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28th Street Willowfield Bulls


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28th Street Willowfield Bulls


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28th Street Willowfield Bulls is a group of African-American teenager.

They are a brutal group and they became infamous because of their action.

Until today, they have 5000 members under their banner.

28th Street Willowfield Bulls was created by a teenager named James Gardner A.K.A Jay.

28th Street Willowfield Bulls is known as a trouble making group and they act in crimes such as robbery,

rape, kidnapping, killing, and many more to make money or so they called 'Greenies'.

28th Street Willowfield Bulls is also known to eradicate other groups

with racial differences, because their O'G (leader) Jay had a bad issue with them in the past.






In 18th December 2009, Elmer Dempsey and Vincent Dempsey was strolling near glenpark at 10 P.M.

They were suddenly stopped by a group of Asian teenagers, they were beaten and mocked

. James Gardner and Dylan Stetson, who was riding their bike stopped near glenpark because of their bike's tire was flat,

they saw Elmer and Vincent and they decided to help them defend themselves. Using baseball bats,

they managed to fend off the Asian group and they flee from Glenpark

Elmer and Vincent Dempsey is brothers and they decided to befriend James and Dylan who was neighbors.

They decided to meet their friend named Nicholas Wyatt, Noel Dexter, and Noel's girlfriend Daniella Agracia.

They all share the same background, which was being mocked for being African-American, so they decided to group up to be stronger and to destroy all Asian's settlements at Los Santos.

in 31st of Januari 2010, James and his friends starts to call themselves the Bulls,

they started by making their hideout at Willowfield.


Their main goal is to destroy every Asians and every other race that mocked them during their childhood.

They already made contact with arms dealers and drugs dealers across Los Santos, and now they act.





OOC Information :

How to Join ? :


Faction ini bertipe African-American Jadi jikan ingin bergaung Origin Character kamu harus nick African-American yang berkulit "HITAM" Jika kamu malu karena tidak yakin bisa berbahasa inggris dengan baik, tidak usah ragu kita disini saling belajar.


Rules :

  • Patuhi semua rules yang ada di server
  • Hormati admin dan juga sesama roleplayer
  • Jangan pernah Break rules Server maupun rules Family
  • Pada saat ber-roleplay jangan terlalu banyak troll, dan /b
  • Jika kamu telah bergabung dengan Family ini berarti kamu telah setuju untuk di "Force-CK Kapan Saja"



NB: Thread Ini masih akan di Update seiring berjalannya waktu :D

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