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  1. Rohimat

    Music Rapper/hiphop

    Hope it would be blow up, we need share the thing like this. support our rappers tho!
  2. Rohimat

    Trey Block Neighborhood

    keep in the track, don't ever care about 'em said, they see us rollin they will be hatin'. Straight up homie.
  3. Rohimat

    Random Moments.

    Dijual noh
  4. Rohimat

    Music Rapper/hiphop

  5. Rohimat

    Trey Block Neighborhood

    Jaylen Brown He was a good kid enough and have study at Los Santos Junior Highschool, but all of it just be changed after his parents were broke up and he is stay with his grandmother that never ever care with Brown. His Grandmother were hard person and she is just do violence to Brown and force him to out from the school and Brown' life is changed at all. He was a kid that didn't school anymore and his Grandmother just forced this kid to be grow with these violence. And then he met with a Drug dealer and becoming his courier of drug. Its getting worst since his Grandmother just dead because heart attack, and he got adopted by the drugs dealer and he gave Brown a space on his room. It all being more intence between him and the man, even Brown was thought about this guy is being his big brother that would take care of his back. And then at July 18, 2018. His ''Big Brother'' had shooted dead by another drugs dealer, and it just make Brown gettin' more wild. He losts the man that is only one he have and then he down the the drugs and he have learned about how the thing rolling, and then right now. He got new family at Trey Neighborhood and down with his friend and struggle still. sorry for bad english.
  6. Rohimat

    Music Rapper/hiphop

  7. Rohimat

    Random Moments.

    gua udah liat video ttg ini, dan yah, ga ada ht samasekali sih awkdkawdkawdk sorry this my opinion.
  8. Rohimat

    Music Rapper/hiphop

  9. Rohimat

    A Tale from the hood.

    good thing i see, keep it up. Followed.