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516'Black Bloody Circle

Acci Rangers

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516 black bloody circle, which was taken from where they were circular. Although not exclusively, African American street gang founded in Los Angeles, California. Their members often wearing identical green and accessories with a particular gang symbols, the hallmark characteristic of them. They were teenagers when little insulted and ostracized. This gang was formed in 2013, led by a man named Jeev, Jeev is a leader of a bloody black circle 516 first he assisted his friend named Frank. Members they are his friends. And many of their members are from outside and not less great with other gang gang members, now they have reached thousands of members and is already widespread in the city of Los Santos.

 They began to have a member member of the brutal and sadistic. Their action has alarmed the police and until now they have become a gang that was not the defeat of the other major gangs. Members currently 516 Black Bloody Circle already mastered the Ganton area.


Starting from two ambitious young people with life. Jeev and Frank was a very close friend. Jeev childhood often in abject and in the isolate. On May 20, 2012 Jeev and Frank is a very cruel murderer. At that time Jeev live with himself as Frank was killed by police while robbing someone.

Even then Jeev decided to return to Ganton and meet with friends friends. Jeev life often create unrest there with his friends. For many years they did it and often bring unrest citizens.


In 2014 Jeev held for a family reunion because Jeev wants to invite his family and friends to create a family and make the gang at Ganton. February 12, they were assembled and finally they made the gang named 516 Black Bloody Circle in the capture of said circle roundabout Ganton.

At that time 516 Black Bloody Circle led by Jeev, he is the first leader of 516 Black Bloody Circle. 516 Black Bloody Circle often create unrest in the region Ganton. The current leadership to Jeev assisted by his friend named Stev. But how many years interval Stev killed when gang warfare was going on. At that time their activity was reduced




In 2015 they started the action action again. Some months they diganton and they also want to start the action that once they do. They do not want to lose with other gangs. Currently they also do a lot of turf from other gangs. They do not want to lose, they also want to compete for territory. They slaughtered the other gangs in Ganton or they kill the gang if they do not comply with the 516 Black Bloody Circle. This time they have more members. Their weapons no less than other gangs. Day by day they do a robbery, drug use, rape and illegal arms sales.

They then planned a big robbery of a jewelry store, then they are experiencing a big failure many members of those killed and captured as a result of the robbery. Currently they are members of the remaining few and can be counted fingers. Day after day they perform as usual robbery and drug use.

When there is a new gangs that exist in the region, they did not hesitate to kill or not to collect taxes. They were not afraid of the other major gangs. Sometimes they would kill the gang who challenge them. Their daily activities are robbing murder, rape, drugs and gang warfare. They sometimes do a tax on gangs that challenge them. Until now, they continue to conduct its activities and will continue to make mischief in the region Ganton




* Patuhi peraturan yang ada di server ini, usahakan sudah membaca rules.jg-gta.com

* Sebelumnya kamu sudah membaca ini

* Jangan melakukan troll atau non rp behavior, yang dapat mengganggu jalannya roreplay

* Usahakan tidak memakai karakter kedua, tapi karakter utama

* Dilarang keras melanggar peraturan server[/divbox]

How To join ?

* Pakai origin Amerika-Afrika

* Tidak usah ragu saat dalam ber-bahasa inggris karena disini kita sama sama belajar

* Carilah RP gabung yang sekreatif mungkin yang dapat menarik perhatian kami

* Jangan datang ke hood tiba tiba "Woi gue masuk gang lo" cobalah cari RP yang kreatif

* Yang pastinya Pakai secara IC

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