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72nd Jefferson St. Brotherhood

KevinZero Keren

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72nd Jefferson St. Brotherhood 72nd Jefferson St. Brotherhood and sometimes called, JSB is a group of gangsta that located on Jefferson Street. JSB is a gang that doing criminal activities like robbing, murdering, illegal firearms selling, and sometimes drug traficking. JSB is founded and made by Adrian McWilson and Richard Laurence with their members, Arin Sane and Jeffrey Vaughn. JSB members majority is a white skinned persons that hate indonesian people. Their members have their own clothes. Their clothes is dark blue, and usually they are using a shirt with a black trousers. They always using their rag and their helmet for camouflage. They don't want their face is shown to public.

72nd JSB Story

Some days ago, when Adrian and Richard is going to Idlewood for buying some foods and repairing their car, the Indonesian gang rushed Adrian and Richard when they at Driving School. Adrian and Richard got crushed, attacked, robbed, and shot. Luckily, they're saved by local cops and some paramedics. But the indonesian gangs doesn't got arrested by local cops. Adrian and Richard is thinking a way how to revenge of Indonesians, and they found a way. The way of to revenge Indonesians is to make a Brotherhood that based of white skinned people and hate Indonesians. Adrian and Richard only got 2 persons, they are Arin Sane and Jeffrey Vaughn. The day after it, Adrian, Richard, Arin, and Jeffrey did a little discussion about the Brotherhood, the discussion is about the brotherhood base and the transportation. The first suggestion is made by Adrian, he suggest the base is at Market, but all members doesn't agree with him, and the next suggestion is by Arin, he suggest the base is at Playa Del Seville, and the same thing happened again, no one agree with him, and the last suggestion is made by Adrian again, he suggest the base is at Jefferson, and they agreed to make it on Jefferson Street, because Richard had a house on Jefferson, and there are no another gangs on Jefferson.

And the next discussion is about transportation, and now Richard is suggest that the brotherhood main transportation is Tow Truck, everyone agree with him, and the next suggestion is made by Adrian, he suggest that the next main transportation is Walton, Jeffrey agree with him but Richard and Arin did not agree, they suggest the next main car is Majestic, and everyone agree. So,the JSB main transportation is Tow Truck and Majestic, they call Tow Truck is TT, and Majestic is Agile Ghost. 72nd JSB has their own trusted OG, and their OG is Adrian, and beside Adrian, there is little OG and his name is Richard Laurence. Below the Little OG, there are 2 Big Dog, their name is Arin Sane and Jeffrey Vaughn. Until now, 72nd JSB have 4 members and they are searching and inviting people to make them interested to join JSB.

Now, they are going to have revenge to Indonesian gangsters.

OOC Information and Brotherhood OOC Rules

OOC Information

72nd Jefferson St. Brotherhood adalah sebuah gang/family yang solid dan setia terhadap anggotanya dan membenci orang yang berasal / ras Indonesia. Jika anda minat untuk join faction ini, mohon baca rules dan informasi dibawah ini.

Rules :

1. Pastikan character kalian adalah ras kulit putih.

2. Jangan sering-sering menggunakan command /b dan /pm saat menjalankan proses RP,kecuali ada hal penting.

3. Jika anda telah ikut dalam faction ini, anda setuju bahwa Kami berhak men-CK'ed anda kapanpun dan dimanapun

4.Dilarang Break Rules walau hanya Trolling!

5.Gunakan character utama.

PS : Always updated when needed.

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