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Brödraskapet Wolfpack MC

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Svastijan Kellenberg (Left) & Caesar Heisenberg (Right)

Svastijan Kellenberg

Svastijan Kellenberg, or Kallenberg is a former acting Vice President of Brodraskapet. He was called 'Lonewolf' because of his business' behavior. He was one of an active biker in Sweden. He led a Road Convoy including with many Clubs on Sweden. On other hand, he was still doing a dirty job. He was arrested on 2008 because of arson, he burned down a bar in Sweden because of business rivalry.Also, he scammed many peoples with his shopping website, he earned about $55.000 USD. He failed at Deep Web's business.

Caesar Heisenberg

Caesar Heisenberg, as known as 'Lonewolf's right hand'. He was responsible of Lonewolf's all illegal activity. His known action was robbing a huge house. He skimmed $7.492 USD, he used his friend's bank account for wiretransfer. Finally, he earned $5.697 USD after wiretransfer. He was arrested for two years after parole.


OOC Information

This is an outlaw Motorcycle Club (1% Motorcycle Club).

This Motorcycle Club starts from a scratch, it means we start from nothing. Make sure you're RPing a normal civilian who have a hobby on Motorcycle (Especially a Hog).

Joining us, you agree our CK agreement if it seems fit.

Creativity and Character Development is necessary thing. If you want to test or develop your RP here, this faction seems fit for you.
(You can RP as an internet scammer for an illegal, part-time trucker for legal, etc.)

Our MC is based from Sweden, and Finland before expanding to all race based MC.

Any question can be sent to me.
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