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Wah Ching Boyz XXIII


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 Police in southeastern Los Santos detailed a violent shooting that left a gunman dead, recalling a "relentless" hail of bullets unleashed on houses and bystanders. 
Police said at a news conference that, in all, the gunmen shot two cars, one bystander and an undetermined number of homes during a fifteen-minute stand off in Playa Del sevile
Police say one man was fatally shot and two others were injured Sunday afternoon in Playa del sevile.Police said homicide detectives were headed to the intersection to investigate.One of two gunmen, described as a man, was pronounced dead at the scene.Two others sustained unknown injuries and at least one was taken to the hospital. according to witnesses the incident conducted by the wah ching or commonly called asian boyz. 
Wah Ching has been in a long conflict with the Asian Boyz gang, one of the first shoot outs between the two gangs occurred in the 1990s. The shooting took place in Playa Del Savile. A member of the Asian Boyz gang named Lea Mek killed by a gang member named Wah Ching Chung Lewong Yang shot a man between two gangs occurred in Playa del Savile which caused the death of two youths in the area, at the time of high school graduation party in June. The police investigation of the authorities, the police claimed that when the Asian Boyz gang members came to the party, they saw that some of the Wah Ching gang members were there, so they went and returned with a gun to shoot Wah Ching gang members. More than nine members of the gang were arrested. Police searched the homes of gang members and seized five weapons. Lewong Chung was arrested and put in jail for 3 years.
and there are three people who have been Wah Ching members sought by police, following the signs from the three individuals. 
Anyone with information about this incident was asked to contact the Los Santos Police Department's Homicide Bureau at (555) 890-5500. 
Friday 25 Juni 1990 16:21
 Wah Ching mainly composed of young men. triad members apparel range from casual to business attire making it difficult for officials to distinguish them from other citizens. Wah Ching first received widespread media attention because the 1977 Golden Dragon massacre involving other Chinese gang, Chung Ching Yee (Joe boys). The event took place at the Golden Dragon Restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown. Five people were killed and eleven others wounded. None of the victims were gang members. Five members Joe Boy punished shooting. The cause of the attack of vandalism by Wah Ching with the tomb of some members of Joe Boy and fighting that lasted several months earlier that left a Joe Boy killed and two others wounded.
The Wah Ching Gang has a continuing conflict with another rival Asian gangs in Los Angeles, the Asian Boyz (ABZ) which is also allied with Vietnam Boyz (VBZ) contrary to the Wah Ching. Ching wah steps from its original home in the Bay Area for the southern California region may be one source of disagreement gang turf. For decades, Wah Ching has evolved from street gang to an organized crime group. There is anecdotal evidence that law enforcement show as gangs have developed strong associations with other groups of Asian organized crime, such as Sun Yee On, and thousands upon thousands of Triad in Hong Kong.

Currently, the gang has been showing signs of ideological mix. Despite the fact that the Wah Ching in Chinese literally means "Youth of China," there are still some individuals from non-Chinese descent who claimed Wah Ching. The gang is made up of a large number of members of China and Japan, the same applies to their rivals that Vietname boyz, which has a large number of members of Vietnam. It is rumored that their reason for this is that it is the "China Youth" gang, and that the members are working or fighting for the gang does not have an ethnic Vietname!!!!

Rules : -Find it ICly
            -Know as Gangster roleplay
            -Make origin Vietnams/china.
            -Respect for Leaders.

Credits By: -Amdes
                    -Wikipedia and YT.

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