96

    PUBxSync (killers)

    Terjadi kesalahpahaman, unbanned.
  6. justice96

    WahyuGGWP[UNBLOCKED UCP][marco bierhoffy]

    Salah kamar.
  7. justice96

    Fahriganteng (Justice)

    Format unban request masih salah, tolong diperbaiki.
  8. justice96

    Unbanned reason : Cheats.

    Judul dan format nya masih salah, tolong diperbaiki.
  9. justice96

    VeryNoob (Justice96)

    Unbanned, locked.
  10. justice96


    UCP unblocked, buat Character baru.
  11. justice96


    UCP unblocked, buat Character baru.
  12. justice96


    Di kalimat akhir nya sudah jelas yaa bahwa kamu menggunakan program illegal karena memohon kepada Admin bersangkutan agar tidak mengulangi kesempatan sekali ini Terima kasih, no unban.
  13. justice96

    [SHR] GTA SA

    Link download tidak bekerja, tolong di update dong!
  14. justice96


    Judul thread tidak sesuai, mohon di perbaiki
  15. justice96


    Format permohonan unban request masih salah, perbaiki lagi